The use of the Finnish saunas to the human body

Finnish sauna has the same healthy qualities, that and a steam room. In spite of this particular relaxation in the Finnish sauna is different from our traditional rules of use of Russian bath. In this article we will talk about, how to behave in the sauna, how is it different from baths and how easy it is to create this build at his dacha, or even in the apartment!

Unlike the Finnish sauna from the Russian bath

Финская сауна

Finnish sauna

A Finnish sauna is the most significant competitor to all the usual Russian bath. Unlike the Finnish sauna lies in the fact, the temperature in the steam room can reach 130-160onWith, which is much higher than the temperature in the Russian bath. Also, the difference in humidity of air in the steam room: if in a Russian bath, this figure reaches 90%, the Finnish sauna has a humidity of not more than 20-25%.

Another difference from the Finnish sauna Russian Banya is the lack brooms and the steamer, because. with so high temperature swings of a broom can easily burn the skin.

It is important to note the small difference of the sauna from the bath. In the bath the usual construction for, to cool off after the sauna is font with cold water (sometimes even ice). As for saunas, the Finns are more familiar ordinary pool with water at room temperature, where you can swim after the sauna.

The difference can be attributed to the design of the stove. The Finnish sauna is the heating of stones using electric furnace, or wood burning stoves. The stones it is forbidden to pour water, because. in this case, is formed not acceptable in the Finnish sauna steam.

Печь с камнями в сауне

Oven with the stones in the sauna

You should pay attention to, that the use of the Finnish sauna and the Russian bath are almost identical, the process of relaxation brings pleasure in equal measure.

Before, how to go to the contraindications of sauna use, I would like to provide you with General rules on the use of the Finnish sauna (in some cases they are similar to the Russian bath).

The rules of the sauna

So, that would not hurt their health and quality of steam, subject to the following rules in the sauna:

  • Do not worry in the sauna immediately after a meal
  • Do not worry in the sauna in a state of alcoholic intoxication
  • Are in the sauna no more 15 minutes, then it is better to take a short break in the break room
  • Due to the high temperature in the sauna, better to sit on towels, because. heated wooden floors can burn the skin
  • Before, how to go into the booth take a shower (the water should be warm) and wipe the head and body dry with a towel, otherwise high temperature may increase the load on the vessels of the head, the result will be heat stroke
  • Exercise the sauna is recommended lying, but that would legs were placed a little below the head
  • While relaxing in the sauna is recommended to satisfy thirst with water without gas or green tea
  • After the sauna immediately head to the shower or pool, that would be washed in cool water (the colder, the better for the hardening of the body, but just don't overdo it)

Contraindications to sauna

Contraindications to sauna:

  • It is forbidden to use the sauna people, with chronic diseases of internal organs (especially if the disease is often aggravated)
  • It is forbidden to use the sauna people with cancer, as well as pregnant women
  • It is better not to visit the sauna in diseases of the skin, high temperature or extreme fatigue
  • It is forbidden to visit the sauna if you have TB disease, and hypertension
  • It is forbidden to visit the sauna one. You may become ill in the steam room, therefore, it is better, when in the sauna is a few people: if someone loses consciousness in the steam room, the probability, there won't be fatal, pretty big.

Finnish sauna in the apartment or in the country

If you are a lover relax after a hard week, why not make use of a Finnish sauna at home?

The owners of the villas are encouraged to build capital in the Finnish sauna, its installation is not too different in complexity from the construction of Russian bath with his hands.

Капитальная парилка в сауне

Capital steam room in the sauna

There is also a way for those, who lives in the apartment and has its own garden. In this case, you can purchase a compact sauna for the apartment, which is not difficult to install and which not so much worth (prices from 50000 rubles).

Even in the country you can install the factory sauna, because. in this case, you provide a comfortable stay and do not need to allocate large area for the construction of capital saunas, which will entail high material costs and time-consuming job.

Another good option is to buy a portable sauna. It, of course, is not even close with the real Finnish sauna, but you can take it to the country and to friends, the main thing, that would be socket!

Портативная сауна

Portable sauna

Here, actually, and all we wanted to tell you about the benefits of the Finnish sauna and the peculiarities of its construction at home. We also recommend you to read the article: the creation of the interior of the bath with his hands!

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