The technology of laying a brick oven for bath with his hands

To make a masonry brick oven with his own hands, you should be aware of, how to make brick furnace lining, what brick and mortar to choose, and what mistakes should be avoided. Next we will try as much detail as possible to consider the technology of a laying of a brick oven, and if you do not dare to independently carry out the event, this knowledge will allow you to follow the, how well does it hired pecnik!
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Materials and tools for masonry stoves

 Технология кладки кирпичной печи для бани своими руками

The technology of laying a brick oven for bath with his hands

Please note that, there are many different schemes of masonry brick furnaces for a bath, so if you decided to carry out bricklaying, suggest you choose a more simple drawing. From this efficiency furnaces for baths not too different, but for the probability of creating furnaces will be higher!

So, for laying a brick oven you will need the following materials:

  • Fireclay brick (for masonry firebox)
  • Red fire brick or natural stone (for masonry stoves and chimney)
  • Clay and coarse sand (to create a solution)
  • Furnace casting (grille, the blower door and the furnace, views, wells for cleaning of the chimney, cast iron stove, grate, etc.)
  • Asbestos cord
  • Tank for water heating
  • Galvanized wire
  • Steel area
  • Waterproofing material (roofing material)
  • Steel tape

Of the above materials, you can make a simple brick oven for bath, but in order to make a more functional unit, need additional items, specified in the drawing.

Tools for laying brick oven with his own hands:

  • Bulgarian with metal circle and diamond circle (in order to cut the brick)
  • Electric drill with a mixer
  • The container for mortar (best 10 litre bucket)
  • Trowel
  • Building level
  • Plumb
  • Wooden mallet
  • Roulette and marker

These are the most important tools for masonry stoves with their hands, but the list could be even longer depending on the complexity of the project.

Drawings, projects and schemes of laying a brick oven for bath

We offer the most popular schemes for brick masonry stoves:

Схема кладки печи в бане

Scheme of laying of the furnace in the bath

Второй пример схемы кладки банной печи из кирпича

The second example of arrangement of masonry stoves of brick

Acquainted with the schemes of masonry brick oven, but in the same sequence and features porjadovki, go to the main process!

Photo master-class masonry brick oven

Technology masonry brick oven is very difficult to explain in words, therefore we offer you the process of laying brick stoves based on the so-called photo-steps:

If you misunderstood, how to implement masonry brick oven with his own hands, we offer to your attention the following video tutorials:

Simple technology of a laying of a brick oven with his own hands
The gradual laying a brick oven for bath
Highlights of masonry brick oven with his own hands

I hope, the provided information clearly explained you the whole process of laying a brick oven for bath with his hands. Finally, I would like to pay attention to some points, related to laying a brick oven for bath!

Tips for self laying a brick oven for bath

Many stove-makers-beginners allow simple at first sight errors regarding masonry brick oven. The result of these errors is the destruction of the furnace, smoke all the bathtubs and worst of the fire!

So, when laying a brick oven for baths their hands, use the following guidelines:

  1. The brick stove for a bath, be sure to create the Foundation and make it waterproofed using roofing felt!
  2. In the process of building Foundation for all baths with clay trench save, she will need to create a solution when masonry stoves.
  3. The ratio of clay and sand create mortar for masonry shall be 2:1 either 3:1. What would determine whether it was a good solution, dip it with a wooden stick, it should be a layer of clay about 2 mm. If the layer is more – in a solution it is necessary to add sand, if it is less, the clay.
  4. During the laying of the casting furnace in the rows of bricks, leave the floor inch gap between the brick and molding, because. in the process of filament metal expands and can destroy the brickwork.
  5. In the process of laying brick oven you will be faced with the fact, the bricks will either not reach the end of the row, to make either a few millimeters. This is because, the brick is of poor quality. What would correct the situation saw off or break off the exposed portion of the grinder, or make the seams a little thicker.

    Пилим кирпич при необходимости

    Sawing brick if necessary

  6. Often faced with the fact, that the size of the grate exceeds the amount produced under these holes in the furnace. In this case, it is recommended to cut off a little grate, using the grinder with round metal.
  7. To carry out a laying of brick furnaces for baths should be strictly according to the plumb line and using a Builder's level.
  8. In places of bends of the inner channel of the chimney be sure to install treatment facilities for wells, because. in these places, soot accumulates most often.
  9. Be careful, that would be when the masonry stove bricks are not in contact with furnace casting. These places are necessary to further protect, reeling on casting of asbestos cord.
  10. For masonry furnace use refractory brick, it is able to withstand temperatures above 1600onWith. Masonry stoves can be used red fire brick, which is able to maintain its physical properties at temperatures up to 850onWith.
  11. Do not experiment with the diameter chimney, the size of the furnace and dimensions of the furnace-heater. All sizes should be chosen according to common standards.
  12. If next to a brick oven are wood elements (for example, finish interior baths with lining Board), it is necessary to treat protective antiseptic, which will not only prevent wood rot, but also protects it from spontaneous combustion.
  13. And most importantly, what should I say – don't decide for a laying of brick furnaces with his own hands, if you have no experience in this matter. Remember, "miser pays twice", so if your oven is incorrectly built, the specialist will take several times more money on its renovation.

That's all, we wanted to tell you about that, how to implement masonry brick oven for bath with his hands! I hope, what of this article you have learned many new things and self-laying of the furnace will be more casual event!

Simple technology of a laying of a brick oven with his own hands
The gradual laying a brick oven for bath
Highlights of masonry brick oven with his own hands
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