The advantage of electric and petrol self-propelled lawn mowers – choice, the pros and cons

"Self-propelled" lawn mowers called for, the producers added one of the axes drive, which allows more convenient to carry out cutting grass. Lead a multi-functional mower, the weight of which can reach poltsentnera, very inconvenient and not to everyone under force, so many gardeners use it to self-propelled machinery. By construction, self-propelled lawn mowers are almost indistinguishable from regular lawn mowers, features are the same features of the same care. Self-propelled lawn mowers vary according to the type of drive and type of engine. Next, we talk about all of this, and touch on the advantages and disadvantages, so to speak, pros and cons of both types of lawn mowers, we will advise you how to choose the right electric lawnmower on wheels or a gas-powered lawn mowers on wheels.

Self-propelled lawn mowers: petrol or electric?

Самоходная газонокосилка Viking

Riding mower Viking

The right choice of engine type: petrol or electric, is the problem, that applies not only to lawn mowers, but to the rest garden equipment (trimmer, cultivator etc.).

The petrol engine is noisier and requires careful maintenance, but at the same time has a high performance, therefore suitable for large lawn areas.

The electric motor has a low price, no noise, but at the same time weak and dependent on the availability of source of electricity. Most often electric gardening equipment, especially lawn mowers, apply for small suburban areas, where the scope of work minimum (to 5 acres).

As we have said, self-propelled and not self propelled lawn mowers different only in the presence of actuator, so all the features and nuances of service they have identical. What would you examine in more detail, what are the petrol and electric lawn mowers, check out their advantages and disadvantages, and based on that select a self-propelled lawnmower with the appropriate type of engine.

Drive type self-propelled lawnmower front and rear

Self-propelled electric and gasoline lawn mowers can be front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. Now we will tell you, what type of drive it is necessary to give preference.

Front-wheel drive self-propelled lawn mower makes more maneuverable, but at the same time, the wheels will slip on grass, if the collector will be filled and will be heavy, because. the center of gravity will shift to the rear wheels.

You should pay attention to, what propelled the lawn mower is not as important maneuverability, because their main path of movement – right.

As for RWD self-propelled lawn mowers, they are the favorites, because. the center of gravity will put pressure on the rear wheels, which are the leading. That's why rear wheel drive self-propelled lawn mowers have a higher price and the demand among consumers.

The advantages and disadvantages of self-propelled lawn mowers

Advantage, pros self-propelled lawn mowers, as you know, is, heavy garden equipment don't have to push, spending a lot of effort. It should also be noted, the petrol and electric self-propelled lawn mower can be used as a teenagers, and pensioners, after all cutting the grass lawn with their hands will be convenient and easy.

On the downside, cons self-propelled lawn mowers, they include:

  • The higher price self-propelled lawn mowers, despite the fact, not even self-propelled unit is relatively a lot.
  • Self-propelled machinery to efficiently use only on a large lawn area. On small plots cutting the grass self propelled lawn mower will not comfortable.
  • If the riding mower has a petrol engine, part of the fuel will go to the wheels, this additional material costs.

Based on this, you can sum up, what propelled petrol and electric lawn mowers to efficiently use only on large areas!

The best manufacturers of self-propelled lawn mower

With the right selection self-propelled lawn mowers, we recommend to give preference to such time-tested, World companies-manufacturers, as:

  • Makita
  • MTD
  • Honda
  • Viking
  • Partner
  • Craftsman
  • Husqvarna

The price of such self-propelled lawn mowers around 1,5 times higher, than Chinese, but the reliability and quality of the art speaks for itself. It is better to spend more and buy a nice self-propelled lawnmower with reliable company, what the Chinese buy a "pig in a bag" and spend money for permanent repairs! I hope now you answered correctly for themselves how to choose an electric lawnmower, on a self-propelled wheel drive or petrol.

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