How to install a chimney for the furnace in the bath?

If you have an electric stove for baths, the installation of a chimney is not necessary. To install a chimney in that case, if the furnace for the bath works on gas or solid fuel, because. in the combustion exhaust gas is formed. Next, we'll talk about that, what is the chimney, how to install a chimney in the bath and what the event is for the care of a chimney is necessary to carry out.
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Types of chimneys for a bath

Дымоход для печи в бане

The chimney for the furnace in the bath

There are several classifications of ducts for furnace in the bath. Depending on the material of manufacture of the chimneys are brick and metal. With regard to the installation of the chimney, the pipes can pass from the inside baths (internal chimney) or be put outside the baths (outdoor fireplace). A detailed look at the benefits of each type of chimney for bath.

Brick chimney is a more traditional version of the chimney for the furnace in the bath. The labor of setting brick chimney higher, but the structure will have high strength, insulating properties, and durability. It should also be noted, bath with brick fireplace is more secure to fires. One of the drawbacks of a brick chimney is the roughness of the inner walls of the pipe, causing the flue cleaned more often (soot lingers in the chimney, slowing down craving of smoke).

Кирпичный дымоход

Brick chimney

Metal chimney easier to install, material costs for its construction are lower. The lack of a metal chimney is condensation on the inner walls of the pipe, and the need to create more high-quality thermal insulation of the chimney.

Металлический дымоход

Metal chimney

Now let's talk about the way the chimney: external and internal.

Internal chimney, again, is a classic of the genre. Its obvious advantage is the additional heating of the steam in the bath, that significantly reduces fuel costs and time of heating the bath to the optimum temperature. Despite this internal chimney more difficult to care for and is more time-consuming jobs on the construction (it is necessary to pierce the ceiling with the roof, to make high-quality sealing pipes, etc.). Also the lack of domestic chimney is fire and smoke the whole room, if you experience cracks in the pipe or other negative phenomenon.

Внутренний дымоход

Internal chimney

Outdoor fireplace is an American idea and so popular. In this case, the chimney for a bath connected with the furnace, but immediately through the wall comes out. The whole structure of the chimney is on the street, therefore, the risk of fire, and care of the fireplace substantially reduced. The exterior chimney also has its drawbacks. First, the chimney should be warm, otherwise the exhaust gas will quickly cool down and not be able to go into the atmosphere, which promotes more frequent cleaning of the chimney. Second, the chimney will heat the steam room, so the fuel consumption will increase significantly.

Внешний дымоход

Outdoor fireplace

Circuit device chimneys

As types of chimneys today many, the device of each chimney to provide silly, it takes a lot of time. It is best to provide you the device of the chimney for baths on the basis of the following schemes:

As you can see, there are different schemes of chimneys, which depend on the characteristics of your oven, the thickness of the purse and their own preferences!

How to install a chimney in the bath?

Video illustrating the installation of the chimney in the bath with his hands

Flue installation is a cumbersome process, which requires the following requirements and recommendations:

  1. Choose the right section of chimney pipe. Usually this index is available from the passport to the oven is ready. If you choose too broad/narrow tube, this will lead to a smoky environment or to the rapid release of waste gas to the surface, what the chimney will not have time to heat the steam room.
  2. When construction of the inner chimney to create around the pipe casing from the grid. This grid can then be laid stones for bath, which contribute to a more rapid and prolonged warming of steam.
  3. When you install a chimney, take care, that there were no gaps or cracks, through which can pass the smoke. The negative effects of smoke are as follows: you can be poisoned by gas, all furniture and decorative finish bath will turn black, there is a risk of fire.
  4. Try to make the inner walls of the chimney smoother, what would the soot could easily go into the atmosphere.
  5. The flue pipe must be installed at least 0,5 m above the roof ridge.
  6. At the exit of the pipe from the roof to provide reliable waterproofing of the joint from atmospheric precipitation.
  7. If the chimney for the bath are made of brick and placed indoors, it is recommended to plaster and to whitewash. White tube and looks more attractive, and will visual sensor, if the smoke begins to break through the masonry (whitewashing will start to blacken in a certain place).
  8. Equip the fireplace for the bath damper (smoke damper). This device will allow you to adjust the intensity of thrust, and want to slow it down or accelerate.
  9. In order to ensure more reliable insulation to accommodate the chimney is to be near the inner wall of the room.
  10. To protect baths from spontaneous combustion, the walls and ceiling around the chimney is recommended to additionally insulated with basalt wool, of foil material or a thin copper sheet. Please note that, many inexperienced potters insulate walls galvanized sheets, it's wrong, because. zinc when heated harmful to human health!
  11. Another event to protect the bath from spontaneous combustion – the treatment of wooden finishing bath protective antiseptic means, which also prevents rot and decay.
  12. From the shape of the chimney for a bath depends on effective work design, as well as the frequency of pipe cleaning. The most suitable form of tube is considered to be a cylindrical shape (a round cross-section).
  13. In places of passage of the chimney through the ceiling, the wall thickness is recommended to increase (in order to protect the premises from spontaneous combustion). The recommended increase in each wall of the chimney shall be not less than 5 cm.
  14. The total height of the chimney shall be designed according to the passport of the furnace for a bath. If the passport does not indicate the height of the chimney, it is necessary to make, but not less than 4,5 meters.
  15. As you saw in the diagrams of chimneys, the pipe has horizontal and vertical sections. It is prohibited to make the horizontal portions of the chimney is longer 1 meter, because. soot will settle in the chimney and reduce the cravings.
  16. The better insulation of the chimney, the less the likelihood of condensation in it.
  17. What would the chimney did not fall, precipitation and debris, it is recommended to install above the fireplace a protective shield in the form of an umbrella.
  18. It is also not recommended to combine multiple flues in one channel. In this case the thrust decrease and the efficiency of the exhaust will be, as well, reduced, that will lead to a smoky environment and fire. If it is not possible to create independent channels of the chimney, the design of the joint should be left to an experienced engineer-potters.
  19. Today, there are modern schemes of ducts for baths, for example, the chimney sandwich, which is more effective and easy to install.
  20. "Kill two birds with one stone" – make ventilation in the bath, using the chimney as exhaust hole.

How to clean the chimney in the bath with his hands?

The first way to cleaning chimney with their hands (Mechanical)
The second method of cleaning the chimney with their hands

As for, that would heat the bath uses a solid fuel stove, the products of combustion (soot) constantly accumulated in the chimney of the bath. If you notice, that link noticeably deteriorated, but outside the chimney is fully a, so, pipe clogged with soot and needs to be cleaned.

The most traditional method is to clean the chimney with a brush or weights with rope. But since we live in the modern world, mechanical cleaning of the chimney with your hands is not an advisable method, the more that you need to take a bath all the valuables and furniture is covered with cloths, because carbon black is around.

A simpler method is to inflame the furnace of aspen wood, burning of which creates intense cravings, causing the soot knocked up.

It is also recommended to clean the chimney by setting up pipes special fan, working on a "variable intake". Running the fan will pull all the soot from the chimney, but only in this case it is advisable to talk to the neighbors, what would they not have posted linen, because. the entire area near the baths may be contaminated with soot.

Another popular method is chemical cleaning of the chimney, which is a dislodging soot from the chimney from the combustion of special chemicals, enhancing traction.

Well, the last method, weakly effective, but still used by gardeners is, in the winter you need to sculpt the snow, diameter 10 cm and throw it inside the chimney (top). Snow will collect most of the soot and put it down, to the well, then just melt.

That's all the cleaning of the chimney in the bath with his hands! I hope, that information was new to you and useful! Finally, please note that, what to carry out cleaning of the chimney is recommended after rain!

Video illustrating the installation of the chimney in the bath with his hands
The first way to cleaning chimney with their hands (Mechanical)
The second method of cleaning the chimney with their hands
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