Tips for building the furnace for a bath with his hands

Buying ready the furnace for a bath, not everyone can afford, it is therefore often the furnace for a bath do with your hands. Often homemade oven have to redo, due to improper design, non-compliance with safety or not of suitable construction material. What would you not make mistakes when creating the stoves for baths, next, we will provide you with basic advice and tips, allow the right to make the furnace with his own hands!

Choosing a furnace for a bath

Выбор печи для бани

Choosing a furnace for a bath

The oven is ready

Готовые печи для бани

Ready the furnace for a bath

First of all, you have to choose furnaces for a bath. If you have the extra money, it would be better to buy a ready-made wood, gas or electric oven, because. in this case, the equipment will meet all safety standards and with proper selection of the power, bath can be shared via 2-3 hours after the operation of the equipment.

Wood burning stove for baths recommended in the following cases:

  • Steam has a large volume
  • You are a connoisseur of traditional Russian baths
  • Do you have a source of firewood
  • Bath will often use

Electric oven rational use under the following conditions:

Gas stove for sauna it is recommended to install if:

  • The plot is connected to a gas pipeline
  • Bath will often use
  • The gas heater for the bath is advisable to use in the bath centers, because. it is the most economical

Homemade oven

When choosing the material to make improvised ovens for bathhouse, most often stop at the metal and brick structure.

Brick oven

Кирпичная самодельная печь

A homemade brick oven

Homemade brick oven for wood burning saunas is a classic of the genre. First, this type of oven is the perfect complement the interior of the Russian bath. Second, bath will be able to warm up even more steam. Third, brick oven for bath will last for decades!

A disadvantage of the brick oven for a bath is the complexity of manufacturing furnace, and high material costs for the purchase of materials and payment of specialist Builder (what happens most often).

Metal stove

Металлическая печь для бани

Metal stove for baths

If you have a welder, and you know how to use it, it is recommended to equip the bath homemade metal furnace. Its advantage lies in the fact, the process of manufacturing and installation of the furnace will not take much time, and even more money. Improvised metal stove for baths the same will work on the wood, and heating the steam it is capable of not much worse, than brick oven! Please note that, metal stove for baths is more sealed and fully insulate the room from the spread of carbon monoxide.

Basic requirements and location of furnaces for baths

Конструкция банной печи

Design stoves

First, let's talk about that, what are the requirements to work the furnace for a bath (no matter purchased or homemade):

  1. Furnace for a bath must have a high efficiency
  2. The burning of fuel (if solid fuel stove) must be made evenly
  3. Furnace must be completely sealed (and the furnace, and fireplace), what would poison smoke got into the room
  4. The stones on the stove needs to warm up well in order, that would be water and created a lot of steam
  5. Stove for baths must ensure that the temperature in the steam room no less 80 degrees at the top and 45 degree in the area below the knees.
  6. Stove for baths should quickly heat up the steam room (not longer than 2-3 hours)

With regard to the requirements for placement of stoves, for its safe usage it is necessary to consider the following points:

  1. Under the stove should be separate the Foundation
  2. Wooden decoration next to the stove must be processed antiseptic, and even better, sheathing steel metal sheets, to protect against spontaneous combustion
  3. All metal parts of the furnace, which will heat up, must not come into contact with flammable objects (wooden shelves, plastic sheathing, etc.)
  4. The design of the furnace must be completely sealed, free of cracks and gaps
  5. The height of the ash pan above the floor shall not be less than 15 cm
  6. The height of the bottom of dymooborotov above the floor should be about 25 cm
  7. Around the stove it is recommended to sew up the floor metal sheet

    Пол, защищенный листом металла

    Floor, protected metal sheet

  8. Distance from top of furnace to ceiling should not be less than, than 0,5 meter
  9. It is recommended to install the oven next to door, that would not have to carry wood across the dressing room. Please note that, that furnace needs to be in the dressing room, not the steam room, because. the constant opening of the doors to the steam room to release heat from it

Tips for creating a furnace your hands

If you decide to make oven for a bath, recommend that you consider the tips, provided by experienced potters:

  1. Before you can create a sauna heater with your own hands, review existing projects for furnaces and select a suitable design with a specific set of functions furnace (heating water in the tank, view of the heater, the location of the furnace, etc.)
  2. The depth of the Foundation for stoves must be below the level of soil freezing
  3. The Foundation should be 5 cm wider than the furnace itself (on each side)
  4. Make high-quality waterproofing basement roofing material, because. most often, the oven begins to break down from moisture

    Гидроизоляция печи в бане рубероидом

    Waterproofing furnace in the bath with roofing material

  5. In a wood-burning furnace has a firebox, be sure to install the grate, who will sift the ash in a special technology section of the furnace is the ash pan. Between the base of the firebox and ash pan must not be less than 30 cm, and the walls should be in the form of slopes, tapering to the bottom (this will allow the ash to spontaneously slide into the ash pan). Another advantage of the ash hill – improve combustion of fuel, which promotes more rapid heating of the steam.

    Топливник и зольник в печи

    The firebox and ash pan furnace

  6. When you create a chimney, be sure to install in the exhaust pipe special valve – gate, which will allow you to adjust the intensity of thrust.

    Шибер для дымохода

    Schieber chimney

  7. Choosing stones in the steam room, prefer whole rounded pebbles, the size of a man's fist. On the other nuances of the choice of stones, read this article.
  8. Early popular element of the design of the furnace in the bath was a water tank, which is filled with water and heated by burning firewood in the stove. To date, the heating tank is less and less use, because. it promotes the secretion of excessive steam in the steam room. Replacement furnace Baku became economical water boiler.

    Кладка печи с баком

    The masonry stove with tank

  9. Furnace for a bath can be as with an open heater, and with a closed. In the first case, the steam room warms up faster, but at the same time and cools rapidly when watering the stones with water. Closed stove holds heat longer, but it needs more time to heat for heating steam, and firewood is consumed in order more. Bath if you will not use often, it is recommended to give preference to a closed stone.

Materials for masonry stoves in the bath

To create a furnace in the bath with his hands you should choose the right materials, because. the design needs to withstand high temperatures.

That would build a Foundation under the stove in the bath, it is recommended to use overburnt brick.

Masonry stove experts advise to use nedozhzhenny pink and red burnt brick.

The solution for a laying of the furnace in the bath should be clay, the clay should be heat resistant. In this case, it is recommended to use chamotte clay.

If you don't know, how to mix the solution, in what proportions should be the sand, clay, salt and other components, it is recommended to buy ready-made mixes, they are sold in any hardware store!

That's all, I would like to tell you about building the furnace for a bath with his hands! We also recommend you to read the article: waterproofing baths their hands!

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