Choose stones for baths and saunas: an overview of the most popular stones

In order that the steam room in the bath was quickly heated and kept warm, you must perform three main activities: to heat-insulate the steam room, to find the optimal capacity of the furnace and to choose the right stones for baths. In this article we will talk about, what are the stones for the baths are the best, their benefits and prices.
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How to choose the right stones for baths and saunas?

Как правильно выбрать камни для бани

How to choose the right stones for baths

What would the stones for sauna last a long time, effectively kept warm and transferred to his room from furnace, you should use the following recommendations for the selection of stones for baths:

  • Choose stones for baths, that have a high accumulative properties and heat output
  • Stones for baths must withstand high temperatures
  • The stones should not evaporate harmful to human health substances
  • What would the air circulation from the stove to the steam room was normal, you must choose round stones
  • The stones must not have cracks, chips, potholes
  • Pick up the stones for sauna, which have the same coefficient of thermal expansion and heat transfer

Please note that, that the use of a limestone and a Sandstone for furnaces in bath prohibited. The fact, these species have poor resistance to high temperatures, so deteriorate quickly and clog the functional holes for the passage of heat, fire and smoke.

It is necessary to say a few words about caring for the stones for sauna. Often stones in the bath water with the steamer or other liquids with aromatic additives. After some time, because of this, the stones can evaporate unpleasant odor, therefore, at least 1 once a year they should be thoroughly rinsed with clean water.

If you find cracked stone, it is recommended to be replaced immediately, because. heat this stone can be reduced significantly.

How to place the stones on the stove?

The choice of stones for baths

Oven stove has a special tank under the rocks. What would the stones effectively warmed the steam room and let the heat spread, they should be laid evenly, that there were no obstacles to the various holes in the furnace.

It is recommended to lay the stones in the bunker according to the following principle: bottom the biggest, from the top the smallest.

Which stones are suitable for the bath?

The most popular stones for baths are jadeite, your, quartzite and diabase. A detailed look at the advantages of these stones for baths and saunas.

Jade – a beautiful green stone

Jadeite is nothing, as a semi-precious stone. Today, jadeite is 5 place for sales, slightly inferior to diamond, disgrace, ruby and emerald. In addition to laying jade on the stove in the bath it's also used as material for making unique furniture, finish interior stairs and bath, saunas etc.

Among the advantages of jade, as bath stone, allocate:

  • Long-lasting and effective heat transfer
  • High strength, heat resistance and durability of the stone
  • Jade is a healing stone: helps to stabilize the pressure, strengthen the nervous system, and treatment of kidney disease.

Jadeite can be represented in the form of polished stone and chipped. Polished jadeite has a higher value, and more attractive appearance. Advantage of crushed jadeite is more efficient vaporization.

The soapstone for furnace in the bath

The soapstone is a popular stone for a furnace in the bath. It features high strength, decorative look, the high heat capacity and therapeutic properties. Use soapstone for the human body is to normalize blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

Another advantage of talkohlorid is the fact, hot stone distributes heat evenly throughout the sauna room.

Diabase and gabbro-diabase as bath stone


The photo is an example of stone for bath and sauna – Gabbro-diabase.

Diabase, and correctly gabbro-diabase, widely used as bath stone. Its high accumulating properties, as well as a high heat capacity at a rather low price are the reason, this bath stone is very popular among bath attendants.

The heat from the heating gabbro-diabase is distributed evenly and for a long time. Diabase, like all the above mentioned stones for baths has high medicinal properties.

Crimson quartzite – rugged red stone

All known physical properties of quartzite. This rock of metamorphic origin has high strength, durable and most importantly resistant to high temperatures (able to withstand heat up to 1800on With). The use of crimson quartzite as bath stone is very popular, because. this type of quartzite has a decorative appearance and medicinal properties (the normalization of the pressure and pain in the lower back).

In addition, crimson quartzite evenly distributes heat throughout the steam room and do not crack in case of sudden change of temperature.

The price of the best stones for baths

So, you have read the advantages of each kind of stones for baths. Please note that, the prices on the stones for the baths are quite different and the things that we have provided below, these are average prices from online stores.

As for jadeite, this stone is the most expensive, its price ranges from 1300 rubles for a bucket of crushed jadeite (10 kg) and 1600 rubles for 10 kg buffed jadeite.

Your is the cheaper bath stone, it is around 300 rubles for 10-kilogramme bucket.

Gabbro-diabase even cheaper and has a price of about 110 rubles conductive all the same 10 kg stones.

In addition to these stones for baths, we have talked about in this article, there are many options, prices are the following:

  • CHROMITE from 800 rubles for 10 kg,
  • PORFIRIT approximately 200-220 rubles for 10 kg,
  • SERPENTINITE – 580 rubles for 10 kg (the stone has healing properties),
  • DUNIT – 240 rubles/10 kg,
  • RODINGA – 560 rudders for 10 kg,
  • IMPERIAL CHINA – 770 rubles/10 kg,
  • JADE – as much as 3600 rubles for 10 kg (the bath stone has high strength),
  • JASPER WAX – about 1150 rubles for 10-killogramovy bucket.

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The video shows how to choose the right stones for baths
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