The thermometer for baths and bath station: how and where to install?

Most experienced bath attendants do not need additional devices for the measurement of humidity and temperature in the steam room. They have enough of their own feelings, which will clear, good enough to Procopius steam room for relaxing or not. But if you rarely visit the bath and suddenly decided to build it at home in the country, know, when bath is ready to use, the thermometer with hygrometer, and better full bath station will not interfere with the.

The purpose of the thermometer, hygrometer and bath station

Термометр для бани

Thermometer for bath

Thermometer for bath

About the thermometer, I think, say no, and so it is clear what it is in the steam room. You should pay attention only to the, what thermometers can be mercury, arrow and electronic.

Mercury thermometer the principle of operation does not differ from, all the usual, room thermometer. Its design feature only, the glass bulb of the thermometer is made of heat-resistant high-strength glass, and to complement the entire interior of the bath thermometer is lumber. Wood trim thermometer is usually made of processed lime lining unusual shape (leaf, plate with the inscription "Not zaparivatsya", etc.). The advantage of the mercury thermometer for bath – maintenance of traditional interior. The disadvantage is the fact, the thermometer can break and evaporation of mercury will severely harm your health, especially at high temperature and humidity in the steam room. Please note that, what is analogous to a mercury thermometer for the bath is similar in principle of operation of the thermometer, in which instead of mercury, it is organic tinted liquid or gallium alloy. This type of thermometer baths able to measure temperatures up to 180onWith.

As for dial thermometer for bath, its main purpose is to complement the traditional Russian bath interior. Dial bath thermometer is also made from wood and has high durability. The disadvantage of a dial thermometer for the bath is a temperature measurement error. This type of thermometer is efficiently used at temperatures up to 120onWith, because. this is the maximum measurement range.

Digital thermometer for bath is the most modern version. It is most often used of the owners of baths and saunas, because. measurement accuracy is half a degree. Please note that, what is the cost of a digital thermometer for the bath is much higher, than the arrow and mercury, but it is justified by its quality, durability and scope (the thermometer is capable of operating at temperatures up to 235onWith). Don't be afraid for, digital thermometer for the bath can melt, because. it is made of high-strength heat-resistant plastic or even stainless steel.

Hygrometer for sauna

The purpose of the hygrometer for the bath to control air moisture. A special sensor in the hygrometer detects the humidity in the steam room and displays it on a special display. Hygrometer for sauna it is recommended to buy, that it was possible to fully control the climate in the steam room and, if necessary, to make it suitable for recreation.

Hygrometer, like a thermometer for the bath, can be decorative trims, so often this type of equipment is used just, as decoration.

Bath station

Another innovation in controlling the microclimate of the bath – bath station. This equipment includes both a thermometer, even the hygrometer and barometer. All measurements are displayed on a separate display sections and allow you to accurately measure the temperature, humidity and pressure in the steam room, making the sauna more comfortable! Despite its functionality, bath station is quite compact and can be decorated in the best traditions of the Russian bath!

The rest of the accessories for the steam room

As we have said, in addition to thermometer and hygrometer, in the steam room you can also set the barometer, which measures the pressure in the room. This equipment is useful for people suffering from blood pressure problem, which prohibits certain value, high or low pressure. Please note that, cheap barometers are not able to timely measure and display sudden changes in pressure, therefore, if this indicator is needed for you, it is recommended to bring yourself a better model.

Also a good addition to the steam room will be an hourglass, that will show how much time you are in the steam room (do not forget, the optimal time should be no more than 15 minutes).

Песочные часы для бани

Hourglass for sauna

Oh and don't forget about the classic accessories steam rooms: the ladle with the steamer and brooms!

The optimum temperature and humidity for relaxing in the bath

There are standards to maintain optimal temperatures in the steam room, but in other rooms of the baths. These standards have the following meanings:

  • Steam: at least 40 onWith, the optimal value 70-90 onWith, in the Finnish bath allowed temperature over 100 onWith.
  • Locker room, dressing room, washing room: 25 onWith.
  • The humidity in the steam room must be at least 30% in the Russian bath, optimal humidity is the measure of 60 g±10 g water/ 1 liter of air.

Please note that, that there is an established experimentally pattern for a comfortable stay in bath: the lower temperature in the steam room, the higher the humidity should be, and Vice versa.

The installation position of the thermometer in the steam room

Место установки термометра в парилке

The installation position of the thermometer in the steam room

Despite the fact, each shaver has his passport error, measurement error can occur because of incorrect location of equipment in the steam room.

For more accurate temperature measurements, a thermometer is recommended to install the following:

  • When using an electronic thermometer for the bath, it must be installed outside the steam room (in the dressing room), and the thermometer sensor in the middle of the wall in the steam room. This electronic thermometer is not always convenient to use, because. to find out the temperature, you need to go to the dressing room.
  • Mercury and the dial thermometer for the bath need to be installed directly in the steam room. Their height of installation should be about 1,5 meter, due to the convenience of temperature control (the thermometer will be at eye level).
  • It is not recommended to install a thermometer near door, because. due to the frequent opening/closing of a door the temperature is lower for the sensor.
  • As it is not recommended to install the thermometer for baths near stove, in this case, the thermometer will show a higher temperature.

Here, actually, everything you wanted to talk to you about thermometers and hygrometers for the bath, and bathing stations! Please note that, what if you frequently vacation in your own bath this equipment is to use less popular, moving from functional to decorative element!

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