Best veil plants

Landscape design: cuff along the track.

Landscape design: cuff along the track.

Every flower needs the lightness. Tie in a single composition luxury flowers help delicate veil plants, which are so often used in floristry.

Live lace – one of the modern trends of landscape design.

Plants-partners of the compositions more varied, give them a well-known charm and texture, support create artistic effects. "Calico" beds, ridges create a living luxury carpet, natural fabric which accentuate the merits of the "soloists". Lace in addition need the daylilies and herbaceous peonies, Echinacea and large Lily. Partners for these crops – Gaura, gypsophila, verbena bonarka, Astra serdtselistny, Rue. Peony will lose half its charm, if there be with him the cuff. The beauty of foxtail and peristediinae emphasize Gaura of Lindheimer. Garden ferns will look quite different in the company hosts or lungwort.

Gypsophila in the garden.

Gypsophila in the garden.

Most popular culture


Lush and massive plant is not afraid of competition for natural resources with any perennials. Rounded curled leaves create the perfect backdrop for white and pink blossoms. Plant height – up to half a meter.


Breeders bred the tall and dwarf varieties, foam lace creates a light pink and white flowers, highlighting the beauty of daylilies and lilies. Among the tall varieties of the popular "Flamingo" and "Bristol Fairy", among low – "Compact Captivity" and "Rosenmeyer".

Serdtselistny Astra

Flowers-daisies, tiny and touching, dot thin stems. Romantic and beautiful Aster forms a kind of "cloud", the tale comes to the garden in the fall, in September and October. Culture-companion almost irreplaceable, there is a little veil of plants, which bloom so late. Astra serdtselistny best combined with shrub roses, delicate colors.

Bedstraw fragrant

Culture is not only charming fragrance, tiny stars effectively highlights the feathery leaves. Veil of partner is most clearly complements the planting of the fern family.

Bedstraw fragrant.

Bedstraw fragrant.

Verbena Buenos Aires

Exotic guest reaches one meter in height, lace blossoms add to the beauty of the Queen of the garden – roses. Particularly impressive plant emphasizes large flowers with warm white and any color. Perennial blooms from July to October, the harsh winters can not stand. Vervain in the mid-latitudes are grown, as annuals, in winter the plants can be dug up and transferred to storage in a dark place, as is usually the case with other cultures. In may, the planting material is re-transferred to the flower garden. Fishnet veil this garden of culture will highlight the beauty of the garden Dahlia.

Flax perennial

The plant is fairly aggressive, spreads by self-seeding. His role – veil partner for plants with cool colors. Blooms all summer, grows well on Sunny and warm site. The height of the len – 30 to 70 cm.

Flax perennial.

Flax perennial.

Gaura Of Lindheimer

Bloom culture, since summer until autumn frosts. Different varieties of differently colored, possess varying degrees of hardiness. In the winter of Gaura in need of shelter. The most popular varieties are "Willing Butterflys" with white flowers, "Sisku pink". The plant makes air, soaring, clumps of cereal, sets off the unusual shape of the blossoms, for example, korostovychi Macedonian.

Katran serdtselistny

One of the best perennials. Lush green plants almost hide lace small cream flowers. It blooms between June to July, decorate planting garden beautiful giants.

Rue Diptera

Culture can not boast the same growth, as Katran, but he is elegant and graceful. Weightless shoots, Columbine grow between the flowers of Echinacea, roses, daylily. Perennial likes partial shade areas with a nutritious and moist soil.

Beautiful garden composition are not an endless pile of one plant variety to another, and thoughtful techniques, when planting organically complement each other.

Photo veil cultures

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