Technology of installation of heating system tracks your hands

One of the most troublesome work in the country in the winter is clearing snow-covered garden paths, as well as breaking of the formed ice on the front porch or across the track. These activities are carried out not only for a comfortable travel within the, but in order, to protect yourself from serious injury, associated with falling on slippery surfaces. Scientific progress does not stand still and today there are many devices and systems, which replace manual labor. One such system is a heating system for garden paths, which we now discuss.

Advantages of the heating system tracks

Подогрев садовых дорожек

Heating garden paths

The system of automatic heating paths represents the coordinated work of the heating part and the control panel, which occurs due to heating garden paths, which entails the melting of snow and ice. This system is easy to install with their hands and has a small cost, therefore, in recent years it has risen the demand.

The main advantages of the heating system paths are:

  • Replacement of manual labor by automatic system (all, what you need to do is set the parameters and click start button).
  • Gates and doors open without interference, no matter what the weather outside
  • Increased durability garden paths
  • A quick process of removing snow and ice from the coating

Of course, before without problems coped, not using heating systems, and applying these methods:

  • Use snowthrower. By the way this option is also good, because. snowthrower inexpensive, effectively doing its job, moreover, it can be easily done by hand.
  • Sanding icy walkways with salt or sand.
  • A conventional snow shovel

But still in the courtyard the 21st century and the application of new technologies makes our lives much easier, allowing more time to rest, therefore, we recommend that you install a heating system for garden paths.

The heating track has a simple scheme and consists of the heating part, distribution of part and control system.

The heating part is elektrobezopasen mats or cable, which have high strength and resistance to weather conditions. Through them heats up the garden path, and the snow starts to melt.

The control part connects the heating part with a control system. To the control portion include fastening elements for cable, junction box, data cable, power cable etc.

The control system represents the starting and protective equipment, the sensors measure temperature and humidity in the street, as well as various thermostats and controllers for convenience and functioning of the entire system.

Installation of heated walkways with their hands

The heated tracks can be mounted anywhere in the garden, where required to clear snow banks. Special requirements to the surface, which will be mounted on the heating system (power cables) no, it is possible to lay the heating part, as the old surface, and additionally created a sand or gravel cushion.

Монтаж системы подогрева дорожек своими руками

Installation of heated walkways with their hands

If the heating element you choose cables, they need especially to lay: snake, creating a certain distance between cables, which is set based on the calculated power per square meter of surface (you can choose another unit area). Fix the cables to the surface, it is customary to use a special mounting tape.

To reduce energy consumption for heating system tracks, it is necessary to reduce the power consumption of this system. This can be easily done, additionally having built over heating a small layer of insulating material. A requirement for the laying of thermal insulation is in compliance with safety, which requires you to create a small distance between the heating element and insulation (usually kept a distance of about 3-5 cm). As a protective layer it is recommended to use either a pillow of sand, or concrete screed. The insulating layer also needs to be covered, using a concrete screed or sand cushion (to further protect the material from atmospheric precipitation and mechanical damage). This pillow can be used as a final coating, and prepared the area under paving tiles or other material for paving.

Помимо дорожки можно сделать подогрев заезда под машину

In addition to paths can be done-in heater under the car

As you can see, installation of heating system garden paths with his hands is a simple operation, which will not take much time. The only caveat, we do not recommend you to put the heating system on tracks, is, what is required to correctly calculate the power consumption of the system. From this indicator will depend on many, from the heating element and finishing equipment control and run the whole system. If you use the help of experts, which will take for not much money, you will ensure not only a quality heating system tracks, but reduced monthly energy consumption for the system, because. the wizard will select the optimal equipment and a step of installation of cables, based on the climatic conditions in your region. If you install the heating system tracks your hands, there is a probability, the equipment (which is not worth so little) there is wrong, and the system will operate in idle or busy mode, and that puts the safety to doubt. Therefore, we strongly suggest you take the help of specialized firms, after all, as you know, "miser pays twice".

The good thing about the heated garden paths?

In addition to the above advantages of heating system tracks, I would like to add a few important benefits of this know-how, you want to allocate separately.

Ступеньки так же можно сделать с подогревом

Steps can also be heated

So, as for the durability of the heating system of the paths in the garden, it should be noted, when installing this equipment warranty on the heating element (cable or mats) is 10 years, and sensors (which we now talk) have guarantee 5 years each. As you can see, the heating system at the official level has a great warranty, as for her life, the manufacturers claim, the heating system can work up to 50 years in compliance with the safety rules, installation and operation.

Another advantage of the heating system, to reflect upon, it is the automation system for the equipment. The automation system allows to reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, and to carry out its work in automatic mode.

In the construction of modern country houses, the system of automatic heating tracks are used with other systems to enhance comfort when staying (for example, technology "smart light").

Automatic heating tracks consists of a plurality of sensors, which signal serves to control the temperature, soil, and about the humidity of the external environment. All of these sensors in General are a miniature weather station, which monitors weather conditions in the country and instantly sends a signal to switch on the heating during the formation of ice or mounds of snow on sidewalks.

As you can see, automatic heating system on tracks, it's not only enhanced comfort, but the reduction of energy consumption, slightly reduce the thickness of your wallet.

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