How to insulate the steam room in the bath?

From, how well you insulate the steam room in the bath, will depend on the quality of rest and fuel costs (electricity, wood, gas, etc.). Experts say, for high quality thermal insulation of the bath will need oven, capacity 3 times less hope. Next, we'll talk about that, how to make bath a thermos and what materials to use for insulation of steam.

What to do baths thermos

"Пирог" утепления парилки со сруба

“Pie” insulation of steam rooms with frame

High quality thermal insulation of steam in its structure is a thermos. In addition to the insulation, on the wall, ceiling and the floor is laid a layer of vapor- and waterproofing, to further increase the insulating properties of steam.

The structure of the bath of a thermos the following: prepared walls, the waterproofing layer, the insulation layer, vapor barrier and decorative finish bath.

Nothing complicated in the insulation of the steam room no, the main thing to choose the material and thoroughly insulated walls. Next, we consider the technology of warming of a steam room in the bath with his hands, but first, let's deal with the existing materials-insulation.

Materials for thermal insulation of steam

Today there is a wide range of heaters, suitable not only for baths, but for other suburban buildings. The requirements for insulation for steam next:

  • The material must have high thermal insulation properties
  • The insulation must not give in to rotting and insect damage
  • Insulation should be fire resistant (this is extremely important, because. the temperature in the sauna can exceed 100onWith)

These requirements may not satisfy many materials. Most commonly for insulation of steam using basalt wool, which meets the criteria and thus has a relatively low cost. It is recommended to use a soft synthetic plate.

Базальтовая вата для утепления парилки

Basalt wool for insulation of steam

Pay attention to the fact, for floor insulation it is possible to use clay layer, and for additional insulation the roof of the bath – polystyrene plates.

How to insulate the steam room in the bath

As we have said, during the insulation of the steam room it is necessary to carry out its hydro- and vapor barrier. All these three process are closely interrelated and represent a "pie" of insulation of the steam room. A detailed look at the components of the insulation of the steam in the bath.

Preparation of walls

First we need to prepare the walls for insulation. All available gaps and seams should be sealed with sealant or plaster. Once the walls are ready for ottepelnoy need to go to the first layer of thermal insulation, waterproofing baths.

Please note that, what if the room is made of log, insulate it is needed after full shrinkage of the structure, it usually takes about 1 year. Primary insulation of walls with frame is represented in the form caulk log.

Конопатка сруба

Konopatka log

Waterproofing steam rooms

The first thing you need to protect walls, the ceiling and floor from moisture. It is recommended to use a plastic film or foil material. To consider in more detail the technology of waterproofing of baths you can this article!

Гидроизоляция парилки

Waterproofing steam rooms

Insulation of steam

After, as the waterproofing layer is prefixion, go directly to the insulation of the steam room with their hands. First we need to fill on the sauna wall wood frame, which will hold the insulation material and decorative trim steam. The wooden frame is made of timber section 50*50 mm. The bars need to pre-process antiseptic. Installation step bars must match the width of the insulation.

Каркас для утеплителя

Frame for insulation

Please note that, the insulation of ceiling should be carried out more efficiently, than the insulation of walls and floor. This is due to the fact, that hot air in the steam room immediately rises to the top and, accordingly, the greatest chance of heat leakage is observed under ceiling. Therefore, the thickness of the insulation in the ceiling should 1,5-2 times greater than the thickness of the insulating material on the walls.

Vapor steam

Once the insulating layer is placed in a wooden frame, it is necessary to carry out the last stage of the steam insulation – vapor barrier. The purpose of the vapor barrier is to keep the warm air in the steam room. From, the quality will be vapor barrier, depends on the value of the heat loss in the room. Vapor barrier material for the steam room must be the foil. In addition, that the foil material is a good waterproofing, he also efficiently reflects heat. It is the quality of laying insulation will depend on the durability of the steam and create the effect of the bath thermos. The foil material must be laid over the insulation and wood frame. Fix foil recommended construction steppleton. The joints of the foil must be carefully insulated, therefore, the foil material must be laid with overlaps, the joint seal construction tape.

External finish

As the wooden frame under the external finish of the steam room we already have, it remains only to choose the material for plating and get to the final part of the warming of steam. Of course, the most popular and luxurious finishes Russian bath is the lining. About, how choose a lining and decorate her walls, we have said. It should only be noted, what is the material it is necessary to strengthen the joint., that there were no gaps! That's all the technology of warming of a steam room in the bath with his hands!

Внешняя отделка парилки вагонкой

The external finish of the steam clapboard

As you can see, all just, the main thing to choose the insulation and carefully fix it on the walls and ceiling!

The tips on warming the steam room with their hands

In addition to the above I would like to add a few tips that, how to make additional thermal insulation of steam in the bath with his hands.

First, it should be noted, what source of heat loss in the steam room can make the window. Therefore, it is recommended to do them as little as possible and carefully insulate the heat- and vapor barrier material. It is recommended to set Windows as low as possible, what would hot air not in contact with them. It is not recommended to install Windows with single glazing, the minimum amount of glass shall be 2 things, better if 3.

Second, for the thermal insulation of the bath is affected door and the threshold. Very often the reason for the low heat capacity of the bath is a large gap under the door, through which moves the warm air. That would get rid of this problem you need to install a low door in the bath, while making high nut.

Third, draw your attention to the oven heater in the bath. From, as far as heat capacity stones for bath you choose, will depend on the rate of heating steam and holding time of heat in it!

The technology of warming of a steam room in the bath ends! We also recommend you to read the article: the wiring in the bath!

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