How to care for plants and seedlings in the home garden

The presence of a green corner in your home will bring you great pleasure and happiness.. Plants always help people to distract and relax.

The smell of freshly cut vegetables, refreshing breeze, hair splitting, beautiful view of flowering plants of shrubs, trees, colors – all this and much more you will get, если у вас дома есть ухоженный сад.

But watch, how your plants wither and die, can be a nasty sight. Fortunately, there are certain useful tips and tricks, which you can use, to keep your plants healthy and thriving. If you grow plants, then these tips and tricks will help you in caring for your flowering and green garden.

Choose the right plants

Очень важно найти идеальный вариант для вашего сада. Choose plants, flowers and trees according to the climate, where you are. Не подходящие – не задерживаются в саду надолго. Understand the requirements of plants, прежде чем выращивать их в своем саду – сколько часов солнечного света им нужно, amount of water, soil type, fertilizers, etc.. d. Once you meet all their needs, they will thrive in your garden and please the eye, and possibly bear fruit.

Watering (balance, it's the key)

Excessive watering, as well as underfilling, may inhibit the growth of your greenery. Keep your plants hydrated, but keep an eye on that, so that they do not sink in the water. Excessive watering of plants can lead to their wilting and root rot. Water plants near the roots, not on the stem or leaves, to stimulate their growth. Reduce hydration in the cold autumn months and increase in the hot summer months.

For pots, use a saucer-stand. Allow your plants to soak the water from the saucer and remove the excess water after a few hours.. Always remember, watering greens, balance is the key.

Change isn't always good

Changing the environment is an absolute ban, if your plants are growing well in that place, где они находятся. Растения плохо приспосабливаются к изменяющимся условиям. Если вы планируете дать растению новый дом, делайте это постепенно. Дайте ему привыкнуть к новой среде, а затем оставьте его на своем последнем месте. Внезапное изменение может помешать росту вашего растения.

Prune plants, who need it

When you see any wilted yellow leaves, cut them off. Pruning your plants will promote their growth and help them look better.. Say goodbye to everything, that it turns yellow or stains appear on it. Wipe away the dust, sprinkling with water or gently wiping with a damp cloth, To make sure, that they get proper sunlight. A well-groomed plant always turns out to be healthy.

Buy proven seeds

Buy seeds from a reliable source. Some seeds do not germinate, do not grow because of their low quality. Finding the right seeds becomes the most important part of your garden journey – the success of your garden or its destruction depends on it..

You can buy quality seeds in the online store, they offer seedlings from their own nursery, with payment upon receipt during 5 days and careful packaging. Large selection of flower seedlings and fruit bushes.

Choosing a flower pot

Выбор горшка правильного размера для ваших растений поможет им хорошо расти. Крупное растение в маленьком контейнере никогда не будет хорошо расти. Корни растений свяжутся в горшке, и почва будет слишком быстро высыхать. When the roots begin to come out of the drainage holes and the plant begins to overgrow the pot., пришло время найти ему новый дом.

Give each green its own space to grow, putting them in separate containers. Large growing pots create a great home for plants. They provide air circulation and water drainage.

Keep track of bugs

Насекомые и болезни могут нарушить рост растений. Тля — это самые распространенные насекомые, which you can detect, hiding around and sneaking, чтобы питаться вашими драгоценными растениями. If you notice, that your plants are weakening, вылечите их натуральной смесью масла нима и мыльной воды. Опрыскивайте эту волшебную смесь время от времени и защищайте свои растения от вредителей и болезней.

Potted Compost Blend

Use a good potted compost or earth mixture for your plants. You can get a soil mixture from any local nursery or make it with your own hands., mixing an equal amount of red sand, organic compost and peat. Prepare loose textured soil, able to retain moisture. Keep the soil saturated with nutrients, adding organic compost, such as compost for tea, fruit peels, etc.. d. Healthy soil is the key to healthy plants.

A little attention and care will help the plants to show their maximum! Plant care can sometimes be a bit tricky., so check your greens regularly, to make sure of her health. Take quality seeds and start exercising with your green plants. Happy Gardening!

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