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A beautiful garden requires care, a significant investment of time and labor. Urban dwellers keen on the country, to relax in nature, in the company of friends and relatives. Change activities – the best holiday, beautiful flower garden, cultivated with their own hands – a nice addition to the surrounding landscape. Few people live in the country permanently, for such a regime of visits required low-maintenance plant varieties, that at least a few days able to do without his "owner". Hardy plants are no less attractive, than rare, requiring constant care.

Landscape design

To garden made a very pleasant impression, you must determine the measures for its beautification. It can be:

  • Lawns grass and Moorish. Classic turf requires a lot of care, especially the first time after landing. The remaining weeds are trying to regain living space, it will take some time, until they are defeated. Easier to use Moorish lawn or planting white clover. Such a station is not in need of a haircut and looks great.
  • Hedge. Coniferous and leafy trees are able to divide the garden into several zones. It is important to choose released varieties, such, who can do without the haircut.
  • Vertical gardening. Unsightly wall or fence can be hidden under the greens girlish grapes. Many growers planted hops, but this plant is too aggressive and is able to quickly braid large space. After some time it is difficult to control, hops can bring more harm, than good.
  • Flower plantings. Mixborders, beds, ridges, other types of flower beds will adorn any garden. The basis can be composed of undemanding perennials, a new and fresh look to flower beds will give annuals the seed type. Primroses delight the eye first, among them are not so much too touchy-feely plants.
Moorish lawn.

Moorish lawn.

Flowering shrubs will add a variety of artificial landscape, they can decorate and flower beds.



Vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening.

Undemanding perennials

When choosing perennials gardeners focus on the size of adult plants, group planting shall be in terms of flowering. Takes into account soil and light preferences. It is better to choose drought-resistant flowers, good tolerance to summer heat and freezing. Landing is better to have so, to high plants created the background for low or was the center of the composition, which is less tall culture diverge tiers or beams. Even inexperienced gardeners can afford to enjoy blooming perennials the following.

  • Host. The bells of this beautiful plant have white, purple and violet color. The foliage also differs with the variety and expressiveness, she is able to decorate a flower bed.
  • Peony blooms in late spring, it does not need frequent transplanting, and can grow in one place before 25 years.
  • Sedum or stonecrop – a small bushy plant, umbrellas flowers – hot pink, they decorate the garden in Chinese or Japanese style.
  • The bleeding heart, daylilies and astilba. All these plants – shade-tolerant. Shiny leaves and large delicate blossoms make the plant very attractive.
  • Aquilegia or the catchment. Blooms in may and June, the plant is undemanding, exquisitely.
  • Echinacea and rudbeckia like colored daisies. They decorate the land in summer and autumn. These perennials – tall, this should be considered in the preparation of landscape composition.
  • Primula blooms in early spring, does not need frequent transplanting, if necessary, a Bush seated.
  • Feverfew and garden Daisy. Chamomile is known to all self-propagates by rhizomes. Feverfew has a more vivid color.


The garden is decorated with flowering shrubs: Jasmine, hydrangea, Japanese quince, forsythia, Spiraea, lilac, buldenezh. For spring flower beds based on the difference in flowering periods it is better to choose Lupin, pechenocnuu, primrose, Lily of the valley and saxifrage. Summer bright blooms will delight tiarella, daylilies, Sedum and Stachys.



Undemanding annuals

Such plants are suitable for the formation of the carpet beds, including complex geometric patterns. Perennials grow over time, children of the same age and annually changing colours and accents, giving the planting a new attraction.

Popular types:

  • Nasturtium. Orange dressy gramophonic with rounded leaves looks very positive.
  • Petunia great for borders, flower beds, for the decoration of balconies.
  • Salvia loves the sun and moisture, she brighten your flower bed with red flowers.
  • Marigolds amazing variety and abundant long flowering. They can grow in the dry season and undemanding to the soil.
  • Calendula or marigolds – a good decoration for flower-beds and an excellent honey plant.
  • Astra and Erigeron. First – a unique autumn Queen, it resonates with long Erigeron and chrysanthemum.
Mixborders with undemanding plants.

Mixborders with undemanding plants.

Routine spring planting does not have to be tedious, it is better to choose the crop plants or buy seedlings ready.

Bulbous plants

Unpretentious flowers among these crops can play a role of the leader, they don't mind the shading, a lack of humidity increases the growth of the root system. Popular types:

  • Crocuses, daffodils, Muscari and hyacinths. Early flowering of culture, I'm afraid only the strong winds.
  • Tulips bloom in may and June. Breeders have created a large number of varieties, differing from each other in a variety of shapes and colors.
  • Lily bloom profusely, the variety of colors will allow to choose for planting the, what you need. After planting the plant not to disturb the three or four years, it would be better, if the top of the plant will be located in the sun, and the bottom – in the shadows.
  • Dahlias do not like strong wind, but I prefer adequate air circulation. Love the sun.
  • Gladiolus, according to legend, grew out of the sword of the Gladiator. Culture loves the sun, friable loam or sandy loam soil, abundant watering.


Proper planting and placement of the bulbs – the key to their normal development and flowering.

Biennial flowering plants

These species are also hardy and well established, even among inexperienced gardeners.

  • Forget-me-nots. The name of this modest flower in different languages has the same meaning. Early flowering makes the plant appropriate in any garden.
  • Daisy by their nature perennials, not afraid of frosts, but in the culture it is grown, as a biannual.
  • Garden violet, viola, Pansy – all is the name of one sweet flower, which nobody is left indifferent, they are just beautiful and romantic.
  • Turkish carnation is famous for its variety of colors and shades, it is long blooming and a great root in the gardens of the middle band.
Turkish carnation.

Turkish carnation.

Unassuming plants a lot, however, they all require at least a minimum attention from the gardener: weeding, watering, feeding. The obvious advantage of resistant plants do not need protection from diseases and pests, not afraid of them and winter cold.

Photo annual and perennial crops

Video about growing undemanding plants

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