Select the furnace for a bath: wood, gas or electric

The main heating element in the steam room is a furnace. Depending on the type of room the baths (private house, the bath complex or even a mini-sauna in the apartment) select a suitable type of furnace for a bath. Today, there are three main types of furnaces: electric, gas and wood. Next, we'll talk about that, what are the advantages and disadvantages of every kind of furnaces for baths, and how to choose the right heater for your bath.
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Select the furnace for a bath

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How to choose a stove for baths?

Wood burning stove

Description and types

Wood burning stove for a bath is a classic of the genre. This kind of furnace has been used since ancient times and is used even today for the true connoisseur baths. As you know, fuel for wood-burning stoves are harvested dry wood. Wood-burning oven is the furnace (where actually lay the wood) the heater (it is the heating element of the steam room). For the convenience of guests in bath heater mounted in the steam room, and the furnace in the next room. This is because, in the oven it is necessary to constantly throw firewood, not quite convenient to do it in the steam room: first, heat will leave because of frequent opening doors, second, debris from wood is to sow the floors in the steam room and third, smoke from the burning wood will ruin the rest.

There are two types of wood-burning stoves: continuous and periodic combustion. In the first case, the furnace the furnace must be maintained throughout the entire stay in the bath, in the second case the furnace will need to heat, then the heat lasts for a long time.

The design of the continuous furnace and batch are slightly different. The firebox of the furnace for the bath, continuous, fully draped stones, with the help of which heats the steam room. As for the furnace for a wood furnace periodic action, it's a bit of a different design: insert obkladyvaetsya brick, and inside laid the stones. This design allows the furnace to keep the heat in the steam room.

Choosing between the stove continuous and intermittent operation should be based on the frequency of stay and number of guests. For example, while a great company, for that would need more warm up time. Furnace for a bath of continuous action in this case would be in a winning position, because. the relaxation time is directly linked to the amount of wood, and what would steam up, just need time to throw the wood into the furnace. As for furnaces for baths of periodic action, it is suitable for several people and good topics, it saves firewood, and requires attention during the holidays.

The advantages and disadvantages of

The advantage of a wood-burning oven for a bath is as follows:

  • The aroma of wood contributes to a more traditional relaxing in the bath
  • Oven can function, even if the country has any problems with gas or electricity.
  • Wood burning stove for baths you can do with your hands, save significant money
  • The cost of sauna is minimal – enough to prepare the wood, that is not a problem for people, living in the country

On the downside wood stove, they are as follows:

  • Need firewood, create storage wood, and toss in the furnace during the whole stay in the bath
  • Wood burning stove is the source of the fire, therefore its operation need to be careful
  • Every year you need to clean the chimney (coward soot)
  • It is impossible to install in the apartment (now that is a popular idea) and not rational to use in the bath centers (high firewood consumption and the complexity of servicing multiple products simultaneously)

How to choose a woodburning stove?

When choosing a wood stove for a bath, you must follow the following guidelines:

  1. Wood burning stove efficient heating of steam, no more than 12 cubic meters.
  2. To maintain the optimum temperature in the steam room for a long time is required for each 1 m3 steam about 6 kg stones.
  3. Choosing the oven is ready or creating her own hands should take into account the fact, the more the thickness of the metal walls of the furnace, the better.
  4. Almost all metal ovens are made of double metal walls, between which can pass the heated air (the steam room will heat up faster) either the heated water (can be used for any purpose).
  5. The more the furnace, the faster the steam will heat up and longer to keep warm, but at the same time, wood consumption increase.
  6. Recommended to clean the furnace flue through the stove, that promotes the use of the heater for effective ventilation in the steam room.

That's all, I would like to tell you about a wood-burning oven for a bath. Once again, that wood-burning oven is ideal for true connoisseurs of bath!

Electric oven

Description and types

A more modern version of the furnace for the bath is an electric oven. It is represented by a one-piece design, which is set immediately in the steam room. Today, there are a variety of electric furnaces for baths, different price, the power and design. Electric ovens can also be a little different design, which is represented by two types of heaters: in the first case, heating elements, in the second case, a special low-temperature sheets-plates.

There is a lot of controversy about the fact, which is better: ten or plates. The advantage of heating element – more rapid warming, because. the heating temperature of the heater reaches 800 degrees (the plates 400), the more that a burned out heater can be easily replaced. As for the leaves-plates, they are more durable and consume less electricity.

In order to install an electric furnace for a bath will take the voltage from 220 In to 380 In, so additionally you need to purchase a transformer.

In the operation of electric furnaces for baths must adhere to the following security measures:

  • Wiring to connect furnace to the network must be resistant to high temperatures and high humidity
  • When installing an electric furnace it is necessary to "ground" equipment. If for any reason a ground will not be able to, you need to exercise more unreliable event: the ground cable connected to the "zero" electric shield.
  • Be sure to equip an electric furnace for a bath with special equipment automatic shut-off, which is triggered by a short circuit, leakage current (if the cable is damaged) or other accidents. Please note that, a lot of the popular models of these systems equipped with emergency shutdown.

The advantages and disadvantages of

So, first advantages of electric furnaces for baths:

  • Easy care (no need to harvest wood, to monitor the combustion process, etc.)
  • Easy to install in the steam room
  • Has a long service life (not less than 10 years)
  • Easy to operate (enough to set the time and temperature, everything else can be controlled via remote control)
  • Compact, takes up minimal space in the steam room
  • Heating rate of steam is high enough
  • Electric stove for sauna leaves after operation garbage
  • It can even be used to create mini-sauna in the apartment

The disadvantages of the electric furnace is:

  • The relatively high price of the furnace
  • The increased costs of relaxing in the bath (electric oven requires a lot of electricity)
  • There is an opinion about that, the electric furnace has a negative impact on the health of travelers, because. when working emit electromagnetic background
  • If the area shut off the light (what often happens in suburban areas), relax in the bath will not work

How to choose the right electric oven?

Selection of electric furnaces for baths must be implemented according to the following guidelines:

  1. As in the case of a wood oven, choose equipment with thick metal walls (the thicker, the better)
  2. Each electric furnace has the characteristics of power, depending on the volume of the heated space. It is recommended to choose a bit more power required, that would have been a small margin, which is required for calculations are inaccurate and poor insulation of the steam.
  3. As for insulation of steam, poor quality insulated floor, ceiling or wall strongly affect the time of heating and rate of cooling steam. For example, every square meter of the poor insulation of steam requires you to add the power of electric furnace 2 kW.
  4. On 1 m3 steam requires about 0,6 kW (on 1 m2 space around 1,8 kW). Please note that, when high-quality insulation of the required power can be divided into 3 (so on 1 cubic meters. steam is required 200 Watts of power)

It should be noted, that the efficiency and durability of electric furnaces for baths, improving equipment manufacturer, which we now discuss!

The best producers

Leaders in the manufacture of electric furnaces for baths are the Finnish company HARVIA, HELO KASTOR.

Company HARVIA famous not only for its electric furnaces, but also mini-saunas for apartments. The advantage of products of this company this is a high quality and diverse design.

Manufacturer of electric furnaces for baths HELO as a company, which is famous for high quality equipment, and more interesting design of furnaces.

Company KASTOR the third is reliability of manufacturer of electric furnaces for baths. The only drawback of these furnaces is a small hopper for stones, therefore, electric furnace KASTOR are only suitable for small steam rooms.

Gas stove

Description and types

Gas stove for baths is the last of the species, which can be installed on the dacha. To use a gas stove for baths recommended on those sites, where there is a gas pipeline. Please note that, that the gas furnace has the same principle, like wood, therefore, to set it only in the dressing room or bathroom. A mandatory requirement with the installation of a gas furnace – room must be well ventilated and have a window or extractor fan. Unlike a wood stove, gas is more easy to care for and heats the room faster. Installation of gas furnace, actually as and "insert" it in the trunk, special gas service.

With regard to the design of the gas furnace, the components are the furnace body, special thermostat and fuse. The furnace body is a furnace and the heater, which is represented as a small hopper for stones. The purpose of the thermostat is to stop the flow of gas, if the process of its combustion in the furnace suddenly stop.

There are two types of gas furnaces for baths: solely gas equipment and gastromania. In the first case, the oven can be operated only when the flow of gas. In the second case, complete with wood-burning stove for baths are provided with special gatharaini equipment, which is easy to install, if in the future the site fail gas pipeline.

Most often, gas stoves for baths are installed in specialized bath centers, which pays off with this economical equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits of gas furnace are:

  • Easy operation furnace
  • Rapid heating steam
  • Oven compact
  • Efficiency compared to an electric furnace for a bath


  • Installation of gas furnace by the special service, this additional cost
  • If there is an accident on the gas pipeline, relax in the bath will not work
  • Gas equipment has a relatively high price

How to choose a gas furnace for a bath?

Very often there are reviews of people about that, that the gas furnace in the bath does not function, and sometimes, improper installation and operation risk of explosion or fire. This point is very controversial, because. it all depends on observance of safety rules and operation.

Despite this, for that would be no problem, we first of all recommend purchasing high-quality equipment, which has all the necessary documentation confirmed by the state standards of safety and quality.

Just draw your attention to the fact, for the normal functioning of the furnace and quickly heating the steam, you need to choose the equipment according to the following calculation: on 0,4 cubic meters. steam needs at least 252 kcal capacity gas furnace.

As for gas consumption for this furnace, for small steam rooms at the cottage are encouraged to choose the equipment, which uses 1,5 to 4,5 cubic meters/hour.

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How to choose a stove for baths?
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