Choose a suitable steamer and ladle for sauna

In the Russian bath all should be combined and contribute to a comfortable and safe stay. Next, we'll tell you, how to choose steamer and ladle for sauna, what materials the manufacture of these accessories exist, and what mistakes should be avoided, choosing the scoop and steamer.
Выбираем подходящий запарник и черпак для бани

Choose a suitable steamer and ladle for sauna

How to choose the right bucket for a bath?

Shape scoops

Functional scoops are:

  • With a long vertical handle
  • With a long horizontal handle
  • With a short handle

Scoop for bath with a long vertical handle necessary in order, that would collect the water from the tank in the bath (if the tank is not equipped with a crane), a set of water barrels. In this case long vertical handle will allow you to get enough water, not burning on the hot water in the tank.

Черпак для бани с длинной вертикальной ручкой

Scoop for bath with a long vertical handle

Scoop for bath with a long horizontal handle is used, to water the stones on the stove. Using this procedure, you raise the temperature and humidity in the steam room. But it often happens, that the steam from the stones burn your hands, causing serious burns. That would not have been necessary to use a scoop for bath with a long horizontal handle.

Черпак для бани с длинной горизонтальной ручкой

Scoop for bath with a long horizontal handle

Another event in the bath, which requires a bucket, it's swimming. Bathing in font use a shallow ladle. Will be awkward to use a bucket with a long horizontal or vertical handle, but ladle with short handle ideal!

черпак с короткой ручкой

ladle with short handle

Materials scoops

Classics of the genre, which will complement the interior of the Russian bath, is a wooden ladle, but there are also metallic, plastic and even glass scoops for bath, we take a closer look.

Wooden scoop little to no heat, so, to get burned on the bailer in the steam room you are unlikely. Besides, wooden scoop, as we have said, supports the style of the Russian bath. Most often for the manufacture of wooden scoops used lub, Linden and aspen. The disadvantage of a wooden ladle is the low durability, but because of its low prices makes sense every few months to replace this accessory for the bath.

Деревянный черпак

Wooden scoop

Metal ladle for the bath is rarely used, because. its main drawback, but rather a property of the metal is a high conductivity, which can be get burned on the scoop. Despite this metal scoop has the advantage of high durability. For the manufacture of metal ladle made use of stainless steel, brass and even copper.

Металлический черпак

Metal ladle

As a material of ladle for sauna is heat-resistant plastic. This option is most appropriate for baths, because. reduce the cost of all its interior. The advantage of the plastic scoop is the low price, weak heat conductivity and high durability.

Пластиковый черпак для бани

Plastic ladle for sauna

Glass buckets for the bath it is not recommended to use. They are very fragile, and the sharp shards can cause serious injury to a person, so it's best to protect yourself from using glass scoops.

Well, the last, what I wanted to say about the materials scoops for bath, it option composite materials. On the market there are a lot of scoops, plastic tree, wood with metal, wood with glass etc. These options have lots of advantages, because, for example, you can combine a beautiful wooden scoop with a durable metal water tank!

How to choose steamer for sauna?

We have talked with you about the materials of the scoops, and you should pay attention to, the only feasible option to making steamer is a tree.

There is nothing that will complement the steam room in the Russian bath, how wood steamer with lid!

You should pay your attention to a few rules of selection of steamer:

  1. The capacity of the steamer should exceed 10 liters, that would at the same time it was possible steamed brooms for all the visitors of the baths.
  2. In the steamer with the lid should be a hole under the handle of the broom, who will be in the water. What would the steaming was carried out correctly, capacity needs to be carefully closed, and the handles hurt to do it, that's why they must be cut the appropriate holes!

    Запарник с отверстием под ручку веника

    Steamer with a hole for the handle of the broom

  3. Wood quickly loses its waterproof quality, so after a time the steamer will begin to leak. What would it prevent, you can choose a wooden zaparniki, inside which has a metal bowl.

    An example of a practical steamer

    An example of a practical steamer

Well, a few points about the care of steamer for sauna:

  1. Wood has such properties, as the drying, cracking and rotting. What would these processes to prevent, recommended after relaxing in the bath scald steamer with boiling water, then carefully wipe it with a dry cloth.
  2. Keep the steamer must be at a distance from the heating elements (for example, stoves)
  3. That would be all the cracks after the cracks of the wood "was delayed", it is recommended a few hours before relaxing in the bath to pour into the steamer cold water. In this case, the wood will slightly swell, and all the cracks asking.
  4. Maintain minimum disinfection of the steamer for bath processing with the boiling water.

That's all, what you should know about choosing the scoop and steamer for bath with his hands! Finally once again please note that, wooden accessories for the bath look more advantageous, than plastic and metal products!

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