Category: Ideas for garden

If you have a bath at their summer cottage, the presence of the bundles should be mandatory. About, how to make a woodpile for firewood with their hands, read in this article!

In our time, homemade garden figures and forgery are popular in landscape design. This article focuses on, how to make paintings and figures of stones with their hands.

Homemade garden figures make the country the plot is more original and beautiful. In this article we will talk about, how to make pigs of plastic bottles with their hands.

If you have children, the creation of a gaming zone in the suburban area – the event is badly needed. In this paper, we present the technology of creating a simple tent for children with your own hands.

Absolutely original idea for the garden is the coloring of the barrels for water. In this article, we tell technology design plastic and metal drums with their hands, as well as providing vivid photo examples of this idea.

Garden of fragrance is something more, than just landscaping. In order, that would be on the whole adjoining territory was hear pleasant smells of flowers, you need to choose the right plants. In this article we have provided a list of the most fragrant plants for garden.

Flowers in pots in the country occupy a significant place in garden decor. That would make an object beautiful must correctly select the flowers and choose a nice pot. In this article we will discuss the original idea to create a planter from old tires.

Decorative dwarf trees, referred to as bonsai, grown not only in space, but in the garden. About, how to grow bonsai tree with your own hands, read in this article.

The floral clock will perfectly complement the landscape design of the villas and let you in Sunny day easily determine the approximate time of day. In this article we will discuss the technique of creating project flower clock with your own hands.

One of the problems in the country is the uprooting of stumps. Sometimes such an event is impossible to implement one without the use of special equipment. In this article we will tell you, how to facilitate the process with minimal effort and money.

Garden figurines are a very beautiful element of landscape design garden. In this article you will be able to see the technology create garden figurines made of plaster with their hands!

Another illusion in the garden is the illusion of simulated water. Simulation technology water is pretty simple, in this article, we have provided all the essence of the event.

If you rarely visit country site, but still wish that he had well-kept landscaping, you need to create a low maintenance garden with drought resistant plants and small architectural forms. About the rest of the unpretentious garden talking about in this article!

If you have a small area right before the entrance to the house, it is necessary to develop it as a recreation area or decorative element adjoining territory. In this article we will discuss the most suitable way to design the space in front of the house with his own hands.