The wiring in the bath with his hands

One of the most important measures from the point of view of safety in the bath is the correct installation of electrical wiring.. There are a lot of requirements of PUE. (rules for electrical), and Standards, you need to follow when installing the electrical wiring in the bath with his hands. Next, we'll talk about that, how to carry out cabling and installation of electrical appliances in the bath, and what problems are most likely to occur and how they pretesters.
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The wiring in the bath

Монтаж электропроводки в бане

The wiring in the bath

Video example of the lighting in the bath

Bath building is a fire hazard of high temperature and humidity, therefore, the wiring in the bath special requirements.

First, choosing between hidden and open wiring is required to give preference to the last, because. open wiring has the following advantages:

  1. Easier access to maintenance and repair of electrical wiring
  2. For the installation of open wiring use cable of smaller cross section (and it will save your money when buying cable)
  3. Designed specifically for fire buildings
Открытая электропроводка в бане

Open wiring in the bath

Second, in the steam room should not be outlet, of switchboards and other electrical appliances, in addition to lighting and electric furnace.

Third, all the elements of the wiring shall have adequate class of protection against excess moisture, high temperature and solid particles. Class of electrical equipment shall not be less than IP24.

Well, as well as, electrical equipment in the bath should be at a certain distance from the ceiling, sex and steam, what we continue to talk.

Requirements for electrical equipment in the bath

So, among all the elements of the electric system in the bath, are the main electrical panel, cable, sockets and lighting. Let's talk about each element in more detail.

The electrical shield

Электрический щиток

The electrical shield

When wiring in the bath with his own hands is recommended from the Central water-distribution device giving bath to the cable, which will pass through the electrical shield. This plate plays the role of master node branching all the wiring for bath construction. It is recommended to install it in the bath itself., but only in a dry place (the locker room or the relaxation room).

With the installation of the electrical shield is necessary to ensure good lighting in the room, as well as the safety of different mechanical damage.

It is strictly forbidden to install the electrical shield in the steam room, no matter how well you protect from moisture and heat exposure.

In addition to the electrical shield in the bath it is recommended to install a step-down transformer, which will reduce the voltage in the bath with 220V to 36 and even 12V!

Electrical cable

Электрический кабель

Electrical cable

As we have said, wiring in the bath should be open. To protect the cable is recommended to use special corrugated tube, which can be easily mounted to a wooden surface with metal clips.

It is strictly prohibited to protect the electrical cable with a metal pipe or gofrey, because. she quickly exposed to erosion and can lead to dysfunctional consequences.

As the bath is build with high-temperature (in the steam room can be up to 130onWith), the electrical cable must be heat resistant and waterproof. It is best to use wire APPV, RCGM, PRKS, PRKA, PVKV etc.

Requirements for placement of electrical cables in the bath involve cable laying only in horizontal and vertical direction.

Outlet, switches, junction box

As for the sockets, junction boxes and switches, they, as a rule, installed in the washing compartment, the dressing room and rest room. Set the data elements of the wiring in the steam room is strictly prohibited!

Requirements for placement of data elements of the following:

  1. Height of switches shall be not less than 150 cm, but not more than 170 cm from the floor
  2. Optimal height of placement of the outlet in the bath should be from 50 to 60 cm above the floor
  3. Junction boxes shall be installed at each branching from the main cable trunk to the switches and sockets


Светильник в бане

The lamp in the bath

There are no special requirements for lighting fixtures in the rest room and dressing room. As for the steam room, here, as you know, more seriously.

First, don't commit the most popular mistake of inexperienced builders: do not install the lamps in the steam room at the ceiling! In this case, the lamps will be subjected to the greatest influence of temperature and humidity, besides Shine, these appliances are bad.

Lamps should be installed either close to the floor (for decorative lighting), or in the top shelves, either on the wall just above average.

Second, use luminaires with a protection class of at least IP24, even better IP54.

Recommended for steam room lighting 60-watt incandescent bulb or even a more modern led bulb, which have high resistance to mechanical damage and are not afraid of high temperatures!

Create electrical wiring in the bath with his hands

It is best to see the video as an example of wiring in the bath with his hands (only example of a wooden house, on features similar to bath):

Wiring in a wooden room

In addition to this, we recommend you to gradually break the wiring in the bath with his hands, namely:

  1. Create a drawing of the wiring diagram in the bath showing all the highways and the laying of cables and installation of electrical appliances
  2. Purchased all items in the wiring
  3. Installed electrical shield
  4. Paving the highway of cables around the bath
  5. Install all necessary electrical equipment
  6. Combine all of the elements of electrical wiring in one system

Then you will call the specialists of electrotechnical laboratory, which will check the correct wiring in the bath, and also carry out the following activities:

  1. Measure the loop "phase-zero"
  2. Carry out the measurement of the resistance of the cables
  3. Carry out a complete check of availability of connection between all ground elements of the electric system and their components
  4. Will check the input device of protective switching-off (Ouzo)
  5. Check introductory circuit breaker with the primary current

If no irregularity is detected you can relax in your own bath, without worrying about short circuit or other dangerous consequences of poor wiring in the bath with his hands.

Finally I would like to give you some advice: treat the wooden elements of the bath antiseptic. The tool not only prevents the decay of wood, but also efficiently protects it from spontaneous combustion!

Video example of the lighting in the bath
Wiring in a wooden room
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