Water heaters for private homes: the advantages and disadvantages of various types

One of the nice perks of living in a private home is the independence from, when it will give will either shut off the hot water. The houses are much easier to equip their homes with Autonomous supply of hot water, rather than residents of high-rise buildings. A wide range of water heaters contributes to the selection of the boiler or column for a particular home environment.

Водонагреватели для дачного участкаThe choice of water heater will not be a problem even for "negotiatewith" person. All you need, save up some money and come to a specialty store, with the assistance of the consultant, you can quickly select a device to heat water. We will now consider existing types of water heaters, as well as their main differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Types of modern water heaters

To classify water heaters are required according to different criteria, because. them a bit, let us examine each separately:

By type of installation:

Wall. Are very comfortable, because we have a relatively small weight, low price and small size. The main drawback of such units is a very complex installation requirements. First, wall, which tank will be placed, must be a carrier. Second, must comply with certain distances to the building surface during installation. Third, wall, to which will be attached to the water heater, must have non-combustible surface.

Outdoor. These units have a distinct advantage over wall – no option, that tank will fall off the wall, because. the mount consists of a horizontal supports and additional fastening to the wall. Outdoor heaters take up more space, and consequently have a larger hot water tank (so perfect for a large family).

According to the principle of:

Running. With regard to their advantages, this low price, compact, efficiency. Hot water such water heaters do 30 seconds. Since they are small, there is the possibility of fixing to the wall, but it is necessary to observe security measures on availability of electricity. The disadvantage is the low performance of the device (if you want to get hot water with high pressure, these units can't do).

Cumulative. Considered one of the most popular water heaters, because. can generate high pressure hot water throughout the day. Their disadvantages are high price and give the internal elements of corrosion. The options for making tanks of iron and steel (each option has its pros and cons).

By type of fuel:

Gas. These water heaters are renowned for their high efficiency, simplicity of operation and high reliability, but can be used only in the case, if the house is connected to mains gas. Among the disadvantages allocate project demand installation from the gas service and the fact, to install/remove the gas boiler is only entitled to specialist, admitted to the works, otherwise can be taken penalties.

Electric. For a suburban area considered to be the ideal option, because. have high safety and environmental. The advantages of such heaters, high reliability, laconic design, full automation and the absence of permission from the state services. The downside is the high cost of equipment and consumed energy, as well as the dependence on electricity at home.

There are also heaters diesel, solid, combined, indirect heating. They are not as popular, because you need extra room to install (something like a boiler).

It should be noted, what a very clever action would be to install a water heater, not only to supply hot water at home, but for the complete heating of, we now discuss.

Виды современных водонагревателей

Types of modern water heaters

Complex equipment garden hot water and heating

Of course, if you are not a frequent visitor to your country site, but only occasionally come in the summer, then about heating the house can not be considered, just enough to get a small heater. But if the home heating has to be present all year round, then rational to build a comprehensive supply of hot water and efficient heating. It is better to build a boiler house and install in it a diesel, tverdosplavnoy or a combination of the two-circuit heater. This design is very economical, durable and efficient and we will now try to prove.

First, the boiler is mounted once and for all, just need to take care of her and maintain in working state.

Second, if the boiler install the boiler with wood, heating is not only economical, but will not force you to constantly monitor the raw material in the furnace. This is because modern technology is constructed in such a way, the heater system maintains the desired temperature by using the adjustable sensors. It is a positive thing, existing volumes of hot water storage tanks does not force you to pay extra money, and will give the opportunity to choose any unit.

The only drawback integrated heating suburban area with boiler is a high volume of work and significant financial costs for materials and raw materials (although over time it will pay off).

Getting hot water by using tanks of natural heating

Since science does not stand still, and Vice versa, clearly progressing, the range of water heaters were added to the model, who are able to work from solar energy. Their advantage – to save the environment and money on fuel. True, they are not so little, and can only work in warm Sunny weather.

The principle of operation is quite simple: solar panels installed on the roof or ground surface, and further already a trick!

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