Rose wilts from frost

Rose in the snow.

Rose in the snow.

For life in Siberia needs a strong character and good health. This applies not only to people, but and plants.

Criteria for the selection of colors for a site, located in the Northern latitudes, severe and adamant. And yet people cool regions successfully grow even the Queen of the garden – rose. The climate dictates and awakens horticultural ingenuity: developed many original method of hiding plants, tricks of farming, that will help to protect the fragile beauty.

Varieties of roses, who are not afraid of the cold

Late spring, short summer, the harsh winter – all of these conditions can sustain plants, which is zoned in local climate. Prozhivaenie – plants, grown in local nurseries. Second place is occupied by canadian varieties of roses, the climate of this country equally severe. This category of shrubs are very popular in the market there are many fakes, these plants from countries overseas it is better to buy from a reputable supplier. Grafted in Siberia varieties of roses are much easier to tolerate the cold, do not freeze. Rootstock, in this case, is the rose.

Grade "Rosarium Uetersen".

The Sort Of “Rosarium Uetersen”.

Rosarium Uetersen

Large-flowered climbing rose, it can grow, as the trunk. Flowers – dark pink, the sun gradually fade and become lighter. Flower size up to 12 cm, colder climate inflorescence smaller. Rosarium Uetersen – grade, resistant to fungal infections, blooms repeatedly. Stems powerful, not afraid of wind and frost. Rose can kill, if it is wrong to put her down for the winter, stems can be damaged from a poorly chosen direction of laying. Bush height up to three meters.


Continuously blooming German cultivar. Rose wakes up early, the flowers have color from salmon to bright orange, diameter – 10 cm. Drying flowers it is best to remove, this stimulates the plant to the formation of new kidney.

New Dawn

A descendant of American roses, blooms all season with pink buds with a pleasant aroma. Grade cold-resistant, unpretentious, barbed. Siberian gardeners, what plant lives under the motto "all will be lost, and I'll stay", it is able to grow in the most difficult conditions.

William Shakespeare 2000

The so-called varieties of English roses the new generation, grown well known breeder David Austin. The flowers were red, velvety, moving in a purple hue. The plant exudes a delicate fragrance, Bush height up to 110 cm. "William Shakespeare 2000" has a high immunity to fungal diseases.

Grade "Golden Celebration".

The Variety Is “Golden Celebration”.

Golden Celebration

An interesting feature is the large orange blossoms of the rose smell, like lemon caramel. They are planted close to the places of rest, to enjoy the marvelous aroma. The variety blooms twice, in the Northern latitudes grows up to five feet in height. Has a good immune system, looks good in mixed borders.

Planting climbing roses.

Planting climbing roses.

The choice of location for planting

Roses in cold latitudes it is better to plant on the South side: summer is so short, need to catch it, there. Fully open site, too unsafe, the heat from the flowers may fade. The best option – the penumbra, which is created by trees and shrubs. It is advisable to choose a high place, where the degree of soil freezing is not very big and there is high humidity, typical of the lowlands. Cold winds often blow from the North, the North-West, the North-East, these parties need protection in the form of coniferous hedges, gazebos, other buildings. The wall must be at some distance from Bush, in order not to shade the plant.

Rules of planting

For cold climates it is better to spring planting, it is carried out at the time, when the soil has warmed to 10 degrees. You can focus on the ubiquitous dandelions: if they flowered – planted roses. First planted grafted seedlings, the rose is not afraid of sudden cold, survive freezing. Other species – not before mid-may, we need to wait for a stable plus temperatures. The deadline 15 Jun. Rose needs to get stronger, trunk – to travelnet, otherwise the plant will go into winter weakened and can freeze solid.

  • The depth of the pit half a meter.
  • Purchased seedlings are placed in a solution of a growth stimulant for a few hours.
  • Roots over 20 cm is better to shorten, to stimulate the growth of lateral roots.
  • With the surface part to remove the wax, branches little pruning.
  • The fit should be slightly recessed.

Floribunda, tea or English varieties are better planted so, to the site of inoculation was seven or eight inches below the ground level, climbing roses can be sunk up to 12 – 15 cm. Such landing is not necessarily thoroughly to cover.

When planting the roots a little bit straightened so, to go from the top down, this will assist in the planting mound. After seeding the roots of Bush hill to a height of 15 cm. In the Northern regions fresh planting shielding non-woven material, to save them from night frosts.

Cover nonwoven material.

Cover nonwoven material.

Siberian ways of hiding

Each seedling shelter waterproof material, protect young plants from moisture, turning into ice.

Tying roses for the winter.

Tying roses for the winter.


  • The snow blanket. A good way of hiding – throwing snow on each Bush. Under this "blanket" is always stable temperature.
  • The frame of the arcs. For the installation of shelters use plastic arc, cross over and put on the rose, Bush poured half the dry earth, foliage, covered with spunbond, spread on top of the film so, so she was covered and part of the soil. Edge sprinkle the ground. The film should be slightly open, the plants did not vybrali.
  • House. Constructed from polycarbonate, two pieces which are held together by twine. Top – spunbond and film. The ends are open, close them in the cold.
  • Plastic buckets. Spud bushes to a height of 20 cm, insulated fir branches, cover with plastic buckets. Spruce deters mice.
Shelter spruce branches.

Shelter spruce branches.

Early spring roses it is recommended to water Appin, to Wake up the plants. They will respond with gratitude and delight the grower fragrant and plentiful blooms during the short Northern summer.

Photos varieties of roses and their shelter for the winter

Video about shelters to rosary

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