Technology installation and repair of asphalt at the dacha with his hands

Garden paths should not only have a beautiful appearance, but to have high strength, that would be able to move the truck with building materials etc. Today there is a wide range of materials for paving, but most of them have a high price. That is why it is often best to asphalt garden path, after all, asphalt is one of the cheapest building materials. About, how to asphalt the track, read more!
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The advantage of asphalt paths

Speaking about the pavement, just want to say about that, this material has more disadvantages, than benefits relative to the country site.

Асфальтирование дачного участка

Paving suburban area

Asphalt coating has a few major advantages – cheapness, high strength, simple creation technology and versatility. Often choose asphalt only, he has the lowest price, in comparison with such materials for paving garden paths, as paving slabs, pavers, the decking, natural stone etc.

The disadvantages of this pavement are very important factors, to know about landscape garden design. Among most significant faults you doing:

  1. In hot weather the asphalt evaporates and exposes the human organism to the influence of harmful substances. In addition, the odor itself will not allow rich to relax in the garden, what we need.
  2. Asphalt coating is not practically has decorative ability, therefore, to decorate the plot, it does not fit, but on the contrary, worsen the situation. Paved roads almost do not fit in garden styles, what is also very bad. The only exception – colored asphalt, to which are added various pigments, so the cover can be not only the usual gray color, but green, pink, blue etc.
  3. When poor-quality laying of asphalt is rapidly destroyed in the winter: water gets into the cracks, freezes, and when razmechtalsya destroys the coating.
  4. During the heat melts the asphalt.

As you can see, disadvantages of asphalt surfaces outweighed the benefits, but, despite this, paths made of asphalt, it is recommended to build on the functional nodes of the garden: for example, between garage and joblocom. It is strictly forbidden to build paved roads close recreation areas, because of the harm asphalt.

How to put the asphalt with their hands?

In order, to put asphalt on the dacha with his hands is necessary to carefully prepare the terrain, know the technology of laying of asphalt and to have at least an improvised hand roller for asphalt.

You should immediately draw your attention to the fact, what to make the asphalt very hard, because. it is necessary to heat the bitumen, mix it with crushed stone and additives and know the correct proportions. As the asphalt is not expensive, it is best to order ready mix at the plant for the repair of roads. In this case, you will not lose a lot of money, for the asphalt will bring you directly to the place of installation in hot, will be only to quickly flatten it, compacted and compacted.

So, move closer to work!

Prepare area for paving

First mark out the boundaries of the future paths of asphalt. At this point, it is necessary to remove a layer of soil (not less than 30 cm, it all depends on the purpose of the track) and take care, that would close to future tracks were not tree roots, otherwise soon they will begin to destroy the asphalt. If the roots are, their vyrobime axe. Then around the perimeter track installed curbs, which will be the borders. The role of the curb is not only the prevention of the spread of asphalt, but also decorative function. That would install curbs dig a small trench level and put them on the grout in the trench. To create a smooth border pulls the rope from the beginning to the end sides of the track and orientirueshsya on the rope. As border you can use the bricks, stacked not only on the side face, but nakos.

Подготовка местности под асфальтирование

Prepare area for paving

Then proceed to create a pillow under the asphalt. The bottom of the trench for the tracks carefully stamped, put the first layer of gravel (thick 10-15 cm, the fraction of large) and, again, stamps. On top of this layer fall asleep, another layer of gravel, but only smaller fractions, the layer thickness of not more 10 cm. Well, last layer – sand, about 5-10 cm. Once the cushion is created, fill it with water and, using carefully roll the rink.

In order, what would the water not going on the paved path, make a small drain: track build angle 1-2 degrees and obzavedites her small drainages, directing the flow of water into the soil.

Laying of new asphalt

As we said earlier, asphalt is advisable to order at the factory. After, as the asphalt will be delivered to your site, you should immediately proceed to its installation, because the cement hardens quickly.

Укладка  нового асфальта

Laying of new asphalt

First, we break down the asphalt with a shovel over the entire area of the track, making uniform filling. Further, using the MOP engine, even out the asphalt on the entire track, while in the pit zakidyvaya asphalt, and the hill levelling. You should pay attention to, what is the minimum thickness of asphalt shall be not less than 5 cm to ensure the strength garden paths, therefore, it is necessary to comply with this requirement.

As mentioned earlier, the asphalt hardens quickly, therefore, to create a track better to invite a few helpers, what would the process be carried out faster.

As soon as the part of the track is planned, take manual the rink and begin to roll the cut, while the rest plan on track.

A mandatory requirement: before you ride the track, lubricate with diesel fuel skating rink, what would the asphalt did not stick to it and the track was perfectly smooth. Diesel fuel can also be greased shovel, that would be easier to throw asphalt on the track.

When working with roller you need to slowly move at the same, performing only rectilinear motion (reversing is prohibited). During pressing will be seams at the joints between the lines, that would take them away must be rolling in across the seams.

In any case, do not leave the rink on the track after work.

For quality rolling rink to stand up for the border track to not less than 10 cm.

If the weight of the rink, not enough for a good rolling track, you can ask one of the assistants to come to the rink frame, then the weight will increase.

Video lesson of asphalt with their hands

More details you can see the process of laying asphalt on this video:

1 stage
2 stage

Laying asphalt on old paint

If you decide to lay asphalt on the ground, and on the old asphalt coating or concrete screed, the process of preparation of the area will change. Instead of a pillow from rubble and sand you just need to fix old paint. For this we need to rid the surface of dirt and various debris, if there are small cracks, they must be extended manually, that would be in the future, they are tightly huddled asphalt.

Then around the perimeter of the future garden paths it is necessary to pour the molten bitumen and using the MOP engine to smear bitumen on the strip by 50 cm (not less). Throughout the length of track necessary to make a transverse of the bituminous strip in increments of half a meter and then create the asphalt track with their hands on the technology, the above.

How to repair the asphalt track?

Even if you are efficiently laid asphalt with their hands, track all sooner or later will begin to break down. Often the most destructive factors are:

  • The asphalt started to melt in hot weather
  • Cracks in winter, exposed to water and when thawed, thus destroying the coating
  • On the asphalt track drove heavy machinery, on which is this track

To repair asphalt covering with your hands it is recommended to use cold asphalt, which is allowed to be placed even at low temperatures (sub-zero).

Than cover broken asphalt?

If a paved track is completely destroyed and is not suitable for repair, it is necessary to correct this situation. There are two ways to repair broken asphalt paths:

  1. To remove the asphalt and re-pave
  2. On top of the asphalt to lay paving slabs or pour concrete screed

As for the first method, all construction firms, engaged in repair of roads, be sure to clean broken asphalt, re-create the bed of gravel and sand compacted and a new asphalt coating. Inconspicuous for the garden paths the process will be difficult and not cost beneficial.

It is advisable to sleep on top of the asphalt layer of sand (not less than 5 cm), fill it with water and begin paving paving. About, how to pave a garden path of paving slabs we have said in this article.

Another option is to pour over the top of asphalt concrete screed. This is the easiest option, but at the same time, a concrete path will not be the ideal complement of garden décor, unlike the tracks of paving tiles.

It all, I would like to tell you about, how to lay asphalt with their hands, as well as to repair or replace. I hope, our article will help you in creating the paved roads with their hands!

1 stage
2 stage
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