How to make a bath of sleepers with their hands?

The most popular and at the same time, an expensive material for the construction of baths is the house. Seldom who from gardeners can restartitis for the construction of the bath log and brick, because. the construction requires a lot of time and money. Cheap and durable option of a bath – a bath of sleepers. About the benefits, the shortcomings and characteristics of the construction of a bath of sleepers with his hands we'll talk further!

The advantages and disadvantages of a bath of sleepers

Баня из шпал своими руками

Bath of sleepers with their hands

Sleepers are timber, treated with a special protective agent – creosote. This tool is a poisonous antiseptic, which, actually, and increases the service life of sleepers, preventing the decay of material.

Sleepers used in the construction of the railway and can be written off to production for various reasons (for example, over the lifetime). Typically, these sleepers most gardeners are used in the construction of private country houses, one of which is bath from sleepers.

The advantages of a bath from the next sleepers:

  • Because of the cheapness of sleepers the cost of construction of the bath is low
  • Easy installation bath
  • High durability construction (service life up to 20 years)
  • High-speed operation in the construction of at least 2 workers (not necessarily that it was a wizard)

As you can see, the main advantage of a bath of sleepers is cheapness and speed of erection of buildings.

As for the disadvantages of a bath of sleepers, the most important disadvantage is the harm of baths because of the peculiar smell of creosote. When heated the baths from inside or outside the creosote begins to secrete impurities, thereby impairing the comfort of being in a bath of sleepers. Despite this, for many years, gardeners still use the construction of the baths of sleepers with their hands.

How to choose sleepers for bath?

Шпалы для бани

Sleepers for the bath

Before moving to the technology of construction of a bath of ties their hands to pay attention to the proper selection of building material.

As you know, the majority of vacationers are choosing used railway sleepers, discontinued, although there are new sleepers. The reason, you prefer used sleepers for the construction of baths, is, this option is cheaper, and do sleepers for 10-12 years of service almost completely weathered harmful creosote.

As for the number of sleepers for the construction of baths with their hands, it is necessary to purchase not less than 100 pieces.

Please note that, very often gardeners buy "a pig in a poke": truhlyi sleepers, which the inside had rotted. If bath build of these sleepers, through 2-3 season the construction will fail completely and your money and efforts will be simply thrown to the wind.

That would not be wrong in the integrity of used sleepers should before purchasing a tap it with a hammer. A dull sound will let you know, that tie is still intact and will serve you for at least 15-20 years.

Please note that, the construction of the baths of sleepers with their hands has a lot of negative reviews. Despite the fact, what distributors sleepers talking about, that sleepers already not emit an unpleasant odor, and with the good insulation of the walls of the discomfort you will not hear, the owners of the baths of sleepers claim, that odor is impossible to remove even after several seasons, and with the good insulation of walls and ceiling.

The technology of building of the baths of sleepers with their hands

So, you have purchased more 100 as much as sleepers, now go to the construction of baths with their hands. For starters, that laying sleepers are a technology, similar to laying frame.

Based on the project of a bath, prepare the area and pour the Foundation. Experts recommend to build columnar Foundation for a bath, we're supporters of a more reliable – strip Foundation.

Фундамент для бани из шпал

The Foundation for the bath of sleepers

Once the Foundation hardens, done waterproofing. For this concrete were coated with molten bitumen mastic, on top of which two layers of plank roofing.

Next, stack the first row of sleepers. Pay attention to the fact, what sleepers should be laid on the slats, that will prevent contact of the lower crown to the Foundation. Sleepers among themselves to be tied up with Shipov connection, the lower crown can not be fastened to the Foundation (the bottom ties under the weight of the bath is not "play"). After, as the lower crown will be placed, the gap between the Foundation and sleepers, it is recommended to blow out foam.

Строительство бани из шпал

The construction of the baths sleepers

On top of the first wreath is placed a heater. The material for insulation can serve as jute, moss, oakum and other materials for caulk log. On top of the insulation to be laid the remaining wreaths on the entire height of the bath. As in the previous case, the crowns are attached by the method of "thorn-groove", but it is recommended to use a dowel connection (two opposite sides of each of the sleepers cut peg holes – metal plates, which will hold the sleepers). Please note that, the spikes and other fasteners need to be cut accurately, not the eyes, otherwise, the whole room of sleepers will have gaps and distortions. It should also be note, the crowns need to put, using a plumb-line and level of construction, all sleepers should be laid horizontally.

It should be noted an important feature of the construction of a bath of sleepers with their hands: the main thing, what if the internal wall was perfectly smooth, if external parties will be uneven, they can be hidden behind siding, or other finishing material.

Внешняя отделка постройки из шпал

Exterior finish built from sleepers

As for Windows and doors in the box of the bath sleepers, data elements should "punch" after installing all the crowns. Making the technological holes for Windows and doors in the bath of sleepers at the stage of laying the wreaths is a very time consuming process. Best to gather the crowns, and then using chainsaw carefully cut the rectangles calculated under doors and Windows.

Вырезаем отверстия под двери в бане из шпал

Cut openings for doors in the bath of sleepers

Once all the wreaths will be laid, it is necessary to block the roof and insulate wall, floor, the ceiling. It is recommended to perform the pre-konopatkoy baths of sleepers with their hands, then leave the building for a year for full shrinkage sleepers. After sleepers usaget, returning to the completion of the baths: it remains only to carry out secondary konopatku sleepers, decorate the interior of the baths, install all equipment and enjoy a welcome rest!

Завершение строительства короба бани из шпал

The completion of the boxes of a bath of sleepers

That's the whole technology of the construction of the baths of sleepers with their hands! As you can see, the technology is fairly simple and does not require increased material costs and the work of specialists. Despite this, we recommend to use for the construction of the bath brick, frame or foam. Bath of these materials will be more durable, and most importantly, comfortable and safe

Photo examples of self-made baths of sleepers

Here's how it looks bath made of cross ties, hand made:

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