Ground cover plants – garden carpet

Ground cover plants in the garden.

Ground cover plants in the garden.

Groundcover perennials not only have outstanding ornamental qualities, but preventing the growth of weeds and drying out the soil. The plants are undemanding, do not require special care, excellent grow and develop in the shade and in the sun. The root system of these species grows in breadth, not the depth, the result is a picturesque carpet, it is especially beautiful during flowering.

Povorotnyi and garden design

Garden plants of this type are represented as perennials, and vines, onion, herbaceous, low shrubs. They can be used to draw the background for Alpine, planted in rockeries, they look good along the tracks, in combination with other flowers in the flowerbeds.



For open, vast areas suitable rodgersia. In small areas looks cute carnation, lilies of the valley, varieties of Sedum, other miniature plants.

Advice from experienced gardeners:

  • perennial groundcover flowers of different species is better to plant groups, to color the leaves, inflorescence, the shape and height of contrast between them;
  • plants of the same species look good, planted as a border of a flower bed or large groups in the form of "carpet";
  • when planting is necessary to consider, that povorotnyi grow rapidly in width, are connected to form a single array;
  • the population needs to be controlled, if there are no plans, so she took the whole territory.
Ground cover plants in garden design.

Ground cover plants in garden design.

Care povorotami simple: every year the plants weed, and soil mulching. At the end of the summer season, remove dead and lost the beauty of the leaves and shoots. In a particularly frequent feeding "live carpet" does not need.

The best varieties of groundcover perennials

Sedum or stonecrop

A perennial plant, resistant to drought, there are different types of, which can be combined. Stonecrop is suitable for a rock garden. It can be planted on a bed, lawn, the pot, used to create rockeries. Beautiful Sedum subshrub with red or pink flowers, in combination with greens or in solitary plantings along the tracks, on gravel.

Sedum or stonecrop.

Sedum or stonecrop.

Sempervivum or rejuvenated

Plant with a rosette, look like a real rose, consists of dense leaves. Flowers beauty not inferior to the leaves of the original inflorescence with pink or purple flowers. Especially interesting young looks in pots.



Plots with small flowers or a picturesque mossy plants hummocks – all this saxifrage. The name of the plant speaks for itself, lovely blossoms enliven rock gardens. The most famous and popular types of saxifrage:

  • colaris;
  • saxifrage-young;
  • cotyledon;
  • Saxifraga lush;
  • Saxifraga mossy plants.



Povorotny subshrub shape with delicate dainty flowers. The flowers can be white, red and pink color, diameter – 3 cm, Terry or half Terry. Pinnate carnation is more like a web. Flower good in single crop, in the gravel garden, among crushed stone and gravel, on the sand, in rock gardens. The plant likes sun and moist soil.

Carnation pinnate.

Carnation pinnate.


Aromatic herbs not only allow you to cook delicious and healthy tea, but also decorate the garden. The most famous culture:

  • mint;
  • Melissa;
  • rosemary;
  • oregano;
  • sage.

All of these types of plants have decorative leaves, beautiful in bloom, look good along the track and in the flower bed. Especially beautiful sage, its high "arrows" will decorate the garden in bright area.



Barvinok small and large

Blossoms, able to grow in one place, forms a carpet of fine leaves and pale blue flowers. Breeders bred varieties with red, crimson and pink flowers. Can grow on rocky soil, in the shadows. From periwinkle to create a beautiful ridges, to decorate the ground under trees and along paths.

Big periwinkle – shrub, the flowers have a larger, reach 5 cm in diameter. The plant looks good in the plantings at the fence and along the trails.

Periwinkle large.

Periwinkle large.


Meadow tea is another name for loosestrife mint, it can be used as a basket or groundcover. The bushes of loosestrife form a beautiful composition, decorate track, flower bed, rock garden.

Meadow tea - loosestrife.

Meadow tea – loosestrife.

Groundcover species of juniper

The bushes juniper, planted in the center or at the corners of the beds, will give it an exotic touch. Creeping species of this coniferous plant can be used as podvorotnya. "Lying" juniper looks good in the company TUI and other conifers, and planted in splendid isolation. Green carpet beautiful shades gray stones.

Juniper prostrate.

Juniper prostrate.

Even this limited list of groundcover perennials can create a great garden areas for relaxation and contemplation.

Each gardener has his own preferences and his understanding of beauty. Planting material, sold in specialty stores, allows you to make your site unique.

Photo groundcover

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