The technology of building of the baths of cinder block with your hands

Cinder block has the dubious distinction of popularity for the construction of baths. On the one hand, cinder blocks are inexpensive and have a high heat capacity, on the other hand the material is toxic and highly absorbent. Despite this, if to take additional measures for the protection of the cinder block, bath of this material will last a long time without harm to human body! Next, we consider, how to make cinder block, and bath of this material!
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How to make cinder block?

Баня из шлакоблоков своими руками

Bath of cinder blocks with their hands

Cinder block is a mixture of concrete and mortar filler. As filler there may be gravel, clay baby, crushed stone, slag and even brick fight. Cinder block can be made very, and you can purchase a ready-made product. In the latter case, the dimensions of the cinder block are 390*190*188 mm. If you do a cinder block, dimensions can be loved, so sometimes the event is more preferable.

In order, to make a cinder block with their hands will require special vibrating table and the mold.

The mold can be made of boards or metal sheets. As the first, and the second option is a good, it all depends on your preferences. It is desirable to create a mold collapsible, rather than a monolithic, what would the process of drawing the finished cinder block was more simple.

With regard to of, if you are going to make a big bath, and in the future plan and other garden buildings made of cinder block, it is recommended to buy ready-made vibrating table. You can also make a vibrating table with their hands, using asynchronous motor, 4 springs and a thick sheet of plywood, but in this case the efficiency of the product may be insufficient.

You can also make cinder blocks without the use of, but in this case the density, and therefore the toughness will be lower.

So, the ratio of materials in the mixture for the manufacture of cinder blocks should be as follows:

  • 7 parts of the filler
  • 2 part of gravel
  • 2 part of the coarse clay and sand
  • 1,5 part of the cement (it is necessary to use cement of mark M500)

As for water, its quantity has to be definitely on the eyes. Usually the solution is poured about 3 parts water. To check if there is enough water in the solution must have some solution in hand, compress and unclench the fist. If formed a lump, need to throw it on the ground, ideally, the clump should crumble.

Готовый шлакоблок

The finished cinder block

As a solution we will need a lot of for the manufacture of cinder blocks to the box baths, it is recommended to pre-purchase the mixer, or make it with your hands.

Now cut to the pouring of the solution. First, the molds are lubricated with oil, that would be a cinder block in the future, well behind the cookie cutters. Further, the mold is filled with the prepared solution, half molds. Then in each of the cells of molds, you need to install two glass bottles (as shown in figure).

The purpose of the bottles – creating a blank space in the cinder block. This empty space is necessary in order, that would increase the heat and sound insulation properties of a bath of cinder block.

Once the bottles are installed, pour the rest of the concrete mix and wait for, while it hardens (it usually takes a few hours).

After, as a solution to grab, you need to gently pull the bottle from the molds and wash it for reuse.

The cinder block is allowed to be removed from the molds through 24 hours, during this time, the solution will harden in order, that would products can be obtained without damage to the geometry of the cinder block.

The mold then needs to be washed and re-oiled before re-use.

In order, what would the process of creating cinder blocks for the bath was more simple, it is recommended to use multiple molds.

Blocks after they are created, must stand at least a month before the construction of baths. Better to leave them under the open sky for a year, that would be all toxic substances are completely eroded from cinder block.

Please note an important caveat: when buying ready-made cinder blocks you should demand from the seller a certificate stating, what sold the material does not emit harmful substances. Even if such certificate has, we still recommend the purchased units to leave for a year, because. the temperature in the bath reaches 80-100onC and at this temperature the release of harmful substances is more intense.

How to build a bath of cinder block?

In order, what would you more efficient to take all the information, we break the construction technology of a bath of cinder block on the main stages.

Stage 1- The construction of the Foundation

Ленточный фундамент под баню

Strip Foundation under the bath

This step is recommended at the same time, while the self-made blocks will freeze. Just over a month to prepare the ground, to dig a pit and pour a Foundation, then give it brew for a few weeks.

Cinder blocks are porous material, weight they are much lighter than brick, therefore, for the construction of a bath of cinder block can be used as tape, and columnar the Foundation.

The main requirement to the base – its height above the ground shall not be less than 0,5 meters. This is due to the fact, the cinder block absorbs moisture, resulting fast breaks. Raised Foundation prevent contact of slag with water, which will increase the service life of the bath.

After, as the Foundation hardens, it needs to be waterproofing. It is recommended to use hot bitumen and roofing felt.

Stage 2 – Walls

Technology masonry walls of cinder block is pretty simple and reminiscent of the masonry walls of brick and aerated concrete.

To ensure that you could clearly see the process of laying cinder block, provide you this video:

Masonry walls of cinder block

It should be noted, during the construction of bathhouses of cinder block, through each 3 number of a laying it is necessary to lay rebar, thick 12 mm, to further strengthen the construction of baths.

Stage 3 – Create floor, the ceiling and roof

After, as the design of a bath of cinder block will be fully built, proceed to complete the construction of the boxes baths.

At this stage, you pour a concrete floor and insulate it clay cushion. Then on top of the concrete screed to carry out the laying ceramic tile. Some gardeners placed over the concrete screed, wooden ladder. We do not recommend you to use this idea, because. in high humidity the wood quickly rot.

Then carry out the installation of ceiling. To do this, read in this article.

Last but not least, to create a truss system and close the roof. On technology of creation of the roof in the bath we have said. Roofing material for the construction of bathhouses of cinder block can be a corrugated sheet or slate. During the construction of the ceiling and roof in the bath it is necessary to carry out hydro-, paro- and insulation baths.

For this purpose, the inner wall of the cinder block is fixed to the wooden frame of the timber 50*50 mm. Step of installation of the vertical beams of the frame – 60 cm. Between the beams it is necessary to lay mineral wool, over which is stretched the foil material is vapor baths.

Please note that, all lumber must be treated protective antiseptic, which will not only prevent wood rot, but spontaneous combustion, what is relevant in the bath.

Stage 4 – Interior finish bath

As soon as the foil material is attached to a wooden crate, create another wooden frame, it is designed to provide ventilation between the vapor barrier and interior trim interior baths. In this case, the wooden frame can be made of timber, section 50*30mm.

As interior finishes it is recommended to use lining, which will give the Russian bath healing woody scent.

Stage 5- External finish bath

The outer wall of the bath to be thermally insulated from the adverse action of atmospheric precipitation. This cinder block is recommended 2 layer plaster, then sew siding or to impose a decorative brick.

Bath from cinder block: photo + projects

We offer photo examples of bathhouses of cinder block:

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Masonry walls of cinder block
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