The creation of a wooden Foundation with his own hands with the installation of piles and wooden strip Foundation.

The wooden foundations were very popular in the past centuries, he is now replaced by more durable and long lasting – concrete and reinforced concrete foundations. Despite this, even now, a wooden Foundation is willing to use gardeners and there are good reasons, which we now discuss. Next, we consider the essence of the wooden Foundation, its benefits, deficiencies and instructions for creating your own hands.

The advantages and disadvantages of wood foundations

Деревянный фундамент своими руками

Wooden Foundation with his own hands

Before proceeding to the enumeration of advantages and disadvantages of wooden Foundation, you should still understand, what I decided to do a wooden Foundation with his own hands and for some buildings it is good.

Wooden Foundation it is recommended to erect light wooden constructions. The reason for this narrow scope of application is relatively weak bearing capacity of wood and a small life Foundation. Today, a wooden Foundation is the basis for such garden buildings, as:

As you can see, all of the above buildings do not have a high weight, and not a living room, therefore, it is for them to create a wooden Foundation with his own hands.

Based on this, I think, what did you understand, that high-rise buildings, of premises and, for example, capital garage on a wooden Foundation to build is strictly prohibited.

The advantages of the wooden Foundation are:

  • The simplicity of construction of the Foundation
  • No need in the experts
  • The cheapest type of Foundation
  • Does not require special equipment
  • Wood is susceptible to deformation, so the Foundation is able to withstand a substantial loads in tension and bending
  • Wood is the material heat capacity, therefore, heat loss from buildings will be minimal

The disadvantages of this Foundation is the short lifetime and weak bearing capacity of wooden logs.

As for the method of construction of wooden Foundation, the most convenient would be the construction of pile Foundation, or the laying of wooden sleepers, which will be a wooden strip Foundation.

Protection of wooden Foundation

As mentioned earlier, a huge drawback of wood is the short life span of the structure (max 30 years, and then the quality processing).

Защита древесины - залог долговечности

Wood protection – the key to longevity

If the tree is not processed before installation into the soil, the rot it will start after the first winter and through 2-3 year, the Foundation will become unfit for use. Just draw your attention to the fact, after construction of the Foundation no treatment will not help, it must be done in advance, when the material is only prepared for installation.

One caveat – the Foundation repair is very difficult and time consuming work, which requires substantial material costs, therefore, it is better not to take the money and do a thorough wood processing.

In order, that would save money on wood, not buying expensive branded protective equipment, you can use old-fashioned methods of protecting wood, namely:

  1. The charring of the logs. First, the log is debarked (barked), after that, the torch will char the bottom of, which will enter the soil. You should pay attention to, what wood can not be too char, otherwise it will lose its strength properties.
  2. The smearing of the logs., lubricating oil, and molten bitumen. This version of the protection tree is pretty good and does not require substantial material costs.
  3. Wrapping the sheets of roofing material. The roofing material is high-quality waterproofing, therefore its use would be appropriate. In order, that would increase the protective effect, you can first coat the timber with bitumen and immediately wrap in several layers of roofing material.
  4. Another, at first glance, a simple method is to use wood, harvested in winter. Winter logs are better able to resist atmospheric agents, so, less susceptible to the process of decay.

In addition to these methods of protection should be noted about the types of wood, recommended. The most durable, so, durable varieties of timber are pine, spruce, oak, fir, larch and beech, poet they need to opt.

Also it is necessary still to draw your attention to the "made" preparations for the protection of wood, called antiseptics. Their use allows not only to protect the wood from rotting, but also protects from spontaneous combustion and other unpleasant influences of nature.

Well, last option protection, this application logs, provided by the manufacturers. As a rule, the logs are processed antiseptic, which pressure applied to the wood surface. With this technology antiseptic extends up to the kernel tree, compared with the, the hand treatment protects only the first 3-4 mm logs.

Well, actually, and all you need to know about protection of wood of the Foundation, now we should talk about the main issue of this article: "How to make a wooden Foundation with his own hands?".

The creation of a wooden Foundation with his own hands

Wooden foundations can be build in two ways: first (more reliable) – installation of piles, second – laying the wooden sleepers. Now let's look at both methods.

The creation of the Foundation with wooden piles

Pile Foundation is a creation of curtopassi trenches over the entire area of the future building (on the primary node) and installation in the trench logs. The basic units, which should be the log is the external corners of buildings, as well as the junction and the intersection of internal walls.

Создание фундамента на деревянных сваях

The creation of the Foundation with wooden piles

All common nuances of creating pile Foundation you can read the relevant article.

As for wooden pile Foundation, it has few special requirements:

  1. The corner piles should consist of logs not less than 30 cm in diameter
  2. The auxiliary pile is allowed to create logs 15-20 cm in diameter
  3. In order, what would the beam not pressed into the soil under the action of loads buildings, you must create at the bottom of the trench a drainage layer of gravel and sand or make a trench 15 cm deep, pour these 15 cm concrete solution and firmly planting it in the log.
  4. The logs must be installed below the depth of freezing (for our region depth is 1 m, so log set on 1,5 m down).
  5. It is also necessary that the log out above ground level on 30 cm, the grillage.
  6. That would make the Foundation more sturdy, on the top cut logs create a spike, and on the horizontal beam, which will go on top of the logs, create a hole, in this case, it will shipovoe connection.
  7. What would the beam have not been pushing the ground while her razmerenija/freezing, you first need to envelop the pile in PVC film, which will create a smaller coefficient of friction between the soil and log.
  8. After finishing the installation of wooden piles, the pit is recommended to not fill up with clay and black earth, and sand or gravel, which will allow water to drain down faster, thereby reducing the negative impact of the water on a log.
  9. As soon as piles cure, create the foundations and start to build up walls of buildings.

We have provided the option of creating a wooden Foundation with his own hands, using pile Foundation type. Now let's create a wooden strip Foundation.

The creation of the wooden strip Foundation with his own hands

In order to create a strip Foundation with his own hands, using wood, you must first see General principles of creation strip Foundation, which are set out in the relevant article.

After studying all the nuances, go to the selection of the material. It is best to use old wooden sleepers, a wide range which can be seen in some DIY stores. The most advisable to use old railway sleepers, having a cross-section 20*20 cm.

Создание деревянного ленточного фундамента своими руками

The creation of the wooden strip Foundation with his own hands

So, go to the technology building. The first step is creating a drawing of the future Foundation, prepare the area, mark it and dig trenches.

The depth of the trench shall be such, I'd like to create a drainage layer (about 20 cm) and install the tie, which would not protrude beyond the surface of the earth (too 20 cm). Total trench shall not be less than 40 cm deep, if the sleepers will be laid in a single row.

You can also lay wooden sleepers in 3, and then 4 number, but in this case it is necessary to fasten together (each). For fastening the sleepers drilled holes (not less than 13 mm diameter) and installed reinforcing bars (12 mm) the entire thickness of the sleepers and more, what would the rods entered the ground.

In addition, ties must be fixed on the corners. For this purpose, the connection in the grooves, created with a hammer and chisel, hacksaw or chainsaw.

This type of Foundation is suitable for building greenhouses and other light garden buildings.

The advantage of timber sleepers is the ease of installation, the relative cheapness of the material and long life.

On the downside, it should be noted, what railroad ties are treated with special preservatives, to prolong their lifespan, but at the same time poison the soil. Therefore, if you use sleepers to create a wooden Foundation with his own hands, you must understand that this material will negatively affect the quality of groundwater (if they are not too deep) and fauna outside the building.

That's all I wanted to tell you about, how to create a wooden Foundation with his own hands. As you can see, the technology is fairly simple and requires no special construction skills, so it makes sense to save money and do everything with your hands!

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