Features of lawn care throughout the year

In this article we will talk about, how to care for your lawn throughout the year, because. activities for the care of lawn grass are very different in the period from spring to winter. A lot of information, but here all you need to care for your lawn with their hands!

Lawn care in spring

Мероприятия по уходу за газоном

Measures lawn care

Usually lawn care in the spring is a restoring of damaged areas of turf grass after the winter, and spring feeding of plants, aeration, weed control and that much important, the drainage of meltwater. Now we consider in detail the essence of each of the events.

So, first, what we have to do with the arrival of spring is to provide for drainage of meltwater from the lawn platform. This is necessary in order, that the water does not stagnate and lawn grass hasn't started to rot. The most effective method of drainage of melt water is the use of the drainage system, which must be done before sowing the lawn. If major drainage on the site you didn't realize, you must manually ensure water drainage. To do this, the snow drifts should be evenly distributed over the entire area of the lawn.

Please note that, in the spring it is strictly forbidden to move around the lawn, because. at this time the grass is susceptible to trampling and the formation of traces.

After, as water from the area melts completely and come complete warming (and this is closer to April), it is necessary to implement a spring fertilizer (fertilizer) lawn grass. For this purpose nitrogen fertilizer, because. nitrogen promotes growth and regeneration of shoots. Usually, on the packaging with the fertilizer provided the required dosage means.

Подкормка газона

Fertilizing the lawn

Fertilize lawn grass is needed in the evening, what would the pellets are not burned the lawn in sunlight. For the dispersion of fertilizers, use of a mechanical seeder, because. it is more evenly scatter granules over the entire area of the lawn. After fertilizer, you should immediately fill in the area with water, this promotes more rapid dissolution of the granules in the soil.

Once the fertilizer is completely dissolved in the soil (it usually takes not more, than 1,5 weeks) need to start combing the grass from felt. For this we use ordinary garden rake, which "comb" the entire area of the lawn in a longitudinal and transverse direction. Collected garden debris (leaves, felt, dead grass) do not throw, because. they are a good addition to compost. If rake fails to collect small debris, it is recommended to use a garden vacuum.

During combing of turf grass, you not only removed all the felt from the surface, but additionally loosen the upper soil crust, which significantly compacted during the winter and prevents adequate ventilation of the root system of grass, with the result that the lawn is subjected to various diseases.

Please note that, what if you forgot to implement early fertilizer of turf grass, this can be done after the combing.

Next, move on to an equally important event for lawn care in the spring and aerate the soil. Aeration is a creation of holes in the ground to enable artificial ventilation of the root system with the environment. Aeration is carried out in the spring, and intervals throughout the year, because. the top layer of soil is constantly compacted (after watering, droughts, etc.), resulting in compacted soil, carbon dioxide is released, contributing to the slowdown and complete stop of growth of turf grass. Aeration is carried out using the garden fork, or better equipment – aerators. The depth of aeration should be at least 8 cm.

Аэрация газона вилами

Aeration of the lawn with a pitchfork

Аэратор для ухода за газоном

Aerator for lawn care

After aeration is necessary to combat weeds, which not only impairs the decorative appearance of the lawn, but also prevent its growth. There are two methods of weed control: chemical and mechanical. Easier and more effective – chemical method, which is the use of special tools – herbicides, which destroy weeds.

Химическая борьба с сорняками на газоне

Chemical weed control on the lawn

The mechanical method of weed control known to all – take and pull out the weeds manually, or vikorchovivat shovel. You can also use a special device – kearneysville. The mechanical method is more labor intensive and applies only to a small lawn sites.

Механический способ борьбы с сорняками

The mechanical method of controlling weeds

After the above activities viewed the presence of diseases, damage, bald spots and other, unfavorable for lawn factors, who need as far away as possible.

If in the winter you walked around the lawn (what is strictly prohibited), with the coming of spring you will see the consequences of non-compliance with recommendations – some places on the lawn flattened and changed its green color to a darker. The damaged area can also be formed due to severe frosts in winter, excess moisture or plant diseases. To recover a damaged lawn, you need to dig up the damaged area, sowing a grass mixture (choose the same mixture, which was used to create a lawn, otherwise, the site will have different shades of green) and to roll manual roller. If lawn grass has been damaged by excess moisture, it is likely that in this place a small hole, where the water is going. It is necessary to initially fall asleep fertile soil, and then sowing a mixture. Please note that, the restoration of the lawn must be carried out in the evening, because. after seeding the lawn you want to fill the area with water, which day can evaporate and not good enough to saturate the soil.

Поврежденный газон

The damaged turf

As soon as the restoration of the lawn will be over, go to the prevention of diseases of lawn grass or the treatment of an already damaged. If after the winter period grass area acquired yellow spots, grey dots on the leaves or mildew is a sign of disease. To treat the lawn, you can use chemical and mechanical method. The first is the use of chemical means of combating the fungus, mold etc. All you have to do is spray the remedy on the affected area and repeat the event a couple of days. With regard to the mechanical method of treatment of the lawn – it is more rigid and is a complete removal of the damaged grass and weeding new. In addition, mold and mildew, lawn can also be damaged by moss and lichens, they must be extracted from the site, then make digging and soil drainage.

Профилактика повреждения газона мхами - использование железного купороса

Prevention of damage to the lawn mosses is the use of iron sulphate

Prevention of diseases of lawn grasses is a set of events, which allow to protect the lawn from diseases. It is necessary to make the aeration, drainage and fertilization. That would protect the area from moss, it is recommended to spray the lawn area with iron and copper sulfate.

The lawn care in the spring dealing with moles, ants and earthworms, who actively begin activities in the summer and not only degrade the appearance of the lawn, but damage it. To deal with moles use kromolowski (they are installed in the holes) and Kotobuki (make a sound, deterring moles). What would prevent the emergence of worms on the site (that create aeration in the soil, but at the same time form the excavation of a handful, which primatyvajutsja and tuck the lawn) necessary to carry out the mulching of the soil. What would the ant do not spoil you holiday on lawn site, treat them with a chemical agent "akcelik".

The penultimate event on the lawn in the spring mowing the lawn. It, as a rule, conducted in may. The first mowing should be gentle for the lawn, to protect lawn grass from sunlight. The cutting height of the grass should not be less than, than 5 cm. In the future, already the lawn is cut lower. Please note that, that and mowing the cut grass must be removed from the site, why it is best to use travisbarker.

Well, in the end, create an irrigation system for the lawn, because. summer is coming, and that means hot weather. Remember, the lawn is prohibited to water jet, it washes away and damage the cover. It is necessary to carry out drip watering plants. It is best to apply automatic watering system with multiple sprinklers.

Lawn care in summer

Lawn care in summer more than just, because. the process is almost constant throughout the summer. The main event for lawn care in the summer is watering lawn grass, haircut, weed removal and mulching.

As we said earlier, watering plants need to take in the evening, because. in this case, watered the area will not be subject to damage by sunlight (droplets of water serve lenses, through which the sun burns the plant even more). Another advantage of formal irrigation – the soil loses moisture due to its evaporation at high temperatures.

So watering can be done early in the morning, less effective, but still better than nothing.

About the weed we have mentioned above, therefore, we will not return to this thread.

Стрижка газона

Mowing the lawn

As for cutting lawn grass, it should be implemented, when the height of the lawn exceed 10 cm. Need to cut to a height of 4 cm in not very hot weather and 6-7 cm in the drought. To connect the process of cutting the lawn and mulching, you need to use lawnmower without transparency, whereby the cut grass will remain on the lawn and create a layer of mulch (it will cover the lawn from the hot sun). Grass clippings may be left on the lawn during 3-7 days, then you need to clear the lawn, otherwise it will begin to rot. Mulch should be evenly laid over the entire area of the lawn.

Also, when lawn care in the summer do not forget the aeration of the soil and fertilizer. Both event are permitted to engage if necessary. To fertilize the soil should be in the evening before watering.

Способ аэрации почвы

The method of aeration of the soil

Lawn care in autumn

Well here we come to the time, when lawn grass needs to go to "hibernation". Lawn care in the fall involves the repair of damaged areas (restoration of the lawn), autumn fertilizer, the creation of drainage and mowing of lawn grass.

So, all in order.

If after the summer is over you found the damage ("bald spots") on the lawn, they need to restore. We spoke about this above, in the section "care of a lawn in the spring".

Next, you need to create drainage on the site, for lawn grasses is recommended surface drainage (as a local, and linear). To hide the place of water drainage special install grass paver.

The next step of lawn care in the fall is the fertilizer of turf grass. Do not use in this case nitrogen fertilizer, they are only required when fertilizing spring. Autumn lawn fertilizer is necessary to use potash and phosphate fertilizers, which will give the lawn the frost resistance and immunity to disease.

Just don't forget to carry out aeration of the soil, otherwise in the winter under a layer of snow the grass will be more difficult to carry out air exchange, as a result, she can die.

Well, the last event on the lawn care fall – the last lawn mowing. For its implementation it is necessary to properly podgadat time, that would have trimmed the grass has grown back sufficiently before the onset of frost, but at the same time not too high, otherwise you will be subject to severe freezing.

Recommended last trimmed in early November or very late October (judging by the weather). The cutting height of the grass should not be below 6 cm.

November notable foliage, therefore, your lawn will probably be all covered with leaves, they should be removed, otherwise, in winter, a layer of felt would impede breathability of the lawn and will cause decay of plants.

Уборка войлока с газона

Cleaning felt from the lawn

A winter lawn care

Уход за газоном зимой

A winter lawn care

The most simple lawn care in the winter. But despite this you must complete all activities on time and correctly, otherwise, with the arrival of spring you will see a picture of sluggish lawn grass.

A winter lawn care involves protecting the lawn area from the sweeping snow, the destruction of the crust of ice and preparing garden tools for a new season.

Not allowed in the winter to walk on the lawn, it instantly corrupts it. Allowed to walk on the lawn for children and animals, if the layer of snow exceeds 20 cm.

A layer of snow on the lawn protects your grass from frost and winds, therefore, you should provide a high porous snow pillow. If there is not enough snow much and it is blown out by gusts of wind from the lawn platform, it is recommended to install protective items (shields) from the windy side.

Also at low thickness of the layer of snow on the lawn it is recommended to use the manual replenishment of the protective cushion. To do this, when cleaning the snow from the garden paths, all the snow must be evenly thrown on the lawn.

The next event on the winter lawn care – the destruction of the crust of ice. In winter there is often a change in the weather: snow – thaw – frost. The result is ice, and lawn area – a crust of ice, which prevents the circulation of turf grass. To solve this problem, it is recommended to destroy the crust of a garden rake.

Well, the last, what should be done for winter preparation of garden tools. To prepare for a new season of lawn care, you must first prepare all the garden equipment and tools for operation. In the winter it is recommended to lubricate all the rotating elements of equipment, to sharpen knives, to replace fuel, as well as repairing damaged equipment. Regarding the latter, a broken lawnmower or trimmer it is recommended to give the service center, because. when handwritten poorly repaired you are only subjected to the danger lawn care, but can Mar the surface of lawn cover.

Работа  с триммером

Work with the trimmer

That's the whole technology of lawn care throughout the year. As you can see, the most difficult events in spring and autumn period, due to the preparation of lawn grass for the summer period and protecting the turf from winter frosts!!

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