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Many citizens, in a state of ongoing stress, caused by the accelerated pace of life, overpopulation of the metropolis, poor ecology and lack of security, subconsciously …

If you have a bath at their summer cottage, the presence of the bundles should be mandatory. About, how to make a woodpile for firewood with their hands, read in this article!

If you have children, the creation of a gaming zone in the suburban area – the event is badly needed. In this paper, we present the technology of creating a simple tent for children with your own hands.

Flowers in pots in the country occupy a significant place in garden decor. That would make an object beautiful must correctly select the flowers and choose a nice pot. In this article we will discuss the original idea to create a planter from old tires.

Very practical use shrubs as hedges at their summer cottage. In this article we will talk about, how to use the BlackBerry to make a beautiful, useful and at the same time, an effective fence.

Another illusion in the garden is the illusion of simulated water. Simulation technology water is pretty simple, in this article, we have provided all the essence of the event.

In this article we explain how to carry out planting bulbs in the lawn, and we list the most popular bulbous. As well the technology of creating a meadow lawn care.

Rules of fertilizing turf grass with their hands. The purpose of feeding, as well as the time.

What would you like to submit a picture of caring for lawn grass throughout the year, we provide you the thing for more convenient perception technologies of lawn care is a special calendar, in the cat indicated that when you need to carry out, what would your pitch was appealing and painless.

Lawn care is a lot of hassle vacationers. In addition to care in the spring, in summer and autumn, activities were needed to care for the lawn even in winter. Next, we consider the features of lawn care throughout the year.