What garden tools should have gardeners for lawn care?

Today, gardening has become more simple, because. for replacement of manual labour came the petrol and electric units, able to dig the soil, to mow the lawn, water the plot etc. All this technology has a relatively low price, so you can afford some machines to operate in the country. Next, we consider the most popular garden tools and equipment for lawn care with your hands.

Garden tools and equipment for lawn care with your hands

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Garden tools and equipment for lawn care with your hands

So, consider what kind of garden tools and equipment we will need for lawn care. All fixtures will be provided from the most simple and cheap, to more complex. Photo examples are just garden tools you will be able to see the end of the article!

Shovel. It does not provide care not only for your lawn, but for the whole country. Shovel is used for preparation of soil under the lawn (digging), as well as for trimming, beyond the necessary limits turf.

Garden forks. They are also used to pereopisanie soil under grass. Most often used garden forks to aerate the lawn.

Garden rakes. This garden tools to lawn care necessary, to level the soil for sowing seeds (either flooring rolls). As garden rakes are used for packing of stacked rolls of lawn. Another area of application garden rake – breaking the crust of ice on the lawn in the winter.

Fan rake. They are used, remove the felt and the rest of the garden rubbish (for example, fallen leaves) from the surface of the lawn.

Hard metal. It is used in order, that would sweep garden debris off the lawn (replacement fan rake), and razmerenija land, which was formed by the activities of earthworms, ants and moles.

Wooden Board. Useful for, to soften the trampling of turf grass when laying turf.

Semi-circular knife. Required for trimming the borders of turf.

Garden shears. Used to undercut some sections of turf grass.

Aerator with hollow teeth. Very useful garden tools for lawn care. Allows you to create the perfect aeration of the soil (much better, than garden forks).

Manual garden ice rink. Useful for leveling the surface at seeding the lawn or flooring turf. Also it is used for the compaction feature of the lawn rolls. This garden tools can be easily done their hands.

Seeder. Is a useful garden equipment for lawn care, because. evenly scatter the seeds of the lawn, fertilizer and even chemical means (that would kill the weeds) across the square of turf covering.

Lawn irrigation system. The lawn must be watered, it is therefore necessary to create the irrigation system of lawn grass, automatic or manual (stretch hose).

Lawnmower. Is one of the most expensive equipments for lawn care. Lawnmower allows you smoothly and quickly to cut the grass lawn, therefore, creating a lawn, be sure to purchase this equipment!

Trimmer. Analogue manual lawn mowers, which allows you to mow the lawn in hard to reach places or in areas small area.

Tiller. Not necessarily to buy the garden equipment, lawn care. Purpose the tiller – plow the soil, so it can be used to prepare the soil under the lawn.

This and all the equipment, you ought to have to care for your lawn with their hands. As you can see, most of the tools simple and available to everyone., therefore, to acquire you just a few garden units, the price which is not too big!

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