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Flower garden is the place on the land, planted with ornamental plants. The shapes and sizes of flower garden different and depend on the imagination and preferences of the owners. Suburban area, decorated with a flower garden, will give the site uniqueness and brightly complement the landscape design. About, how to decorate garden area with flower bed we now discuss!

The most popular forms of flower beds

To date, the design of the flower garden on a country site it is not only one of the bases, who should know the grower, but an art, which brings regular income to the designers of the landscape garden plot. In this regard, over a long period of time was invented many dozens of shapes of flower beds, the most popular of which are the following:

Flower bed. This flower bed is the traditional and most popular. The main symptom of beds – regular geometrical shape (round, rectangle, rhombus, square), a small hill compared to garden paths and additional decoration small architectural forms. Flowerbeds can perfectly complement any garden style and fit in a garden plot of any size.

Цветочная клумба

Flower bed

Border. This form of a flower bed is a rectangle, a width to 60 cm, which are perennials. A border of flowers will be a good replacement of conventional, brick border, which often contribut beds. Very often the curb is used for zoning of suburban area (the separation of the Playground from the recreation area, etc.)

Бордюр из цветов

A border of flowers

Ridges. This type of flower this is, in fact, the same flowerbed, but only placed near the fence, houses or other garden buildings.



Vases with flowers. This form of flower is one of the most interesting and functional. The advantage of landscaping with vases with flowers is, that they can decorate the place, not having land cover: terrace, gazebos, patio etc. The advantage of pots is the fact, that they can be easily moved from place to place, thereby making adjustments to the layout of the site.

Вазоны с цветами

Vases with flowers

Mixborders. This type of flower garden presents a harmonious "mix" colors, ornamental shrubs and trees, which is chosen so, what would a flower garden decorated the area throughout the year. The structure of mixborders consists of low-growing plants, planted in front flower bed, which smoothly to decorative trees, planted in the background. Typically, the mixed borders represent an oblong irregular shape of the flower bed.



A decorative vegetable garden. Is a harmonious composition of vegetables and flowers, planted in the form of a pattern. Positive effect on appetite of children for agricultural work, it is a decorative vegetable garden, which need watering, fertilize and collect.

Декоративный огород

A decorative vegetable garden

Flower garden in country style or country flower garden. To create it you will need to bring relief to abandoned carts, rusty machine, motorcycle with sidecar or a small boat. All you need is to place the required place, to fall asleep in it soil with fertilizer and plant flowers. Optional, capacity for additional colors to process antiseptic and painted in bright paint, but better to just open the device with varnish and leave abandoned, old look.

Цветник в сельском стиле

Flower garden in country style

Rockery. Another form of the flower garden, which will draw an original garden plot. Bright representative of the rockery is the Alpine slide. The advantage of rockeries for its uniqueness and the fact, plants for rockeries can take root in the most difficult conditions.



Flower clock. Is a flower garden, which not only is made in the form of classic watches, but and opens/closes at a certain time of day (by special color matching). Very often the flower draws in the flower clock on the territory of squares and parks.

Цветочные часы

Flower clock

Rosary. The flower bed in the form of the rosary is a part, green only representatives of the Queen of flowers – rose. Color, the shape and size it is recommended to select different, creating a mixborders. The advantage of the rosary is incredibly attractive design, the ability of roses, but the drawback is the moodiness of this plant species, in this connection, it is necessary to use additional measures to care for them.



Requirements for the placement of the flower bed at the cottage

Before, how to go to instructions for creating a flower garden with their hands, necessary to determine, where is it that you want to place the flower beds and flower beds at their summer cottage. Gardeners with experience recommended to adhere to the following requirements for placement of a flower bed:

  1. The place should be on the front area of the garden: along the main avenues, opposite the entrance to the apartment building, bath, summer kitchen, rest area etc.
  2. In order, what would the flowers are not damaged by gusts of wind, place a bed on the South side. The most inappropriate place is the North-Eastern side, because. it is characterized by constant drafts.
  3. Use sunlight wisely: territory, constantly lit by sunlight, will lead to charring and burning of the plants, and the shadow will contribute to the emergence of fungal diseases, the weakening of colors and a change in their shape (plants will try to reach for the light). It is best to place the flower beds with the same, southern or South-Eastern part, acceptable for normal functioning of the flower garden.
  4. Do not place flower beds in areas with excess moisture, because. most flowers do not tolerate high humidity and die.
  5. Place for a flower garden should contribute to the smooth glaze and the rest kind of care (you have to take care of, that there was next to the compost pile, tap water, the place of storage of garden equipment etc.)
  6. Flowers should be selected on the basis of soil composition. For example, roses do not tolerate sandy, and especially clay soils, they are comfortable with humus and loam.
  7. Plant the flower garden must be combined among themselves in all respects: colors should be correctly matched, if the flower is created all-season, a plant needs to replace each other, but constantly blossom.

Instructions for flowerbed decoration with your own hands

The most unique kind of flower garden you can create, using only their imagination and creative thinking, because. exactly the same flower beds in this case can not happen. If you dream of a summer cottage, complemented by a bright flower garden, but there is no time or design skills to create the sketch, you can always use the Internet and browse the existing photo examples flower garden with his own hands. Slightly below we will provide you the most impressive works of the designers, now move on to the steps of a flower garden with their hands.

Step 1 –Prepare the place for the flower garden

Once you decide on the size of the flower bed, make the appropriate thumbnail and choose a seat for the flower garden, next, proceed to the preparation of this site. First mark out the territory, for this we use wooden stakes and rope.

Further marked exempt area from garden waste, align territory, if required and remove the 15-20-cm soil layer.

As usual, in the excavated pit we stamp the soil and create a drainage layer of pebbles, gravel and sand.

Then you need to create a fence for flower garden. To do this, use masonry, the fence of a wooden fence or natural stone.

At the end of this stage, the remaining space inside the "pit" is filled up with soil and leave the future flower in 1-2 weeks, what would he stand.

Step 2 – The choice of the plant world flower garden

While the flower stand can not waste time and proceed to the choice of plants to create their hands flower bed.

The first thing you should become familiar with the requirements, requirements for plants, they are:

  • Plants must be suitable to each other in terms of colors. In order, that would determine the colors of the plants, you need to decide, what will emphasize a flower bed: if is the emphasis on the General background of estate – use cool colors colors, if it is underlining the General pattern flower garden – use hot tones, etc. It must be remembered, the combination of all the plants in the garden need to create the overall color, which will give the flower an unusual appearance. Plant height is one of the most important indicators of the attractiveness and harmony of the flower bed. On the basis of, how to host a flower garden, choose a suitable location of plants of different height, for example, if it's a flowerbed in the middle of the garden, tall plants should be in the center, and undersized on the sides of the flower bed. If it ridges, in the background you want to place decorative trees, and in front of low-growing plants.
  • The density of the flower also affects the productivity growth of plants and the longevity of the flower garden. Not allowed too close placement of plants among themselves and at the same time Seating at a great distance from each other. In this case it is necessary to find, the so-called "Golden mean".
  • Well, as mentioned above, plants to decorate the flower garden all year round, it is necessary to choose flowers with different period of their blossoming and withering away.

After, as you are familiar with these requirements and will make certain conclusions, need to visit the store, specializing in the sale of flowers and to consult with the sellers, as for your flower garden.

The most popular plants for the flower garden are:

  • The basis of the composition: decorative fir, Daisy, TUI, peonies, roses, snowdrops.
  • Annuals, decorating the outline of the flower bed: petunias, nasturtiums, calendula, marigolds etc.
  • Ornamental shrubs: briar, lilac, honeysuckle, Berberis vulgaris etc.

In General, for that would reveal all the nuances of choosing plants for the flower garden, you must create an appropriate article, we will definitely please you, but this article is a little on the other.

Now for the final step – the nuances of caring for a flower garden.

Step 3 – Care of the flower garden

Plant care involves careful watering, dressing, weeding from weeds and treatment, if you need it.

Most capricious for flower beds your hands are roses, because. they require meticulous care in the preparation of the plants for the new season.

Each plant on its own is harmful and requires regular work in the garden.

After the flower garden will be created, plants must be fertilized with mineral and organic plants.

In order, what would the flowers can have moisture in moderation, it is recommended to create a drip irrigation.

In the winter many plants will require additional insulation from frost, to do this, create a seasonal greenhouse.

Creating a flower garden, care should be taken, what would this area was not weed, otherwise their removal will bring a lot of trouble.

Photo examples flower garden at the dacha with his hands

After reading all the information on the flowerbed decoration with your own hands, to sum up the last chord and will inspire you to create it with photo examples. All below are flower gardens were created by designers, engaged in this business for years, so if you are unable to achieve a similar result, do not worry, because it all comes with time.

Wish you patience and creative ideas on decorating your garden and recommend you to read the article how to decorate a suburban area with decorative gravel!

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