How to make a cement-sand mortar with your hands?

Cement-sand mortar is the Foundation of, as for the Foundation, for masonry walls. Very often due to poor quality mortar building after a few years begins to break down under the action of deformation. Now we will talk about, how to make the mortar for the Foundation with his own hands, and also consider requirements to the components of the solution.

Requirements for components of cement-sand mortar

Цементно-песчаный раствор своими руками

Cement-sand mortar with your hands

The main components of cement-sand mortar are water, cement (binder) and sand (filler). Also, depending on various conditions, which is made of cement-sand mortar, it is recommended to add any kind of confirmation and other support supplements. In order, what would the solution was robust, the first thing you need to choose its main components.

First, water. It should be clean, water from the tap will fit. In water there should not be oil and acid impurities, construction debris and other pollutants.

As for sand, then it is also subject to special requirements. The sand should not be mixed with clay or other rocks. It is better to use river sand.

The cement should be selected based on the purpose of the solution. If in the future it will serve for the pouring of the Foundation, it is recommended to choose the cement is not below grade M300, and M400. Cement in paper bags is not bad, therefore, it is recommended to use. A very important requirement for cement – to buy it for 1-2 weeks prior to the start of construction, because. during long periods of storage it starts to harden and becomes unusable. If you are buying cement for a long time before the start of construction, it must be carefully wrap with plastic wrap, to prevent the effect of damp air on the material.

If you decide to do a cement-sandy, a concrete solution with their hands, then it is necessary to add another important component – the rubble. The purpose of the gravel is another filler solution, which not only greatly saves the consumption of cement, it will also make the solution more robust. To the grain presented the following requirement – the size of the particles should not be too small, but not too big. The most ideal particles with a diameter of 2,5 – 3,5 cm.

Also in cement-sand mortar, it is recommended to add various auxiliary materials.

For example, that would make the solution more elastic, add detergent are not very high prices.

As one of the most popular additives in cement-sand mortar for masonry walls are dyes. Their purpose is to make the seam more dark or more bright, at the request of the owner of the building. As the most simple additives used soot, but it should be careful, because. its excessive quantity reduces the strength of cement mortar.

We gave you the most important requirements to the components of cement-sand mortar, we now turn to the fact, what proportions of cement-sand mortar are the most suitable.

The most suitable proportions of cement-sand mortar

What would the cement-sand mortar was solid, you need to choose and calculate its proportions. For masonry walls, you need to create brand cement mortar M100. You can take a cement M400 and make the proportion of cement and sand 1:4. To create other brands solution use the same method, for example, to get a cement-sand mortar grade M200, mix 2 buckets of sand 1 a bucket of cement M400.

It should be noted, the creation of durable solution (M300 – М350) is not always advisable, because. this entails increased consumption of cement (so, and higher material costs), and also will not provide strength in the order above.

For masonry walls it is recommended to use ready-made concrete stamps M100-M150, in order to pour the Foundation used a more solid solution is not less than the M300.

Just draw your attention to the fact, what is the best proportion for country construction work is the ratio of cement and sand 1:3.

For rough masonry walls are allowed to be added to the solution by clay, which give elasticity to the mortar and reduce the cost of building materials.

How to make a cement-sand mortar with your hands?

First of all, you need to choose the solution mixing is a concrete mixer or manually, let us examine both options.

Of course, the mixing of the solution by means of a mixer and significantly saves health and strength and, of course, the time of construction. The only problem lies in the fact, the construction itself requires a lot of material costs and not always be money for that, to buy a not expensive but useful, concrete mixer. In this case, we have already provided an article about, how to quickly and easily make functional the mixer with your hands.

Замешивание бетономешалкой

Mixing concrete mixer

So, back to the process of mixing concrete mixer. The first thing to fill with water, not too much, but not enough, approximately 60-70% of the total amount needed of water.
Further, in water add about 100 grams of detergent and wait, until it is thoroughly mixed with water (about 2 minutes).

Then add half the amount of sand and all the necessary for mortar cement. The solution should also thoroughly to mix, if necessary, it is added a little water.

Once the solution becomes homogeneous, adding the remaining amount of sand and waiting, until everything is completely mixed up.

You need to add water so much, whatever the result is the consistency of liquid sour cream.

It should be noted, it is too thick solution will not work, actually as too rare. Especially in the latter case, the solution will lose its strength properties.

We now turn to the option of mixing cement-sand mortar manually. To do this, first prepare the capacity, where will we mix (the trough will fit).

Замешивание цементно-песчаного раствора своими руками

Mixing of cement-sand mortar with your hands

Further, the trough filled up the entire dry weight (cement and sand) and mix thoroughly until smooth. After that, the mixture is added to water (a little) and mixed till the formation of thick sour cream.

A very important point is the fact, what a cement-sand mortar sets up fast, so if you're working alone, then knead no more 30 liters of solution.

It should also be note, in winter, water must be warmed up a little, what would solution is not as quickly grasp, otherwise water will freeze, and the strength of the Foundation or the brickwork is considerably reduced.

In summer, on the contrary, you must use cold water (as from the tap). If it is too hot, bathed in the solution is necessary several times a day to water manually, otherwise, the Foundation will crack.

It, actually all, I would like to tell you about, how to make a cement-sand mortar with your hands. I hope, that article is useful to you, and good luck in creating the country

buildings with their hands!

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