Construction bath made of bricks with his hands

The main competitor of the bath log house is brick bath. This variant of construction of the Russian bath is often used by vacationers, because. brick is more durable and durable material, which is easy to interior and exterior decoration. The disadvantage of the construction of the baths of brick with their hands is, that laying brick requires special skills and knowledge of technology. Next we will try clearly, and in theory, to explain the technology of masonry brick bath with his hands.
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The benefits of brick bath

Кирпичная баня

Brick bath

As we have said, the advantage of brick over round logs and shaped timber is a high strength and durability of the material. In addition, it should be noted another advantage of a brick bath – less labor intensive-care building and a more rapid introduction of the brick bathhouses in operation. The last due to the fact, that bath brick requires no shrinkage, which usually takes place during the year.

The reason, some gardeners prefer the bath of log is the alleged lower cost of works. But this opinion is controversial, because. with the same size and the project of a bath, the cost of logs and brick will be almost the same cost.

Whatever you decide, what is more profitable: brick bath or bath with frame, feature this video, in which all is analyzed in detail:

What is more profitable: brick or frame?

Now on to the projects of baths of brick.

Projects of baths of brick

We offer the most popular projects of baths of brick:

As you can see, a lot of options, therefore, when choosing the right project brick bath needs only rely on their own tastes and wallet size!

The brick building bath with his hands

Строительство кирпичной бани своими руками

The brick building bath with his hands

The reason, which is very difficult to describe with words the technology of construction brick bath is, in bricklaying the many nuances, you need only see the eyes. In this you will soon see, because. technology masonry brick bath will be presented in the form of photo and video examples, with a small description if necessary.

To begin with let's deal with the main stages of the construction of the baths of brick with their hands, which are:

  • Construction the Foundation of baths
  • Masonry corners
  • Walls
  • The creation of the ceiling
  • Create a roof
  • Heat- ,paro- and waterproofing baths
  • Exterior and interior brick bath

The Foundation for brick bath

Фундамент кирпичной бани

The Foundation for brick bath

So, construction of the baths of brick with their hands begins with the construction of the Foundation. Since brick box bath has a large weight, the Foundation for the bath should have a high strength. It is best to use the construction of strip Foundation, depth the construction of which should be below the level of soil freezing. For more information on, how to create a strip Foundation for bath, read this article. After, as the Foundation of the bathhouse will be built, it is necessary to carefully carry out the waterproofing and start laying brick boxes baths, which begins with the laying angles of the buildings.

Masonry corners

Video lesson laying angles of brick

Protected from moisture, the Foundation should be applied sand-cement mortar (ratio 2:1) with a thickness of about 20 mm, which will be the laying of corners of the bath.

During the laying angles, you must use one of the schemes bricklaying, which are as follows:

Before moving to the walls, you need to put a few rows of bricks on the corners.


The process of laying bricks

Depending on, which scheme masonry and dressings of brick was chosen for construction of the corners of the bath, are walls and the walls themselves. A dressing brick is recommended to implement a single-row or multi-row system dressings, depending on the size of the building, as well as the availability of the 2nd floor.

It should be noted, during the masonry walls of the baths as determined by the option of insulating walls. This can be the subsequent wall insulation baths with mineral wool, either create the walls of the empty space (about 6 cm), which is either filled expanded clay, or just air.

Please note that, the laying of the first row of the walls of the baths should be of solid brick. In the subsequent rows of masonry shall be allowed to use bricks with chips or halves (quarters) bricks, the main thing is to put them on the inner side of the wall.

Also important moment, as with masonry walls, and at a laying of corners of the bath is the thickness and density of the stitches. Durability and aesthetic appeal of a brick bath will depend on, as far as the stitches will be the same throughout the length of the wall, and what is the thickness of the stitches used. Bad influence on the strength of the building is too thin, either too thick seams, therefore, it is recommended to create the thickness of the seam within 10-12 mm.

Well, the last of the main nuances of the masonry brick walls of the bath – create window and door openings. During bricklaying must according to the project write the appropriate openings. Also in the side surfaces of the openings necessary to install two wooden plugs, which should be the same size bricks and is additionally insulated roofing material. Windows and doors we recommend inserting at the stage of masonry walls, when fully established the appropriate opening. Over Windows and doorways, you must install the jumper, as shown in the photo:

Оконная перемычка

Window jumper

The creation of the ceiling

When the brick box of the bath will be fully erected, the next step is to create the ceiling. Since the bearing walls of the bath are durable, you can create an attic office or second floor, therefore, the ceiling construction must be durable. About, how to make a ceiling in the bath read this article.

Create a roof

Конструкция крыши бани

The roof structure of the baths

Create roof brick bath is not a complex event. Initially, you must use the anchors to fix on the walls mauerlat. To mauerlat further fixed truss system, on top of which is mounted a wooden sheathing and the roofing material. To further explore the technology of construction of the roof of the bath you can in this article.

Insulation, paro- and waterproofing baths

Утепление стен бани снаружи

Insulation of walls baths from the outside

With the technology warming, paro- and waterproofing of baths you gradually became acquainted, studying the process of construction, walls, the ceiling and the roof of the bath. In the relevant articles reviewed in detail the materials for insulation boxes baths, protect from moisture, as well as preventing heat loss from the steam.

Finish bath

Отделка бани вагонкой

Finishing bath clapboard

Once the bath is fully built, it is necessary to produce the final finish inside and outside. That would make the interior of the baths attractive, it is recommended to use for interior sheathing of the room Board siding. This material emphasizes the interior of the Russian bath, easy to assemble and has healing properties. About the other advantages of lining, and the manner of its selection, read this article.

Exterior finish brick baths can be very diverse. Well suited for exterior design plastering walls, installation siding Board a montage of the same lining.

Tips for building the baths of brick

In addition to the above technology of construction brick bath, I would like to draw attention to some very important nuances, or rather tips:

  1. For building brick bath use red brick
  2. For that would split a brick in two or four parts, use the hammer-kirochku
  3. When designing baths the dimensions of the walls create multiple dimensions of the brick. For example, if brick size 240*120*65 mm, the size of the wall should be a multiple of 75 mm, and if the brick size 240*120*88, the size of the wall should be a multiple of 100 mm.
  4. Laying rows exercise, focusing on the cord-prichalku, which is stretched on each row is fixed and the nails, hammered into horizontal joints.

    Кладка ряда по шнуру-причалке

    The laying of a number of on the cord-prichalke

  5. Be sure to follow the horizontal and vertical masonry, using a Builder's level.
  6. In any case, do not use bricks with defects masonry corners, partitions, as well as load-bearing columns.
  7. If you are using for the construction of the bath brick clay brick, be sure to pre-soak it in water.
  8. Handle the seams between the rows with a special tool – grouting,. Processing must be carried out first vertical joints, and then horizontal.
  9. In the steam-room brick bath is recommended masonry brick oven, during the construction phase of the walls.
  10. Also on the stage of construction baths should immediately consider or implement the installation chimney (if in the future will use electric oven, the chimney is not needed).
  11. From, how well will be made paro-, heat- and waterproofing, will depend on the time of heating/cooling baths, and the fuel consumption at this event.

It is at least the knowledge, you have to invest in the construction of baths of brick with their hands. Please note that, that this event is better to pass into the hands of professionals, because. repair of poorly constructed baths will cost much more expensive.

Also it is recommended that before construction of the brick baths to practice on a less complex construction, for example, hozbloke or gazebo made of bricks. In this case, you nabete hand and be more prepared for the challenges, related to bricklaying.

Video tutorial on the construction of baths of brick

What would you saw, what are the stages of the construction of the brick baths, we offer a visual video lesson of this event:

How to build a sauna from a brick: a quick demonstration of the technology

We also recommend you to read the article: construction bath from a bar with your hands!

What is more profitable: brick or frame?
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