How to make a sauna in the apartment with his hands?

Good to have a dacha, it is possible to build anything, thus the special restrictions and lack of space practically does not exist. But what to do, if you live in an apartment and dream a little time to rest, for example, steaming in your own bath? In this case, you can advise the manufacturer compact, Finnish saunas for apartments, which are not difficult to install with their hands. Next, we'll talk about the types of residential saunas, and what are the requirements for installation established by the legislation.
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Benefits of sauna in the apartment

Сауна в квартире

Sauna in the apartment

Immediately you should pay attention to, in this article we will only consider a ready-made apartment saunas, represented the factory cabin with all amenities. Homemade booth you can do with your hands, save significant money, but it will give you so comfortable stay, to permit the equipment in the apartment of a homemade sauna you are unlikely to get.

The advantages of installation of the sauna in the apartment with his hands:

  • Allow to rest comfortably in your own apartment
  • Does not require any additional actions on the new Sewerage and pipeline, simply connect the cabin to ready the highway
  • No need to run after the sauna on the street for, that would run into the house, the more the body will be steamed and there are chances to catch a cold after that run
  • Helps to cleanse the body of toxins
  • A positive effect on the cardiovascular system, as well as Airways
  • Restores power after physical exertion
  • Allows you to exit a stressful situation
  • Rejuvenates the skin

Saunas in apartment

Today there is a wide range of residential saunas, various decorative finishing, volume, the method of heating and auxiliary functions.

Please note that, ready sauna in the apartment has a very high price, but still, there are many proposals for middle-class families, where the cost of booths may be about 50000 rubles.

Looking ahead, it must be said that, in the apartment are allowed, only electric or infrared saunas. Gas furnace and wood burning stoves to use in the apartment is strictly prohibited!

Sauna in the apartment can be provided in separate booths, phyto-barrels, "combination shower + sauna", and portable saunas. Next, we'll talk about each option in more detail.

Ready-made sauna in the apartment

Today, there are many ready-made saunas for apartments, which can have a surface area of from 1,2 m2. These saunas are perfect for a family of two adults. Ready saunas can be electrically, and infrared heater. The advantage of this type of sauna in the ease of installation, because. they are made with wooden boards, which are easily assembled in the grooves. Ready made saunas steam- and insulation, you only need to bring all utilities to the cabin (water, electricity, the drain pipe). To build a sauna in parts is enough to call for help 1-2 people and use manual, which comes complete.

Sauna with shower cubicle

Again race ahead and say, one of the requirements, placed sauna, is the place of its location. Sauna in the apartment can be placed in the hallway or bath. To place a sauna in the bedroom and the kitchen is strictly prohibited.

Based on this, choosing between a bathtub and a hallway, it is better to give preference to the first option, because. immediately after the sauna to cool off in the shower. This is why the manufacturers came up with a combined version, which also includes steam room and shower.

Sauna in an apartment with a shower has a better price, and the smaller volume of the steam, which is not always convenient. However, this option is popular among consumers. For heating saunas use infrared heater, so the price of the booth will be higher. Just draw your attention to the fact, what if staying in this apartment saunas is necessary to monitor the amount of water in the steam generator and, if necessary, to refill it manually.


Another option of the sauna in the apartment – hot tub. It takes up little space, does not require the use of a reinforced wiring, and also helps more unusual rest.

The barrel is a conventional wooden barrel, which has a special design, allowing to go to her side and sit on a small shelf, while the body is completely isolated in a barrel, and the head is outside and is not exposed to thermal effects. In contrast to the baths and saunas, fitobochka propriet the body with special herbs, having a pleasant scent and therapeutic properties.

Phyto barrels can be made from a single tree trunk, that happens very rarely, because. in this case, it is necessary to find a tree with a powerful trunk, that is not quite appropriate to use for the manufacture of phyto-barrels.

The second option is the Cooper Union (the type of wine barrels or tubs for the bath). In this case, the manufactured boards, collected in the form of a barrel, junction junction, and securely fixed with metal clamps. This option is rarely used because of the complexity of the work, that affect the price of the product.

Well, the last option is tongue and groove connection boards for barrels. In this case we ensure the quality integrity of the barrel and a smaller volume of work, what makes a barrel cheaper.

Portable sauna

Портативная сауна

Portable sauna

A portable sauna is a product made of fabric, which is covered with special frame. The principle of operation of the portable sauna similar to the barrel, but only advantage is, what sauna can be anywhere, the main thing, that would be the source of electricity socket.

Please note that, the portable sauna was submitted for, that would show another kind of sauna, but not option for decorating in your apartment.

Portable sauna is compact and has light weight, and most importantly, not expensive!

Requirements for saunas in apartment

The installation of the sauna in the apartment

As we have said, set the sauna in the apartment is not so simple. Sauna room is a fire hazard, so to operate it you have to fulfill all the requirements, applicable Standards and legislation.

The first and most important requirement is that type of heater for sauna. It needs to be electric or infrared. As we have said, gas heaters, and equipment solid fuel is strictly prohibited in the apartment!

To operate the sauna you must have a powerful enough wiring in the house, which can withstand the load on the network from the heater.

Heater power may be different, depending on the volume of the steam room, a little later we'll talk about choosing a heater, and now just pay your attention to the fact, what wiring needs to withstand loads up to 6 kW. It is recommended to use electrical cable, cross-sections from 5 to 8 mm, which will go directly from the meter to the heater

Again, back to the safety of the guests in the apartment the sauna. If you decide to carry out the installation of the sauna in the apartment with his hands, it is necessary to equip the sauna room sensor maximum temperature, which will automatically switch off the heater when the temperature rises to the specified level (for example, to 130on With).

Also in the sauna it is required to install the sensor, which will directly signal the control room of the Ministry of emergency situations in case of fire in apartment sauna.

Please note a very important caveat – in the apartment is allowed to equip the sauna, area of not more than 2 m2, therefore, the entire wide range of products can be reduced in several times!

Another requirement to the sauna in the apartment – ensuring removal of moisture from the. Although the Finnish sauna is not so humid as the Russian, but still moisture present, it must be removed by withdrawal of the corrugated tube.

Well, the last, of the most important requirements to the sauna in the apartment is adequate space vapor barrier. Although the finished cabins are fully insulated, you need to realize the bathroom is waterproofed with the help of foil material or plastic film, then decorate the room with a wooden plank hardwood.

Advice on the arrangement of the sauna in the apartment

That would be a sauna in the house quickly heated and thus the cost of electricity was minimal, it is recommended to choose the correct capacity heater for sauna.

For quick and efficient heating of the sauna heater power is calculated in the ratio 0,6 kW 1 m3 space. If you choose a less powerful heater will have more time to wait, while the sauna in the apartment heats up, more powerful heater the extra material costs.

Please note that, that can save considerably on power of heater and electric energy consumption while creating an effective vapor barrier of the room. The less steam will come out of the sauna, the faster it will heat up and longer to keep warm. Experts say, the establishment of good thermal insulation of the sauna in the apartment, the calculation of the heater power can be 200 W 1 m3 space, that is, in 3 times less!

That would be in the sauna is not going to condensate, and there is mold and fungal damage to the wood, should implement quality ventilation space.

If you are creating a sauna in the bathroom, recommended to finish the entire bathroom with the help of treated with antiseptic lining of hardwood. Antiseptic will not only prevent rotting of the boards, but will also protect them from spontaneous combustion!

Manufacturers of saunas in apartment

Well, the last thing I wanted to talk about in this article, it's about manufacturers of saunas in apartments. It should be noted, that the leaders in this field are TYLO,HELO, SAWO, UGENDSTIL, HARVIA and domestic companies "Beauty" and "in the House".

Leader in the manufacture of compact saunas is the country, which belongs to the idea of the Finnish sauna, namely Finland. The Finnish company HARVIA provides consumers with saunas in different finishes and different size.

Draw your attention to the fact, for the housing accommodation, the sauna may have an area not more than 2m2, therefore, the most popular models of saunas you might not like it. Despite this, manufacturers take into account the fact small cabins for saunas and so made special offers for saunas in apartment, which also have a different set of features and finishing materials.

Video example sauna in the company HELO

That's all I wanted to tell you about the installation of saunas in the apartment. As you can see, a lot of options, lover to relax after a hard day's work may be an option, suitable to his taste and cost!

The installation of the sauna in the apartment
Video example sauna in the company HELO
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