The manual petrol and electric lawn mowers

What would your lawnmower lasts without a break quite a long time must adhere to the user manual for lawn mowers. This instruction allows you to make your lawn smooth and healthy. Next, we consider a few simple, but important tips about usage and storage of the mower!

The manual lawn mowers

Инструкция по эксплуатации газонокосилки

The manual lawn mowers

Despite the fact, what lawn mowers have different engine: petrol and electric, rules operation is almost the same. Below, we have provided you all the necessary advice in order, what would the mower worked with minimal repairs for decades!

So, the overall manual lawn mower requires the following guidelines:

  1. If electric lawn mower, before starting work check that the cable/extension cord and the power source outlet.
  2. Before you start a petrol lawn mower check the fuel, especially oil, because. the shortage of the lubricant can jam the motor, and this is a significant repair costs.
  3. During operation of the mower, follow the manufacturer's guidelines regarding breaks. This is especially important for petrol lawn mowers, because. engine overheating entails unpleasant consequences.
  4. After haircuts the herbs are carefully remove with a knife and decks all the remnants of grass clippings.
  5. Store garden equipment in a heated, protected from adverse weather conditions indoor.
  6. Give sharpening of cutting elements in the hands of experts, because. self-sharpening can lead to the imbalance of knives, which will entail vibration and other negative consequences.
  7. If you find significant damage to the hull (dents, cracked) take the mower to a service center for diagnostics. Timely solution will save on the occurrence of a more serious damage.
  8. In any case, do not leave a lawn mower included when you remove from the workplace. This can not only spoil the grass (when the spontaneous movement of the unit) but to subject to risk you and your loved ones. It should also be noted, that it is strictly forbidden to inspect and attempt to repair the mower while the power is on.
  9. If you, for some reason, "launched" cutting grass and plant height significantly exceeded the permissible limits, don't try and one hairstyle to bring it all back. This will greatly overload the motor and reduce the efficiency of the knives. In this case, the haircut must be implemented in layers, destrega herbage a few inches.
  10. That would not blunt knives on the ground before cutting lawn it must be aligned, using the filling and comparing irregularities.
  11. Be careful, what would the height of mowing each wheel (if the regulation is recorded separately under each wheel) was on the same level.
  12. Maintain the lawn mower must only forward, because. design features of the knife allow to cut in one direction. Just draw your attention to the fact, what to mower you need to slowly, what would the haircut was of the highest quality.
  13. To create a striped lawn (when alternating bright and dark green stripes on the lawn) a haircut must be implemented with alternate change of direction, the mower should be equipped with a special roller.
  14. Security measures is not recommended to cut the lawn, without shoes, because. random stone, caught on the knife, can bounce and hit in the leg, and this leads to painful injury.
  15. About curbs and trees try not to use lawnmowers, because. in this case, it is easy to damage the knives. On these problem areas it is better to use trimmer or garden shears.
  16. Do not use electric lawnmower (especially with the lower engine placement) immediately after rain or in the morning, when the grass is still dew. Operation of the electrical lawn mower is allowed to completely dry the area.

Here, actually, and any recommendations, which we would like you to provide in order, what would be the use of the mower was safe, and the technique have been less repair. We also recommend you to carefully study the manual, which is provided by the manufacturer, it is often set out certain nuances to work with your model of lawnmower!

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