The use of infrared heaters for baths and saunas: for and against

Infrared heaters for baths and saunas are a novelty in the modern world. This equipment is not only used for heating of the baths and saunas, but also to maintain positive temperature in warehouses, depots and other premises. Next, we'll talk about that, what are the advantages of infrared heating compared to oven bath, and how to choose the right infrared heater for baths and saunas.

The composition of the infrared heater

Инфракрасный обогреватель для сауны и бани

Infrared heater for saunas

Infrared heater for saunas and steam baths has a fairly simple design, which is modernized with 1965 year (at this time, Dr. Tadashi Ishikawa developed this equipment).

The composition of the infrared heater for baths and saunas included infrared lamp power up to 300V, special reflector and thermostat, which are often represented by remote control. Lamp and reflector constitute an emitter. The emitter connects to the control panel with heat resistant silicone cable.

Лампа и отражатель ИК обогревателя

Lamp and reflector IR heater

The advantage of the infrared heater for baths and saunas

Инфракрасный обогреватель в бане

Infrared heater in the bath

Despite the fact, many bath attendants try to maintain all the existing traditions Russian bath either Finnish sauna, to date, in some cases it is advisable to abandon the classic furnaces for baths and to use more modern equipment – infrared heaters for baths and saunas.

Among the advantages of an infrared heater emit:

  • Easy Assembly/dismantling of equipment
  • Compact heaters
  • There is no need to harvest wood and to throw on for relaxing in the bath
  • Infrared heaters are economical and cost 40-80% less power, than electric stove for sauna
  • Stay in the steam room with infrared bath does not entail headaches, which can be caused by heating of the steam oven (the pain caused due to burning of oxygen)
  • Infrared heaters do not circulate odors (for example, fumes from burning wood or gas)
  • Stove for sauna heats your entire steam room, and using the heater to heat only the desired zone (for example, if you decide to warm up one)
  • To heat the sauna stove for baths require not less than 1,5 hours, while for heating of the steam room infrared heater has enough 20 minutes of his work
  • In operation, the IR heater will not have any drafts
  • Infrared equipment does not affect humidity, or rather, does not dry it
  • The cost of the infrared heater for the bath is much smaller, than the construction of capital bath furnace
  • You can use this equipment for heating mini-sauna in the apartment

Despite this, the infrared heaters there are drawbacks:

  • Infrared heater is only suitable for small steam rooms, suitable for a small company.
  • There are many contraindications to rest in the infra-red steam room people with various diseases
  • Infrared heaters do not fit in interior traditional Russian bath
  • On the stove for baths can be cured treatment stones, which when heated to stabilize the pressure, clean the Airways etc. Infrared heaters not used to heat the stones.
  • Despite its low cost, for heating a small bathroom infrared heaters would require about 4-6 devices, which together constitute a decent price.
  • There is a great possibility to buy low quality heater, which can be quickly fail.

How to choose the right infrared heater?

First, before buying infrared heater it is recommended to get acquainted with the leading manufacturers of this equipment and, if possible, to give preference to them. Among domestic producers, it is recommended to give preference to companies "Peony", "Crown", "Ecoline" and "General". Better quality infrared heaters made by Italian company "AEG" and "ITM". German manufacturers of heaters as are known for the quality of their equipment (Kroll, "Seibel Eltron" and "Eckerle"). In addition, a stable position in the market has taken such firms, as "Energotech" (Sweden), "Noirot" (France) and "Nobo" (Norway).

Second, you must consider the power of infrared heaters. For sufficient heating of the body is necessary to use equipment with a capacity of approximately 350 W.

Third, pay attention to the size and shape of the heaters. The larger the heater, the more space it will heat, the effectiveness of its impact on the body will be reduced. If you choose a narrow small infrared heaters, they will send all their heat only for a certain area of the body.

Fourth, correctly count the number of heaters. For example, for normal rest in the sauna you will need about 6 pieces (4 will affect the back and 2 front).

Where and how to place the IR heaters?

Размещение ИК обогревателя

The location of the IR heater

The zone of effective action of infrared heaters is about 15 cm from the human body. Based on this, heaters it is recommended to install vertically on the walls of the steam room next to the shelves.

Recommended 1-2 heater is set at a level slightly below the knees, for heating foot.

Those heaters, which will focus on a man's chest, it is recommended to install in the corners.

Please note that, the optimal capacity of the heaters for baths and saunas should be about 350 W despite the fact, they will be at 15 cm from the human body. It is not recommended to use more powerful heaters, because. they will cause burns from a distance 15 cm, and if they move on, warming up the body will become less effective.

Размещение ИК обогревателя на потолке

Placing the infrared heater on the ceiling

That's all, what you should know about infrared heaters for baths and saunas! Please note that, what if you have money, it is recommended to give preference to the traditional Russian stove for baths, because. it will allow the company to relax in your own steam room!

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