How to insulate a bath with his own hands wall insulation, ceiling and floor

The process of warming the bath is very time-consuming and depends on the material of construction of walls (frame, brick, foam or wooden modules), time relaxing in the bath, and climatic conditions of the region. It should be noted, today there are many different heaters, opinions about which experts often dispute. Next, we consider the technology of insulation of different baths, as well as ways of warming the bath from inside and outside their hands!
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The warming bath outside

Утепление бани снаружи

As we have said, Bani decided to build of brick, foam block, cinder block, log, as well as wooden shields (frame bath). Because of the different bearing capacity of the walls and heat capacity of materials, insulation can vary, actually, as the whole technology of insulation of the bath with his hands. Let's discuss each variant of the insulation of the bath outside.

A warming bath with frame

Bath with frame is a traditional version of this Russian bath. Despite the fact, what wood is the material heat capacity, and the diameter of the frame can exceed 20 cm, bath should further insulate. Several reasons for this:

  • First, the frame has the property of shrinking over time. So even if you carefully collect a box of the bath without a single gap, after a year the picture will change completely, because. while shrinkage cracks again will reveal.
  • Second, the better is the thermal insulation of the bath, the less time it will take to heat the bath to the required 70-80 degrees.
  • Third, quality insulation of the bath enables you to save on power furnace for bath, and also on fuel consumption (gas, of firewood or even electricity).

As you can see, reasons for insulation of wooden baths with their hands a lot, therefore, this event makes sense to implement.

So, more to the point. The outer insulation of the bath log house is closely associated with the insulation of the room from the inside and is presented in the form of caulking frame. To learn more about the process of caulking, you can log in this article. You should only pay attention to, that caulking is performed in three stages:

Утепление бани со сруба снаружи

A warming bath with frame outside

The first stage is during the laying of wreaths on top of each other, givenaway heater is fixed to the lower crown. The second stage – a year after the construction of baths, when the shrinkage of the frame to be completed. The third stage – via 4-5 years after the construction of baths, konopatka in this case is represented in the form of restoration of the existing insulation.

Insulation brick baths

Утепление кирпичной бани

Insulation brick baths

In contrast to the log, the brick gives off heat faster, and therefore bath cools faster. Despite the fact, that brick wall of a bath does not have cracks and gaps, the process of heating the non-insulated brick bath is long. Therefore, the insulation brick baths should be taken seriously.

"Pie" insulation brick baths should consist of insulation, waterproofing material and decoration of buildings.

As insulation, it is recommended to use mineral wool, it has high strength, thermal insulation and fireproof properties. For waterproofing of insulation it is recommended to use Izospan. This material will protect mineral wool from moisture, which contributes to the appearance of the fungus and reduce the service life of the insulation. As for decorative brick finish bath, here's all about the amount of your money and taste preferences. To close the insulation and to beautify the appearance of the bath it is recommended that lining either siding.

Recommend you to insulate brick bath outside in the following way:

  1. A brick wall svalivaetsya metal brackets. Step installation brackets must match the width of the insulation, even better on 1 cm less.
  2. Between the brackets fit mineral wool. Because. the distance between the brackets is slightly less than the width of insulation, slabs of wool you need with little effort to push between the corners. This will allow the plates can stand between the brackets.
  3. The joints between the slabs of mineral wool to tape construction tape.
  4. On top of the insulation is stretched Izospan
  5. Well, in the end, to brackets mounted rails wooden beams, which are the frame for attaching decorative trim and restraint design for insulation.

We offer a graphic "pie" insulation brick bath with his hands:

Схема утепления кирпичной бани снаружи

Circuit insulation brick baths outside

Insulation of wooden frame-and-hollow-bath

Unlike brick bath, karkasno-panel Board has a light construction, so, a heavy layer of insulation to withstand it will not be able. Despite the fact, that mineral wool is not too much weight, along with decorative trim weight are substantial, and the walls can start to deform. Therefore, for insulation of wooden frame-panel baths use lighter insulation – foam. The advantage of foam is durability of the material, heat capacity and hydrophobicity. It should also be noted, for insulation of wooden baths foam there is no need to build a special frame, the foam enough to put on special adhesive to the wall.

Утепление деревянной каркасно-щитовой бани

Insulation of wooden frame-and-hollow-bath

As for decorative finishing of wooden baths after laying the insulation, it is recommended to use plastering walls.

As we have said, the opinions of experts often diverge, and therefore note, many builders still insulated frame-panel bath with mineral wool, because. claim, that foam when heated begins to break down.

Warming baths of foam blocks

Many sources indicated, that technology warmth of a bath of the same foam block insulation brick baths. This opinion is contradictory, because. unlike brick, the foam block has a porous surface, and if a brick wall can not protect waterproofing material, the baths of foam blocks must be protected from moisture.

Утепление бани из пенополистирольных блоков

The warming bath of expanded polystyrene blocks

Due to the fact, that the foam block cellular structure, the water may clog the pores and in the winter to stay in them, what affects the durability of construction and the rate of heating/cooling of the room. Therefore, the warming bath of foam blocks must be held with simultaneous waterproofing of the walls, and then with waterproofing insulation. It is recommended to use a membrane tape or Izospan.

It should also be note, between the insulation and decorative paneling, you need to create a ventilation gap, that will prevent zapivanie material and the formation of condensation on the insulation and the back side of the decorative plating baths.

Technology warming of a bath of foam blocks is as follows:

  1. On the walls of the baths is attached a wooden crate (the bars need to pre-process protective antiseptic).
  2. The crate is fixed waterproofing layer membrane film.
  3. Waterproofing on top of the stacked plates of mineral wool (the thickness of the plates 10 cm)
  4. The insulation is further protected from moisture by sopanam
  5. On top of Izospan to a wooden crate is fixed and decorative plating baths

It should be noted, that technology warmth baths W cinder block and concrete the same!

Warming of the bath from the inside

Warming of the bath from the inside is practically the same as in the bath from logs, and brick bath. You can also note, many experts do not produce internal insulation of walls in the bath from logs, and insulate only the ceiling, the roof and Foundation. Now we will look at the causes of internal insulation baths from a frame, as well as the technology of warming of the bath from the inside on the example of a brick built.

Why to insulate the bath from a frame on the inside?

Hardwood crowns for bath from logs, as a rule, have a diameter of about 20 cm. If thoroughly implemented konopatku baths, additional insulation may not be required, and if you need, then, for the following reasons:

  • The crowns of log small diameter
  • The Foundation of baths poorly insulated or not insulated at all
  • Climatic conditions of the region require additional insulation of the bath

In other cases, in the bath of the log must only be an effective vapor barrier and thermal insulation of the floor, the ceiling and roof.

Technology insulation brick baths inside

Immediately draw your attention to the fact, that this technology it is possible to insulate the bath from logs, brick, foam block, aerated concrete blocks etc. Divide the warming bath inside several main stages: insulation basement, sex, the ceiling and roof.

Insulation of the Foundation in the bath

Теплоизоляция фундамента в бане

Insulation of the Foundation in the bath

From, how good will be teploizolaciya Foundation in the bath, depends on the speed of heating/cooling floor. Agree, not a very good steaming to feel the icy floor in the steam room or the relaxation room? That is why insulation of the Foundation in the bath needs to be taken seriously.

To begin with the Foundation insulated with expanded clay, layer to a total thickness of load-bearing walls (for example, if the walls in the bath will wide 20 cm, layer of expanded clay must be at least 40 cm). After internal insulation of the basement in the bath with his hands, transferred to external insulation. To this end, the cap Foundation advanced insulated panels mineral wool.

Insulation of the floor in the bath

Теплоизоляция  пола в бане

Insulation of the floor in the bath

About, how to make thermal insulation of the floor in the bath we talked this article, where are detailed all the technology!

Thermal insulation of walls in the bath

Теплоизоляция стен в бане

Thermal insulation of walls in the bath

As for the insulation of walls in the bath, the information about this event, we have examined in detail in the article: insulation of the steam room with their hands.

Insulation of the ceiling in the bath

Теплоизоляция потолка в бане

Insulation of the ceiling in the bath

For thermal insulation of ceiling, we also talked when given the technology to create the ceiling in the bath!

Insulation of the roof in the bath

Well, the completion of the insulation of the bath with his hands is roof insulation. About, how to insulate the roof in the process of its construction we discussed in the appropriate article: the roof construction bath with his hands.

That's the whole technology of warming the bath with his hands! As you can see, insulation baths is a complex and time-consuming exercise, requires certain skills. To learn more about the insulation of the bath, you can in this video:

The warming bath – expert advice

We also recommend you to read the article: waterproofing bath with his hands!

The warming bath – expert advice
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