A log cabin with his own hands: the technology to create + video lessons on dressing carcass, "in the bowl" and "paw"

Frame is a traditional design for country houses of our region. Its thermal properties, durability and decorative appearance attracted summer residents for the creation of various garden buildings from log to log,. But not all so simple, to enjoy bath under the frame or other structure, you must know the technology of Assembly of the frame, as well as the nuances of caring for him. Now we will try to analyze the most important points in creating the design of a log frame.
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Construction of log: advantages and disadvantages

The construction of buildings of frame is very popular not only now, but for many centuries, when there was no brick, cinder block, and especially the foam block. Any construction of a log house will give the garden decor ancient rural style, which is sure to attract the attention of not only visitors to the garden, but people passing by.

Сруб своими руками

A log cabin with his own hands

It should be noted, the frame can be built far from any kind of wood. In order, what would the construction of a log house stood for decades, you need to choose extra strong wood, that will be also relatively inexpensive in price. This criterion is suitable coniferous varieties of trees: larch and pine, and oak, Verba, Linden, birch and aspen.

Also important factor is the size of the logs under a log cabin. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact, for the construction of the frame suitable logs, diameter not less than 20 cm, but not exceeding the mark of 26 cm. Be sure to choose logs, the thickness of which is same along the entire length, and the beam is not bent and has no cracks.

Advantages of a log house very much, the most significant are considered:

  • Wood is environmentally friendly material
  • Logs have a high heat capacity
  • The aesthetic appeal of a log house
  • High-strength construction

Among the shortcomings of the framework allocate:

  • The high price of the material
  • A relatively small durability (only saves processing antiseptic means and careful waterproofing)
  • The complexity of installation

As you can see, advantages and disadvantages of the framework significant and it all depends only on your desires and preferences. It should be noted, to assemble the frame is quite possible with their hands, you only need to know the technology and acquire the necessary materials.

What determines the Assembly of the frame?

Assemble the frame with your hands is quite real, but it's hard, because. this job requires certain skills to work on wood.

In order, to make a build log kindly requested to draw the project of building, depending on which will be covered by the mounting frame between a.

There are several classifications of the Assembly beams, namely:

  • Depending on the plan
  • According to the method of fixing the logs between
  • Depending on the processing logs

As for the layout, here it should be noted, the structure can be storied four-wall (square or rectangular), and curly (hexagonal, semicircular, etc.). There is also a variant of five-wall Assembly when in the layout there is an intermediate wall (the pier), made also from logs.

According to the method of attachment of logs for log, allocate 2 the most popular option: mount "in the bowl" and mount "in a paw", we will talk about them a little later.

Depending on the processing logs, the design may be collected from round logs, and from profiled timber. There is also the option of the erection of a log house of the usual logs and laminated, but they are rarely used in construction business.

Now we will look closer at all these options, influencing the build log.

The material for the Assembly log with your hands

As mentioned earlier, the frame is made to do 2 basic materials: of logs and profiled bars. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages, now we will provide you with.

Round logs is created by handling conventional logs to a perfect cylindrical shape. For this purpose a special machine, which removes the top layer of logs, which is the least durable. As a result of processing turns the round log, has the following advantages:

  1. Perfect geometric shapes give the building a more refined, perfect look, no need for additional decoration construction.
  2. As a result of processing, round logs has almost the same diameter throughout the length of timber, the maximum difference can be up to 4 mm.
  3. Because. the beam is the same along the entire length, the design will be built strictly on the level, distortions will not, the joints also will get clearly and without gaps.
  4. All I know, the construction of the frame will "sit" for several years. So if you use round logs, the percentage of shrinkage will be minimal (to 5% of the total height).
  5. Rounded log is the core of the trunk, which was actually processed. This core has the highest strength, so, the building will be more stable and durable.
  6. Round log is processed during manufacture, so no need for self-treatment.
  7. Heat ocilindrovannogo logs an order of magnitude smaller than conventional logs.
Оцилиндрованное бревно

Round logs

As you can see, round log has established itself as a worthy competitor among the materials to create the frame, now let's talk about the profiled rail.

Profiled timber, unlike the round log has a rectangular or square cross-section and the same is processed on a special machine. As a result of processing the lateral sides have a flat surface, and the top and bottom are embossed, in the form of grooves. Because of this shaped beam has the following advantages:

  1. The price of the profiled bars less, than logs.
  2. The grooves allow you to make design more sustainable, and the process of building faster (to 2 weeks).
  3. Since the lateral surface of the flat, rain water does not get into horizontal joints, so, and will not stagnate in them, through this wood less subject to decay.
  4. During the processing of the timber are special cuts, to prevent "conduct" of timber over time.
  5. The shrinkage of the profiled beam are also minimal
  6. Shaped beam does not require additional decorative treatment
  7. Profiled timber is light in weight, because of this, he's not picky about Foundation and type of soil.
Профилированный брус

Profiled timber

Method of dressing of logs

There are two most popular method of bandaging material frame (Tolley logs, felts lumber) on the corners: "in a paw" and "in the bowl". Both versions are the same with respect to the stability of the structure, the only difference in creating special grooves.

The advantage of tying the logs "in the bowl" is, the corners of the design of the framework is practically not exposed to wind gusts. But the downside of this type of dressing is the fact, that considerably increases the consumption of wood ( overruns of about 4 meters on one crown).

Video tutorial – ligation of the framework “in the bowl”:
Create groove notching “in the bowl”

As for dressing logs "in a paw", that I should say Vice versa: the consumption of wood to decrease, but the construction is more exposed to winds, moreover, the creation of grooves for dressing "in a paw" is more time-consuming process.

Video tutorial – ligation of the log cabin “in a paw”:
Groove notching “in a paw”

The technology of creating dressings a little difficult, therefore it is better visually to provide it with drawings, charts and video lessons.

Frame with your hands – build quickly and qualitatively

Строим сруб своими руками

Build a log cabin with his own hands

Build a frame with their hands is quite time-consuming process and requires specialist work. But if you decided to build a log cabin with his own hands, no you will not keep, it is solely your choice. In order to correctly build the design of the frame, you must do the following work:

  1. Prepare the area and pour the Foundation. Here all as always, at this stage you should not stop there. You should only pay attention to, what different material for the frame requires an individual Foundation, therefore, before you render details consult your. It is recommended to use strip foundations – it is quite durable and not difficult is being built. After the foundations were laid, let it rest for a certain period of time (a maximum of a month), next, proceed to the next step.
  2. On the Foundation laid a layer of waterproofing (the roofing material will suit). The roofing material is installed on Board, which will fall first crown of the framework. Board thickness must be at least 5 cm, on top of it be sure laying a layer of tow (in order, to provide even greater capacity building).
  3. Hemp is placed the first crown. The logs should have the largest diameter among all available. Before you put the first crown, on the logs necessary to make the notches wide 15 cm for whole length. This must be done in order, what would the contact logs with the Board provided a thorough prisloneniya to each other.
  4. As soon as the first wreath will be laid, proceed to build the subsequent crowns to the top. Between the crowns definitely laid hemp or jute. In addition to dressing of logs at the corners, you need to create a tongue and groove connection logs every meter length of the material. If you do not implement the additional mount design will not be sustainable.
  5. When building a house or baths from a frame is finished, leave the structure for at least 1 year, that would have been shrinkage of the logs. Here we should pay attention to, that shrinkage causes, what window openings and other structural elements can be deformed, to avoid this, in advance create technological gaps, after shrinkage in General will be gone or clogged with a tow.
  6. At a time when there is shrinkage you can sew up the floors and create the rafters for fastening the roof, they do not deform.
  7. After shrinkage structure necessary to carry out konopatnye work, which constitute Stromovka tow between the crowns and various clearances. After this work is carried out konopatnye once a year.

This construction of frame is over., in order, what would the building serve you, for as long as possible, follow the advice of experts, which we now discuss!

Tips for the care of the building of the log with your hands

Качественный сруб своими руками

Quality framing with their hands

Many veterans of the construction business say about that, the current technology of erection of a log house differs from the, that was last century. To date, the company, which provide services for the construction of a log house, trying to save money, as a result, many buildings can last decades (and before mark exceeded half a century!) Simplest that you may consider when building structures of log is:

  1. The logs for log home should be harvested in winter. Winter harvesting encourages, a log that is more resistant to atmospheric precipitation and less prone to rot. In order to test the fact, forest winter, just enough to drip the iodine on the surface of the wood, if you observe a bluish blur of the forest and in the truth of winter preparation.
  2. Be sure to treat all the wooden elements of the structure antiseptic, they will prolong the life of buildings.
  3. Before you build design log, create all the crowns just at the earth's surface, then sign each of the logs in same manner and place them on the Foundation.
  4. If you buy already made logs for log, be sure the, that they were marked by the manufacturer.
  5. Be sure to score all joints and gaps with a tow, it will enhance the capacity design and will give the building a more decorative appearance.
  6. If you collect a bunch of logs "in a paw", additionally protect the corner joints, sheathing their boards.
  7. Consider the fact, during shrinkage of the building, its height decrease at least 5% (maybe even before 10%).
  8. It is recommended to tie the design of trusses to 3-4 the crown on top with wire, that would increase the stability of the roof to strong gusts of wind.
  9. What would prevent the formation of cracks in the beam, make the kerf of the material to the center
  10. Existing cracks in the logs must be caulked oakum
  11. Tow should not exceed the logs, otherwise it will be soaking, and thus contribute to rotting logs.
  12. Konopatnye work must be carried out in dry weather, that would not wet the material
  13. To enhance structural stability and prevent the displacement of logs, they need to be fastened with pins, which is installed in the opening, created in the center of the logs.
  14. When creating first crown, 2 opposite the logs will have a certain gap between its bottom border and the Foundation. This gap must be closed using half logs.

I hope, these tips will help you to build a log cabin with his own hands! We wish you success and recommend you to read the article: how to make summer kitchen their hands!

Video tutorial – ligation of the framework “in the bowl”:
Create groove notching “in the bowl”
Video tutorial – ligation of the log cabin “in a paw”:
Groove notching “in a paw”
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