Choose berry bushes for the garden

Growing berry bushes

Growing berry bushes in the garden has a lot of advantages, namely:

  • Shrubs complement the beautifully landscaped area
  • Berries have a lot of useful properties, so they cook compotes and jams
  • Berry bushes are well proven, as hedge
  • Plant care is not complicated and will not take You much time
Выращивание ягодных кустарников в саду

Growing berry bushes in the garden

Based on all this, growing berry bushes is justified by the event. Now we will consider the most appropriate shrubs for the garden.

Berry bushes for the garden

In this article, we consider the tall shrubs, which can be used as hedges at their summer cottage.


Barberry is a berry Bush, the fruits of which are widely used in folk medicine, and as various ingredients for compotes and jams.

The height of the barberry can be from 1 to 2 meters, therefore, as hedges to use it effectively.

In addition, that the shrubs of barberry fruit useful berries, so also the plant itself looks very attractive.

Today, there are more 70 varieties of this plant, each hive has its own color, the color and size of berries.

The leaves of barberry bushes can be presented Magenta, white, purple, Golden or pink tinge.

Often barberry bushes bloom closer to the summer, and the berries appear in early autumn.

It should be noted, that barberry can brighten even a winter garden, its Burgundy berries.

We offer to Your attention a few good reasons, why you should grow a barberry at his dacha:

  1. The plant is quite unpretentious (you only need to apply seasonal pruning)
  2. Barberry can be grown in poorly fertile soil
  3. Shrubs frost- and drought-resistant
  4. Barberry quickly grows
  5. A hedge of barberry to decorate the garden, as winter, and summer


The second berry Bush, which we would like to talk, is blueberries. This plant has many varieties, but for the garden you must choose the blueberry Coville.

Its advantages are as follows:

  • The plant requires no special care
  • Blueberry fruit is very tasty and is used in the preparation of jams and compotes
  • Blueberries Coville decorates a suburban area on preteenie all year
  • Plant height can reach up to 2 meters, so it can be used as a hedge in the country

If we consider more berry bushes blueberries, it may be noted, this plant throughout the year changes its color. In the early spring of blueberries represented in light green shrub with large flowers of white color. By the summer of blueberries is saturated with bright green colors, and instead of flowers you can see beautiful berries blue color.

It should be noted, what berries blueberries have a blue color, but because of the small glaucous coating on the berries, under sunlight it seems, the plant has bluish fruit.

In early autumn, the blueberry has the most interesting appearance. The leaves begin to wither and painted in bright red tones, visually creating a burning hedge.

As for the care of blueberries, then all You need, this is to properly prepare the soil before planting. It is recommended to create for a young seedling potting mix special, consisting of 1 part rotted manure, 1 parts of clean sand and 4 parts of the peat. If You do it right, in the future, the blueberries will not require special measures to care.


One of the most popular berry bushes for hedges is japonica. The fruit has many beneficial properties, besides being used as flavoring room (quince has a persistent aroma).

Garden, which will grow japonica, will be a good place to stay .

The advantage of this plant in the following:

  • Plant low (1,5 meter), but can be shielded from prying eyes the area
  • Japonica can plant trees and shrubs in Your garden for 70 years
  • This berry shrub for the garden is not exposed to harm insects
  • The plant has a dozen different varieties, which is the difference in the shape and color of leaves.
  • Japonica is a hardy shrub for hedges
  • Beautiful quince bushes decorate the landscape design throughout the year
  • Not picky about organic fertilizers, and seasonal pruning

Speaking about the decoration of the garden, it should be noted, in spring the quince painted in red and pink shades, which are caused by the blooming flowers. Closer to the summer start to grow leaves, you can watch the bright green hedge. With the beginning of autumn quince fruits appear yellowish-red hue, which adorn the plant before winter.


Honeysuckle is edible as well suited as berry bushes for the garden. She plays well the role of hedges and gives very tasty fruits.

Plant throughout the season changes its color. By the end of spring bushes adorned with yellow flowers. Throughout the summer hilomast represented by dark green shrubs, having blue-black fruits.

The benefits of honeysuckle, as berry bushes, are as follows:

  • Useful properties of honeysuckle ispolzuyutsya in folk medicine (the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, of gastritis etc.)
  • Shrub height can reach 2 meters, which is enough to create high hedges
  • Honeysuckle is a hardy plant (undemanding to soil, frost resistant and shade tolerant)
  • Not picky about seasonal pruning
  • A good Supplement to the landscape design of the suburban area

The main disadvantage of edible honeysuckle is the inability to drought, it is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the watering of plants.

That's all, I would like to tell You about berry bushes for the garden. We also recommend you to see the rules of care of hedges!

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