The technology of creating mosaic patterns with their hands

Mosaics in ancient times it was customary to decorate the palaces and castles of the highest levels of society. Today, using mosaic to decorate your own country site, while making the picture unique, and therefore country site unique. Mosaic is good decorative function and can easily be regarded as material for landscaping. Now we will talk about, how to make a mosaic on the dacha with his hands.
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Mosaics in the garden with his own hands

To decorate the garden mosaics do not have to be a "Jack of all trades", just enough to get acquainted with simple technology, to turn on your imagination and creative thinking.

Мозаика в саду своими руками

Mosaics in the garden with his own hands

Create a mosaic in the garden with their hands can decorate these items of garden decor, as:

  • Garden path. If at the intersection of several tracks to create a mosaic with colorful ornaments, the track will look even more attractive and will make a walk in the garden more unusual. A garden path you can completely decorated with mosaics, along the entire length, but in this case, the process of creating the tracks will be very time consuming.

    Мозаика возле садовой дорожки

    Near the mosaic garden paths

  • Garden buildings. The walls of the garden buildings it is possible to Refine the original mosaic, creating images of animals, birds, fairy-tale characters, etc. The main thing is not to overdo it and make the overall composition too fussy.

To create a mosaic, it is recommended to use stones no more than four colors. It is best to use 3 either 2.

  • The bottom pools, fountains and other artificial bodies of water. You often encounter at the bottom of fountains of different fish, jellyfish and mermaids ceramic tile. So why not afford to make this ornament for ponds? It is not difficult, important to monitor the cleanliness of the water, otherwise, your work of art no one will appreciate.

    Мозаика в украшении фонтанов на даче

    Mosaic in the decoration of fountains in the country

As you can see, there are many options garden structures, to which you can apply mosaic, hand made.

Украшение мозаикой водоема

Decoration with mosaics of the pond

With regard to materials to create mosaics, they can be very diverse. The most popular material for mosaic is ceramic tile, pieces of marble, small mirror, broken glass coloured bottles, decorative gravel, quartzite, granite and even brick. That is what you see, there, a place to roam.

Requirements for the mosaic in the garden

There are several basic requirements, which must be followed in order, what would a mosaic in the garden has served for decades. So, you must comply with the following requirements:

  • Material for mosaic should match the loads, are assigned to decorate the area. If it is a garden path, it is impossible to use mirrors or broken glass, because. at the slightest load (travel cars or trucks running on the track) the material can crack, and you are only hurting mosaic, but can be injured.
  • As mentioned earlier, do not use more 4 colors in the same pattern unless absolutely necessary
  • Correctly pick up the size of the pattern, because. depends on the whole General view.. If the area is large, the pattern should be consistent (for example, check in machine, you can put mosaics in diameter 1 meter). If you want to decorate a fountain with mosaics, better spread 2-3 small pattern with the same subject.
  • Not only to the size of the mosaic, but the size of its constituent materials attached special requirements. If you want to make a complex pattern, you need to use small stones, and, on the contrary, to create a simple, but the scale of the ornament (for example, the usual circles or wave) it is necessary to use a large natural stones.

Tools and materials to create mosaic with your own hands

The cost of simple mosaic is quite low, that allows you to make it with virtually no material costs. On the dacha is a lot improvised, suitable to create mosaic with your own hands.

So, to make a mosaic, we need:

  • Material for mosaic (natural stone, glass, etc.)
  • Components cement-sand solution: sand, cement, water
  • Reinforced mesh, the area of which is equal to the area of the mosaic, the diameter of the bars of the grid should be 1 mm
  • Materials for formwork: sheets of plywood or wooden planks
  • Crushed stone
  • Building level
  • Rope and wooden pegs
  • Hammer (iron and mallet)
  • Trowel
  • Pointing

The technology of creating mosaic with your own hands

As we have said, to make a mosaic with your own hands, will not take a lot of time and money. The main problem is the drawing, you want to create, but with him, you will have it serves its purpose, because. created mosaic will decorate the area more 10 years and would like, so drawing all this time pleasing to the eye.

Мозаика для восточного сада

Mosaic for East garden

So, first you should create an outline of the future pattern. On paper, draw the desired pattern and at the same time visually displayed, how and where to lay down material for mosaic. If the drawing is scale, it is recommended to put it just on the earth's surface, before you begin to create a mosaic on a concrete solution.

Then, using rope and wooden pegs, mark out the boundaries of the future mosaic (in our case, mosaic round shape we just created on the earth's surface in the garden). For the markup we're just trying to drive one peg at the prospective center of the mosaic, tie him to the rope with the second peg on the end. Pulls the rope, which will be the radius of the circle, and just accerciser round.

On the marked areas remove soil to a depth of 12 cm, bottom align and carefully stamped.

Then create the formwork, in our case, the formwork is better to make thin sheets of metal, you can stick to. Formwork will round shape.

Formwork paved gravel (no more 5 cm) and pour a cement-sand mortar (about 3 cm thick). Put the reinforced mesh and pour another 3 cm of solution above it.

The surface is leveled using a trowel and leave the base under the tile for a short period of time, what would the solution has seized.

As soon as the moisture evaporates a little, begin to create a pattern of mosaic. The material is laid on a solution, and inciting a rubber mallet, what would the stones securely deepened. When a pattern is fully created, using the relieve, patching up with mortar all the joints and leave the mosaic to dry.

After a couple of days mosaic, created by your own hands, dry, and you will be able to enjoy his creation!

Мозаика на зоне отдыха

The mosaic on the area

We also recommend you to get acquainted with the video tutorial of creating mosaics with your own hands:

How to make mosaic with your own hands?

That's the whole process of creating mosaics with your own hands, as you can see, nothing difficult there, so, think of a figure and display it in your garden!

How to make mosaic with your own hands?
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