Roses in autumn: getting ready for winter

Rose in the garden.

Rose in the garden.

September is the crucial period from the owners rosaries. Many varieties have already passed the flowering period, it's time to start preparing for winter. A list of the operations you can fit in three words: pruning, transplant, shelter.

The site already has the article is about pruning and ways shelter rose bushes, focus on fall work, which are no less important for normal functioning of plants.

Dressing, preparation of planting holes

Phosphorus-potassium fertilizers

In September, the bushes need to be fed. Abundant summer flowering was taken from plants a lot of nutrients, you must restore the lost balance, to strengthen the branches and roots. Fertilizing is carried out by soil application of granules or ready-made solutions, a specialty store can be purchased separately potash and phosphate fertilizers. They stop the growth, will accelerate the lignification of the shoots, to improve the robustness of the bushes to frost.

For fall feeding of fertilizer in the granules is preferable, they are absorbed immediately, but gradually, this process does not customize the culture to the rapid maturation. In the composition of feeding should not contain nitrogen, this substance affects vegetation, increasing the amount of green mass, in the autumn of this sudden "push" can only hurt. Nitrogen fertilizer can cause the emergence of new, young shoots, they exhausted the Bush and will significantly increase the risk of death of all plants during cold weather. The green branches will die from the first frost, the process can spread to the rest of the roses.

Lignifications of shoots can serve as topping. In a week after feeding the tops of the branches need to trimmed with a sharp shears, to remove the growing point.

Watering seedlings.

Watering seedlings.


In early autumn drying the flowers continue to cut, along with this suspend work on watering and soil loosening, new roots in such conditions cease to give the increase. The underground part of the plant needs to ripen, in order to successfully survive winter. There are cases, when almost all the shoots freeze, but only one sleeping buds Bush revives. To a miracle happened, need healthy, powerful and Mature roots.

Soil preparation for planting

In the middle of the first month of autumn comes time to prepare the land for young plantings in the spring. You need to choose the right place for the future of the rosary, pegs to mark the future position of each Bush. It is important to consider the size of plants in the adult state, strong thickening will not give roses normally bloom and grow. In the thickets often appear and feel fungal infections, weak ventilation will contribute to the yellowing, foliage will begin to crumble. Too rare landing possible luxuriant growth of weeds, the earth will be very hot and dry under direct sunlight.

English rose garden.

English rose garden.

To choose the best placement of plants, better to focus on the following figures:

If you plan on planting shrubs as part of the composition, you must allow space between them for other plants, to be able to do shelter for the winter without prejudice to other cultures. Fertile land in the area can be used in the composition of the soil mixture, the exhausted soil it is better to move to another place in the garden. The depth of planting pits depends on the following indicators:

  • if the soil in your chosen location, refreshed, and early on it did not grow, the soil, removed from the hole, can be used to prepare the mixture for planting;
  • if the ground is imported, it is a hole dug in the rose garden for the length of the roots plus 15 cm;
  • width of the hole, half a meter;
  • on clay and sandy soils create deeper pits – up to 70 cm.
Stalk of roses.

Stalk of roses.

Prepare the desired volume of potting soil, depending on the number of pits. On each plant will take about two buckets of earth. The mixture is best done in the following proportions: into two parts fertile soil to take part (bucket) sand, the same peat, part humus, podcasti weathered clay, part sod land. To this composition add two cups of bone meal, ash, dolomite and 100 g complete fertilizer for roses. Components are thoroughly mixed, easier to do it on a sheet of film or sheet, then the structure falls apart in the pits for planting. Bone meal can be found in a specialty store gardening topics. If it is not, it is the right product you can find in pet store, it can be sold as part of the diet of animals.

Landing, transplanting young plants

Autumn care of roses in October can be traced to the works, applied to young plants, their planting and transplanting. Also in the pre-winter month is garbage, dead foliage. Mature plants are free from leaves and young branches, so they did not take food from the underground part. It's time to prepare for winter. The planting of young roses is as follows:

  • bought with open root system of the seedlings the day before planting are soaked in water with the addition of biostimulant;
  • before planting the Bush and remove the leaves, not ripe and damaged branches, shorten the aerial shoots, Bush height not to exceed 35 cm, higher instances not tolerate the winter;
  • inspect the roots, the rotten parts are removed, long, over 30 cm, shorten;
  • if it is below the vaccination place is the buds – they need to remove, this wild growth;
  • shrubs sprayed for disinfection iron sulphate.

Planting a young Bush:

  • Before the conduct of the procedure, the roots are dipped in a mixture of clay and mullein, after down in the hole.
  • Each hole should be a mound of soil mix.
  • The plant set on a hill, the roots are straightened at the sides of the "roller coaster". The roots cannot turn up, they should be sent down.
  • The vaccination site should be 5 cm below the soil level, have climbing roses – 7 – 10 cm.
  • When planting keep the seedling with one hand, and the other fill up the ground and immediately compacted.
  • After planting, the soil additionally trample down feet, well watered.
  • After absorption of moisture bushes Spud to a height of 20 cm.
Planting of seedling roses.

Planting of seedling roses.

In late October, the climbing varieties of roses are removed from vertical structures and bends to the ground. This must be done before the frost, later the branches become less pliable, can break.

Preparing for winter

November – the time of completion of care for garden roses. It is necessary before the cold weather make shelter, buy used lutrasil or any other non-woven material, to bring spruce spruce branches.

Photos of roses, planted in the garden or on the plot

Video about the proper planting of roses

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