A brief overview of the most popular shrubs for the garden and summer house

Planting a garden is the most important component of landscape design area. The importance of plants in the design of the villas, you can feel, passing on city streets – gray concrete walls and asphalt just needs rest in a green garden. One of the most popular plants for the decoration of garden shrubs are. In this article, we will briefly consider the most popular types of shrubs, which can be original and useful to build a cottage and a garden.

What shrubs to choose for a small garden?

As the bushes are known for their small height and big width, the owners of small suburban areas it is necessary to choose smaller shrubs, what would they have fit into the tiny garden. The most appropriate shrubs for the garden are:

Forsythia is one of the most early-flowering shrubs, which pleases their yellow and light green colors at the beginning of spring, when all the other shrubs and trees are still quite bare. Forsythia has a small size, so ideal for small gardens.



Another option is a low shrub garden rhododendron Japanese, which has a wide range of colors and can be combined well with other plants in the garden.

Рододендрон японский

Rhododendron Japanese

In order, that would continue the relay of flowering shrubs in a small garden, it is recommended to use a siren, which begins to bloom closer to the summer.



In the summer, vividly complement the composition of a blooming garden kolkwitzia, which will give the country a pleasant aroma.



In order, what would the little garden bloomed in the autumn, it is recommended to place within its limits, different kinds of hibiscus, the color range which varies from bright white to purple.



Oh, and, what would a garden is not complete without decorative equipment plants in winter, it is recommended to add to the range of plant dwarf spruce or arborvitae.

Карликовая ель

Dwarf spruce

What shrubs to select for a large garden?

In this case it is possible to use any bushes, and planting them not only alone, but in mixed borders, green hedges etc.

What would, again, shrubs in the garden delighted us all year round, it is necessary to choose a combination, ensure the blossoming of one group of shrubs at the moment, when others will have to finish the flowering period. Bring to your attention the types of shrubs, which bloom in a certain season:

  • Spring: all the same forsythia, Japanese quince, Spiraea, queria, almonds, Saskatoon canadian, Daphne (with care, because. it is very toxic) other.
  • Summer: barberry, hydrangea, compendium, weigela, mock orange, sumac etc.
  • Autumn: hydrangea, Heather, Rowan (which in the winter just never ceases to please paint their fruit), briar, cotoneaster, hawthorn, etc.

The most popular perennial shrubs

There is a very wide assortment of perennial shrubs, which can vividly complement the garden on a country site, but the most popular and attractive are the following 4 plants:

  • Japanese quince
  • Weigela
  • Jasmine
  • Hydrangea
  • Hibiscus

They all have bright color, which rose higher on the ladder of popularity, than their counterparts, and able complications tolerate temperatures.

For example, japonica is widely used in landscaping for landscaping empty lawns, rock garden and live fences. Her bright red-orange leaves insanely beautifully complement the decor of the garden and draw attention to themselves.

Айва японская


Weigela, it is also used for the arrangement of the Alpine slide. Ornamental shrub weigela is widely used in Japanese gardens and can complement almost any garden style. Color weigela may be different, but the most popular and enjoyable is pink.



Jasmine. The advantage of this shrub for the garden is not only its beautiful white color, but in the pleasant smell, which the plant, flooding the entire garden plot.



Hydrangea is an ornamental shrub, having not only an attractive appearance, but the original form of the inflorescence, which make the plant infinitely beautiful. The advantage of hydrangeas is their simplicity in placement on the dacha.



Hibiscus is reminiscent of a Chinese rose. With hibiscus, it is customary to arrange hedges, thus making them in the summer, a real masterpiece of garden decor, painted in various colors.

Еще один пример гибискуса

Another example of hibiscus

Photo garden decoration with perennial shrubs

Bring to your attention the most vivid examples of the design of the garden plot with perennial shrubs:

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