Create a fragrant garden in the country

Fragrant garden: for and against

Fragrant garden at the cottage is the original idea of landscape design. In essence, to build on the land a few odorous flower beds, which will give off a sweet or fresh scent.

Создание ароматного сада на дачном участке

Creating a fragrant garden on a country site

The advantage of the garden fragrances are as follows:

  • You can make the area an invigorating or Vice versa, relaxing
  • Garden of fragrance will make your country site original
  • Aromas of some flowers perk up your mood and even treating disease
  • Fragrant garden is not only a pleasant smell, but also many beautiful flower beds

As for shortcomings of this idea, they are as follows:

  • The man may not like, that the whole country smells like sweet smells (or Vice versa), therefore, it is necessary to discuss all the issues. It is recommended to create a separate the area for the male half (with fresh scents of spruce, pine, mint) and the female half (the sweet aroma of lilies and roses).
  • If you create a fragrant garden in a confined space, can be formed a too strong concentration of odors, what negative impact not only to the comfort of the guests, but also on the health of the person. Therefore, the garden must be in an open space, what would the wind could dispel the aromas.
  • Some flowers and herbs may contribute to the arousal of the body (for example, lovage, carnation, mock orange), therefore, the choice of plants have to be more careful.

Summing up, we can say, if to plan a fragrant garden with your own hands and to take seriously the choice of plants, the idea is to have only advantages.

The choice of plants for a fragrant garden

As we have said, the correct choice of fragrant plants depends on many things: and comfort, and mood, and the attractiveness of the garden.

Now we will consider the most appropriate plants for the garden fragrances.


СиреньOne of the most fragrant shrubs for garden is lilac. This plant survives well on a country site and does not require special care. Lilacs have many advantages: it is long blooming, beautifully decorates a suburban area and emits a fragrant scent. It is recommended to plant at the cottage fluffy, common and Chinese lilac, choosing different flowering time (late and early), what would the garden was beautiful for 1-2 months. Place the lilac bushes near the best fencing, as the rear of the lot, and on the front side.

Lilies of the valley

ЛандышиDespite the fact, what lilies of the valley book, there are a number of varieties, which can ennoble a suburban area. Aroma of Lily of the valley sweet and unobtrusive. From lilies to make a beautiful flower bed in front garden, that would spring the facade of your house look like spring. The only drawback of the lilies in that, they do not look too attractive after flowering, therefore, it is necessary to dilute the flowerbed and other colors, for example, groundcover.


РозыCreate rosary in the suburban area will make the garden at the same time and aromatic, and beautiful, and unique. The world does not exist two identical rosaries, therefore, each hotel is unique. The advantage of rosaries in, that the country will gain a romantic look, peculiar English garden style. The only difficulty is, that rose is very capricious flower, therefore, caring for it will be very difficult.

Mock orange


We already talked about the fact, that mock orange need to be careful, due to the hidden properties of its aroma. Despite this, mock orange is a very beautiful and at the same time fragrant shrubs, which can be placed in the relaxation area and on the contour of the garden fence. Lack of mock orange only, he once blooming and has a not too attractive shape.


НарциссыDaffodils are the most popular representatives bulbous plants for a suburban area. They are pretty attractive look, emit pleasant fragrance and low maintenance. Most of Narcisse create flower beds and the Alpine slide. Recommended use for garden of flavors of such varieties of daffodils, as: tsiklamenovidnymi, concisely, poetic and linearity tubular.


ИрисыThe aroma of the irises is very stable, like the taste of exotic fruits. By themselves, the irises are very fragrant flowers, so it is widely used in creating fragrant gardens. Today, there are many varieties of irises, with colors from pale blue to purple. In addition to its flavor, irises have attractive look, so beds of these colors may well be the "highlight" of the garden.


ПионыPeonies are known to every gardener-Amateur. These plants are low maintenance and have a very beautiful buds, which are disclosed closer to June. Due to the fact, the peonies are growing in the so-called "bouquet", they should be placed in the front garden or the flower bed along the contour of the fence.

Please note that, that peonies can be sabaramati, or even smelly, therefore, when choosing varieties it is better to consult with a counselor.


КлематисыClematis belong to aromatic curly plants. Using them to Refine country fence, tree, the facade of the house, arch and other vertical objects in the garden. It is recommended to combine the fragrant varieties of clematis (for example, burning and mining) with fragrant flowers and shrubs. Please note that, that clematis is easy to take care, so the country with them you can easily do that.

The daylilies


Closer to the June garden fragrances can please daylillies, which are very undemanding plants. When selecting daylilies recommend You to use a variety of unusual tint (for example, lemon yellow), blooming several times a season (daylilies, Dumortier) and blooming at unusual times (night flowers).


ЖимолостьWhen we examined the honeysuckle as berry bushes, it is not mentioned another advantage of these plants is very nice.. Speaking of honeysuckle, it should be noted, this shrub has a beautiful bloom and not too demanding to care. Honeysuckle scent is unobtrusive and creates the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. In the garden of aromas, it is recommended to use the following varieties of honeysuckle: honeysuckle-perfoliate, Japanese honeysuckle, honeysuckle Gerota.

Buddleja Davidii

Буддлея ДавидаBuddleja davidii is a fragrant shrub, bloom by the end of summer. Due to the fact, this plant love butterflies, Baddley often called "Bush Babochkin". Today, there are many varieties of this shrub, color range from deep purple to light pink.

These plants are recommended in combination with herbs for garden: mint, sage, oregano and Basil.

Special attention should be given to the planting of conifers: juniper, TUI, pine and spruce. These plants remain evergreen throughout the year and spread a fresh scent, which is able to better brace, than a Cup of coffee.

Caring for a fragrant garden

Care for fragrant garden is not different from the normal garden care. All you need to do, it's time to feed the plants, to carry out pruning (if need be) and be sure to water.

Before planting it is recommended to clean the soil of all weeds and thoroughly dig over the place for planting. It is also not hurt to add in dug soil complex fertilizer, which will be suitable for all types of fragrant flowers and shrubs.

It is recommended to make a fragrant garden, operating throughout the whole season. To do this, select plants with different flowering time.

For example:

  • The beginning of the season: daffodils, hyacinths, lilies of the valley
  • After them: mirabilis, polka dot, tobacco
  • The third wave: clove, the meadowsweet, Phlox.

Combinations of plants are best to find in specialized stores at the time of purchase. The consultant can also advise on the most undemanding plants for the garden and appropriate fertilizer.

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