How to make a concrete path at the dacha with his hands?

Sometimes you want with minimal expense to create a unique and easy garden path in the summer cottage. In addition, all the usual, the garden path of paving slabs and natural stone, often have to use regular concrete paths, which is additionally decorated with various decorative accessories. Now we will talk about, how to make concrete garden path with his hands.

The advantage of the concrete tracks in the country

Бетонная дорожка на даче

Concrete track in the country

Concrete is one of the most popular materials. The main advantage of concrete, as material for the construction, is this:

  • High durability and strength material
  • The simplicity of creating concrete structures, including tracks
  • The cheapness of the material
  • High resistance to adverse weather conditions (moisture, frost resistance, etc.)

Because of their high strength properties and ease of manufacture of concrete and mortar, this material is often used in the construction business, in particular for the construction of foundations (tape, columnar, pile etc.).

Виды бетонных дорожек

Types of concrete walkways

As for the garden paths, the merit of the concrete in, he's able to withstand the mechanical loads, which will go to the track, and will last for decades, with this unique decorating garden area (if you really want it).

Without the participation of creative thinking plain concrete track beneficial to those, which with minimal expense can to improve the comfort of travel between certain, little knots of HOMESTEAD area (for example, in the backyard from garage the chicken coop either hozblok).

Another advantage of the concrete of the garden path is, that it is quite simple to make your own hands, while not attracting the help of experts and professional instruments and equipment.

The benefits of concrete garden paths that, that you can easily make a curving track, you only need to build a suitable formwork.

As to the decorative function of concrete garden paths, it should be noted, what if during the preparation of the concrete mix is added to a mixture of different color pigments, the track can be not only gray, but yellow, pink, green, originally complementing the flowerbeds and hedges. As for ornaments, concrete garden paths you can use natural stone, the mosaic tiles etc. All that is needed is to put the jewelry into the solution, after its solidification within 2-3 hours.

Украшение бетонной дорожки

Decoration concrete paths

The technology of creating concrete paths with their hands

Before, how to proceed to create concrete paths with their hands, you need to get the following materials and tools:

  • Concrete
  • Sand (better river)
  • Water
  • Valve rods (it is better to choose rebar A3 width 12 mm)
  • Materials for formwork (boards or sheets of plywood)
  • Shovel
  • Trowel
  • Kirk
  • Capacity, where will be mixed solution (will fit trough)
  • Bucket
  • Roofing material
  • Elements of decor concrete paths (natural stone, tiles, etc.)

In order to make durable concrete path in the garden with his own hands, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Mark out the boundaries of future tracks. For this we use wooden stakes and rope.
  2. On the marked area, remove the layer of sod (about 5 cm). The bottom of the trench must be perfectly smooth. If the bayonet does not work with a shovel to remove the soil (a lot of stones or other obstacles) use a pick.
  3. At the bottom laid the roofing material (better 2 layer). What would the path in the future is not settled, before you put the roofing material, the bottom is recommended to tile a concrete screed or flat stones (only in this case, the trench must be deeper than the thickness of the stone). The purpose of roofing material – to protect the paths from erosion.
  4. Construct formwork around the perimeter of the track. With the external side of the back Board reinforcement rods.
  5. Start kneading solution. In a tub fill it with concrete and sand in the ratio 1:2. The dry mixture is thoroughly mixed with a shovel and a smooth consistency slowly add water, until a mortar is formed, density reminiscent of sour cream.
  6. For convenience, the solution is poured into a bucket and carry to the place of pouring. Trowel to put mortar in the hole, evenly distributed over the entire area of the track to the top. Don't forget, the surface is poured concrete that is the walkway, so try to make it perfectly smooth.
  7. Once the solution a bit to grab (after a couple of hours), to decorate walkways with mosaic tile or flat natural stones.
  8. Later 2-3 day's shoot down the formwork and in a week can enjoy walks along the concrete garden path, hand made.

That's the whole technology of creating concrete garden paths their hands. Please note that, in hot weather, to prevent cracking of the concrete paths, which is still not frozen, it is recommended several times a day to moisten it with cold water.

Идея оригинальной бетонной дорожки на даче

The idea of the original concrete track in the country

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