Project creation floral clock in the country

The history of the flower clock

Самодельные цветочные часы

Homemade flower clock

The first mention of the flower clock dates back to the time of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. The essence of the flower clock is, each particular flower has its own individual opening and closing, and on this basis it is possible to determine approximately what time.

The Creator of this idea in the modern world is Carl Linnaeus – Swedish botanist, which 1755 year demonstrated the first clocks made of flowers.
To date, the floral clock will be in public areas of every big city, and are considered the most accurate clocks made of flowers in Switzerland, and the biggest flower clock on Poklonnaya hill (Moscow).

Цветочные часы на Поклонной горе

Flower clock on Poklonnaya hill

The advantages and disadvantages hours

Цветочные часы на даче

The floral clock in the country

Flower clock are not in order, to know the exact time of the day, and to create at their summer cottage charm garden decor with a “twist” in the form of a dial. It is therefore necessary to choose beautiful plants and create a harmonious flower garden of curly, bulbous and other flowers.

The advantage of flower clock is in the beauty of this garden ideas, and in their small functionality (an experienced gardener will be able to determine the time of day, if you forgot to take your phone or wrist watch).

Deficiencies floral clock much more. Among the main possible to allocate:

  • Flowers need busy care. Flower clock requires a lot of attention to yourself, because. if one of the parts of the clock face will wither, the entire composition would lose its appeal.
  • To create the flower clock will need a lot of space in the sun (any shadow can affect the period of the opening or closing of a flower, which will increase the error in the time display).
  • In cloudy and rainy weather, the floral clock will not function.
  • Extremely difficult to choose the right flowers, which can vary in time of flowering and at the same time visually combined with each other.
  • Create flower clock may take a lot of time and money.

Summing up, it should be noted, what materials are suitable only for those truckers, which in the first place is garden decor, and you have enough money and free time.

How to design flower clock with your own hands?

In this article we do not consider the technology to create the flower clock, and only provide those recommendations, which will help you to make the project.

In order, that would make a flower clock, you must first choose the type of flowers and make a sketch of the future flower bed

We offer to your attention a table of flowering most popular flowers for the garden:

Таблица цветения растений

Table of flowering plants

After, how to decide on flowers for hours, you need to make a sketch of the future flower garden and the scheme of landing flowers.

When you create a project flower clock with your own hands recommended to consider the following tips:

  1. Decide on the form of the clock. Traditional round shape can be modified into rectangular or generally wrong (for example, in the form of drops).
  2. The floral clock created from ornamental shrubs and climbing plants. Based on this, when creating the project, place the plant so, that they would not interfere with each other. Best low-growing plants to place in the center, and bushes on borders hours.
  3. As mentioned earlier, take care, that would be on the watch does not cast the shadow of the trees and garden buildings.
  4. In addition to floral dial, you must create another clockwork (arrows). It is best to create a wooden mechanism, because. the tree is easily processed, and blends beautifully with plants. In the sketch, indicate the exact dimensions of the dial and clock mechanism (to count the number of flowers and materials).

After creating a project, the flower clock and the selection of appropriate plants go to the main process – the creation of a watch.

We also recommend you to view photos creative ideas for garden!

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