Waterproofing bath with his hands: protect the Foundation, floor, the walls and ceiling from moisture

Bath is a building with high humidity, because. the main purpose of a bath – to warm up resting in the steam room at high temperature and humidity. Steam room, which many have used to build on the dacha, completely made of wood, and we know, that wood when excess moisture begins to rot. Based on this, it is necessary to ensure thorough waterproofing of the entire structure, otherwise, after a few seasons your bath will have to restore. Next, we'll talk about that, how to carry out waterproofing of the bath with his hands!

Waterproofing of the bath step by step

Гидроизоляция бани своими руками

Waterproofing bath with his hands

To begin to deal with the fact, what and how should be isolated from moisture. Begins the process of waterproofing baths the pouring of the Foundation, then the event moves to the walls and floor, and then on the ceiling and even the roof.

Today, there are a large number of materials and types of waterproofing baths, that is not realistic to list in one article. That is why further we will provide one, the most qualitative variant waterproofing bath with his hands!

Waterproofing basement

Pouring the Foundation for a bath, it doesn't matter columnar either tape, it is necessary to carry out its waterproofing. For starters waterproofing will serve as a drainage layer under the Foundation. This layer will perform a 20-inch bed of compacted sand and gravel, which will prevent the stagnation of water under the Foundation.

The drainage pillow formwork and poured the Foundation. As soon as the concrete hardens, it is necessary to carry out waterproofing of the basement in the bath with his hands. To do this, use the vertical and horizontal waterproofing of Foundation. It is best to use in this case, the application of bitumen mastic, on top of which is glued in 1-2 layer the roofing felt. Necessarily the vertical and horizontal waterproofing of Foundation should be carefully insulated at the joints.

Waterproofing walls

Гидроизоляция стен

Waterproofing walls

During the construction of wooden boxes bath it is necessary to implement and waterproofing of walls (and later sex, ceiling).

In this case, bitumen mastic and roofing material not applicable, and use a more modern foil material, which in addition to protecting the walls from moisture provides even paro- and insulation baths. The advantage of foil material is the ease of installation and thinness of the foil, so, the dimensions of the room is not too much diminished (sometimes, because of the waterproofing added 3-4 cm thickness to each wall).

Please note that, what waterproofing foil material is different according to the method of application. For steam, where the humidity is highest, used material, in which there is Kraft paper. For other rooms (rest room, washing room, dressing room) you can use a simple bole foil materials: izolon, izokom, heat insulation material is laid.

The technology of waterproofing of the walls in the bath foil material is quite simple and consists of the following steps:

  1. To the wall horizontally mounted wooden bars (40*40 mm), which will prefixion foil
  2. Between the bars is placed a heater of the same thickness (to 40 mm)
  3. On the bars of a stuffed foil. It must be pulled and locked to the bars by using a construction stapler.
  4. The joints are insulated with a special foil aluminum tape
  5. On top of the fixed foil stuffed wooden beams (vertically)
  6. The vertical bars attached lining Board, wall paneling. Pay attention to the fact, that lower trim Board not stuffed, in order, to connect and insulate the junction waterproofing the walls with a waterproof floor.

Waterproofing the floor in the bath

After the waterproofing of walls in the bath will be over, go to the floor. There are several options for waterproofing, because. floors can be wooden or concrete.

Waterproofing concrete floor

Option # 1

Гидроизоляция бетонного пола

Waterproofing concrete floor

The concrete floor in the bath is usually filled in the steam room and bathroom, where, because of high humidity the boards will be too fast to rot. To carry out waterproofing concrete floor it must be aligned to the ideal state (without pits, cracks, Bugrov), to cover the asphalt cement and over it lay a polyethylene film or roofing felt. Then on the floor prepare the ground for laying tile.

Option # 2

Гидроизоляция бетонного пола гидроизолом

Waterproofing concrete floor waterproofing

To ensure waterproofing of the concrete floor is necessary to carry out the following activities:

  1. Rough floor to attach the plywood
  2. Plywood laid with a special waterproofing material – waterproofing, the edges of which are struck up on the wall (to do this, we attached the bottom lining Board).
  3. Isolate joint waterproofing with foil material of the walls with aluminum tape
  4. The rest of the joints reliably isolate, using a heat gun
  5. Sarking laid over the reinforced mesh
  6. Concrete screed. It is necessary to expand a little. First, the paneling on the walls is better to paste over construction tape, what would prevent vypocitavana boards concrete solution. Second, if bath built from a frame, to carry out floor pouring is allowed after 1-2 years shrinkage of, otherwise, the floor will crack.
  7. On top of hardened concrete screed is laid the floor tiles

Waterproofing of the wooden floor

Гидроизоляция деревянного пола

Waterproofing of the wooden floor

Waterproofing a concrete floor is performed at one stage with insulation of the floor. All you need, put on top of the insulation (this is usually glass wool) several layers of roofing felt, or a more modern material – evroruberoid. The same wooden floor it is recommended to treat antiseptic, who will protect the wood not only from rotting, but also from insect damage and even spontaneous combustion, what is particularly important for such buildings, as a.

On top of the roofing material stuffed rough sex, in the future, which is sheathed with Board and batten.

Waterproofing of the ceiling in the bath

Гидроизоляция потолка в бане

Waterproofing of the ceiling in the bath

With the ceiling everything is easier. The technology of waterproofing of the ceiling in the bath is exactly the same, as with waterproofing walls. All you need is to fill a wooden block 40*40 mm and obtyanut ceiling foil waterproofing material, then fill another layer bars and "sew" the ceiling lining.

As you can see, waterproofing bath with his hands is rather time-consuming procedure, but at the same time, particular complications!

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