Garden in modern style. Stylistic features of the design of the suburban area in the style of art Nouveau

Modern style, called also, as the art Nouveau, was a revolutionary discovery for Europe at the end 19 – early 20 century. Unlike the usual for that time of styles Baroque and classicism, modern found inspiration in nature. A characteristic feature of the art Nouveau style, are flowing lines and decorative elements, the unity of constructive and artistic start, as well as the use of new construction materials.

Сад в стиле модерн или арт-нувоWith regard to the use of modern garden style, it, despite the visual simplicity of style, an inexperienced gardener is unlikely to make the dream a reality. To give the garden plot "modernist flavor" is necessary the intervention of a specialist in the field of landscape design, which needs to have a sense of proportion and exquisite taste. What features of the creation garden decor in modern style there are what to pay close attention?

The unusual layout of the garden plot in modern style

На фото показаны особенности планировки сада в стиле модерн, как один из вариантов оформления.

The photo shows the unusual layout of the garden in modern style, as one of variants of design of the entire suburban area, or zagorodnogo home.

  1. Simplicity and smooth lines. The contours of all elements of the garden suburban area or a country house (tracks, flower beds, lawns, reservoirs), have a smooth bend. The expressiveness of lines and creates the right accents in the right places.
  2. The frequency of occurrence of decorative elements. You should choose the main element of garden decoration art Nouveau (for example, line of plants is repeated in the garden plot and the fence and the stained glass Windows).
  3. A small number of plants. Correct if you create a garden design in modern style (art Nouveau), experts use the rule "less, the better". This applies to plants, and small architectural forms. Everything should be in moderation and in harmony.
  4. The unity of the composition. Garden plot and the house have to be decorated in the same style art Nouveau, otherwise the composition will not be uniform and the General appearance of the plot will be ridiculous.
  5. The contrast of shapes and textures. All elements of the modernist garden on a country site, must be in contrast with each other (for example, lawn with tracks, light with shadow). Do not forget also about the contrast of colors.

The flora of modernist garden

Растительный мир модернистского сада

The photo is an example of the plant world modernist garden, art Nouveau.

As mentioned earlier, the number of plants in modernity should be kept to a minimum. This does not mean, their presence is excluded, but to overdo the diversity of plants on the dacha is not worth it, will be quite upsetting several groups of plants. Among the trees popular pine with crown zontikovidnoe, thuja, cypress. It is recommended to plant "native trees", such as: IVA, Linden, birch, ash, Rowan. Among the bushes it is possible to allocate roses, hydrangea rhododendron. Encouraged the planting of mixed borders in the form of a snake (border flower beds flow and wind). The flower beds are ideal symbols of modernity – irises, Maki, Lily, peonies, daffodils. "Pets" designers in garden modern style, considered pink and red hollyhocks, white Lily, primrose and Phlox. To give the garden a pleasant fragrance use violet, fragrant tobacco and mock orange. Also do not forget vines, decorate as fencing, and gazebos, the facade of the building. Among other climbing plants, the composition can be climbing roses, clematis, parthenocissus, hops, sweet peas etc.

The color palette of the art Nouveau

As for color combinations of all elements of decoration in the art Nouveau, it can be quite varied. The main thing that creates a bright composition, and not the predominance of one particular tone. Modern fit combination of white and pinkish-purple shade, or yellow with blue.

Small architectural forms for gardens modern style

На фото пример малой архитектурной формы для сада в стиле модерн - почти треугольный камень с круглым вырезом внутри.

The photo is an example of small architectural forms for gardens and suburban area, in modern style – almost triangular stone with round neck inside.

To start once again I remind you the rule: "Less, the better". Do not overdo it with the number of architectural forms in modern. The composition should be such, what if it was nothing, what can be removed. Benches, gazebos, lights and the fence you need to do with the use of forged metal, which issue typical of the art Nouveau style with floral ornament. In the garden will not prevent some silhouettes of birds, "mermaids", insects, which should be repeated on other elements of garden decor.

Садовая дорожка в стиле модерн

Photo garden path Islands in modern style, in a country dacha.

As for garden paths, they can be paved with the slabs of a certain geometric shape. Plates can smoothly change the contrast color, that will give the garden a more unique and harmonious. It is recommended to pour the garden paths of gravel or pebbles.

Remember, that art Nouveau is not allowed the sharp curves of the tracks. Because. favorite figure of modernity – a smooth arc, make your path in the form of a twisted arc and you must emphasize all the garden art Nouveau style, art Nouveau.

Very elegantly fit into the composition furniture and containers for flowers with simple shapes. Regarding the latter, namely, flowers in a modernist garden, the most suitable material for them is a concrete or terracotta.

Registration of reservoirs in modernity

The water reflects the surface at its surface. Composition art Nouveau has a lot of smooth lines, which are very will look spectacular in the "natural mirror" garden pond. As well you can use trickle, smoothly running on decorative stones, either fountain, which will create a festive atmosphere. It would be appropriate to create a small "neglect" of the pond with lilies-water lilies.

На фото пример оформления водоема в саду круглой формы, из камня и плитки, в стиле модерн.

In the photo example of the pond in the garden round shape, from stone and tile, art Nouveau.

На фото пример оформления водоема сада в стиле модерн.

In the photo example of the reservoir of the garden suburban area, in modern style.

What materials are needed for the design of the garden in modern style?

To date, hardware stores have a huge range of building materials to create a modernist garden. What would to pave a garden path you can use paving tiles, paving, garden flooring, natural and artificial stone. Color the color of the coating can be different, pastel plain starting and ending with bright ornaments. With the garden parquet, experienced designers landscape design, were able to visually soften the level changes of the terrain for art Nouveau, at their summer cottage.

Фото пример идеи оформления дизайна садового участка в стиле модерна

Photo is an example of the design ideas of garden design in the art Nouveau style.

Another photo is an example of the design ideas of garden design in the art Nouveau style

Another photo example ideas of design of the suburban area in the art Nouveau style.

Modern Landscape Design Ideas Inmyinterior

Modern Landscape Design Ideas Inmyinterior.

Ландшафтный стиль модерн в дизайне дачного участка

Landscape art Nouveau style in the design of the suburban area, or as they call this style art Nouveau.

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