Technology construction bath from a bar with your hands

Traditional material for the construction of the Russian bath is a round log. It has a high heat capacity, durability and strength. The only problem, what is the cost of quality of logs is quite high, therefore vacationers find alternative materials for the construction of baths with their hands. One such material is timber, glued and shaped. Next, we'll talk about that, how to carry out the construction of baths from a bar with your hands, and consider the advantages and disadvantages of glued and profiled timber.
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Select timber for the construction of baths

Баня из профилированного бруса

Bath from a profiled bar

As we have said, timber for construction baths can be shaped and glued. The, another option lumber has its advantages and disadvantages, we now consider.

Profiled timber

Profiled timber is made of timber or pre-carriage. In the first case the log on four sides processed to the required section using a special machine. Profiled timber, sawn from logs, it has high quality and immediately harvested connection timber (usually this connection is "tongue in groove"). With respect to production of timber from the mast, the technology is virtually identical, because. the carriage is a lumber, whose two opposing edges are flat (them cut on a special machine).

It should be noted, very often gardeners for the construction of baths do not use round logs or timber, and carriage, which is conveniently placed and offers high strength properties.

As for the advantages of profiled timber, they include:

  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Lower material cost, and therefore lower costs for the construction of baths (savings of about 25%)
  • Attractive appearance of timber
  • The durability of the material (treated lumber will last more 20 years)
  • High thermal insulation properties
  • Quick and easy installation of the bath (because. the manufacturer immediately carves a special attachment rod according to designer type)
  • Shaped beam can not be finished with decorative material
  • Timber has a low weight, that involves the construction of a light Foundation (and again this is saving time and money)

The disadvantage of profiled timber (compared to glulam) is longer shrinkage (about 6 months) and podverganie negative influence of rainfall.

Glued laminated timber

Клееный брус

Glued laminated timber

Glued laminated timber for the construction of baths created in several stages. First slats (wooden boards) checked for defects, who immediately removed. After that the lamellas dried to moisture content not more than 15%. The material is glued between, pressed in special machines and in the finished laminated veneer lumber, machined fasteners.

Glulam can be of varying quality, which is represented by the homogeneity/heterogeneity of the tree, the presence of defects and type of glue. About the latest you need to talk in more detail, because. adhesive to create a laminated beam can be of varying quality. From the quality of the glue will depend on the durability and strength of the material. If when harvesting timber were used melamine or resorcinol glue, so, the beam will have a high quality, which will affect its price. If when harvesting timber used polyurethane adhesive, most likely the lumber during bonding had high humidity, so after you build the bath, glulam can begin to flake.

It should also be noted this kind of glue, as "EPI". This adhesive material is presented in the form of hardener and adhesive, which have high adhesive properties and are increasingly being used by manufacturers of laminated veneer lumber.

Advantages of glued laminated timber are:

  • The lack of shrinkage of the material
  • High durability of the material
  • Fast installation bath
  • Light weight and attractive appearance of the timber

Disadvantages of glued laminated timber are higher material price and availability on the market of the many poor quality products.

Please note one drawback, as glued, and conventional shaped timber – in the bath of these materials, it is impossible to do a reconstruction (that is, to tear down walls or to make the add-in in the bath).

Construction bath from a bar

Строительство бани из бруса

Construction bath from a bar

Construction bath from a bar with their hands is a relatively simple process in comparison with brick baths or baths with frame. It should be noted, that manufacturers lumber can provide you with the construction of the bath professionals in your company for a fee. Not to say, it's a bad option, because. bath to be built quickly, efficiently, and most importantly invented the project.

Just draw your attention to the fact, the process of building bath from a bar with your hands can take a long time. This is due to the 2-3 weekly solidification Foundation, and shrinkage of the timber, after which it is permitted to decorate the interior of the bath decorative materials.

Construction bath from a bar with your hands is not very convenient to provide in writing, because. visual information is easier to perceive and remember. That is why further we will give you a video lesson of self-construction of baths from a bar with your hands, and now I will tell you some tips, which will be useful in the construction of its own bath.

Tips for construction of a bath:

  1. Choose the right Foundation. Although the bath of the timber is a light construction, which may be erected in columnar either pile Foundation, very much depends on the soil properties. For example, if the soil in your yard pochama, even for easy baths will have to be built slab either tape Foundation.
  2. If you have decided to lay the timber, do it with extra insulation liventseva space with materials for caulk log (jute or lnovatin).

    Конопатка бруса

    Konopatka timber

  3. Sure to implement a quality waterproofing and insulation baths. This will depend on the durability of construction, the cost of heating the sauna, as well as the comfort in the bath.
  4. All finishing work is carried out only after shrinkage of the timber, because. for 5-6 months after the construction of baths, construction can condense on 5-10 cm and damage to the lining of the bath.

Video tutorial of building bath from a bar

We offer illustrative video is an example of the construction of baths from a bar with your hands:

How to build a sauna from a bar

That's all I wanted to tell you about the choice of timber for bath with his hands, and also about the construction of the baths of this material.

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How to build a sauna from a bar
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