Rhododendron: blurry landing

In the photo: blurry planting rhododendron in the garden.

In the photo: blurry planting rhododendron in the garden.

Rhododendrons in the current Millennium of rarity has become one of the most popular shrubs. The diversity of species and varieties of the handsome East is so great, that allows you to choose plants for every climate, for every taste and color. Cold-resistant varieties grow well at latitudes with severe weather conditions.

The most sophisticated of flowering shrubs has a rich palette of colors. One of the most effective ways to demonstrate – drop fuzzy group: several varieties with similar shades of one color, smoothly flowing into each other.

The color palette in the garden

What does "vague group"?

And large, and small rhododendrons are always very much stand out compared to other horticultural crops. This shrub is impossible to beat, Eclipse, he will always be the first, focuses on the attention and gives the impression of a soloist. The main advantage of culture – bright color explosion. Blurry fit similar to the picture, painted in watercolor, it enhances the beauty of every Bush, and is perceived, like a photograph from a magazine on gardening.

The layout and placement of

Fuzzy group is always front composition. In the first half of the summer season, nothing can outshine the pride of the collection of garden. Place the ensemble in the most conspicuous place, there, where he immediately catches the eye and it can be viewed from different sides. Options: on the background of the fence, sheared pine walls, on clearing of podvorotnya, grass lawn. Another advantage of the rhododendron – analysisall, it can be placed on the plot with the scattered light, next to deciduous and tall pine trees.

The minimum number of plants to a feathered landing – three-four. If you have the desire and the ability to not just group, and a whole bunch of game of tones and flashes of color – it is best to plant five or six shrubs or even more. Five or six bushes can be positioned in a circle, asymmetrically or in several rows. If plants will be more, it is possible to create a landscape fence and arrange the class in rows.

Rhododendron varieties "Fiction" on wall background.

Rhododendron variety “Fiction” against the wall.

Plants companions

You can leave the rhododendrons alone or to complement their other crops, it is a question of desire and preferences of the gardener. Usually enough good and proper mulching of the soil or design the edge of the landing povorotami. If you want to close the void, it is better to focus on Heather, fern, onion, Eric, dwarf pines and juniper.

The best choice of landing spot: quiet, half-shaded plot, protected from drafts. Provided good care rhododendron will grow well and develop and the sun. The soil should be of high quality, fertile, acidic. Requires regular watering, in the heat – spraying.

Grades for fuzzy groups

Most commonly used and tested floriferous species, color can be chosen according to the catalog. The most effective compositions are obtained from pyshnotsvetuschy rhododendrons. Favorites landings:

  • the grandiflora hybrids, which can be used in a variety of variations, palette of colors – from white to purple and from red to pink;
  • cusimanse hybrids with a compact crown, which can be used in small gardens with beautiful, silvery-brown bark, delicate flowers in colors from white to yellow and red;
  • rhododendrons Williams;
  • hybrid low-growing rhododendrons famous group Repens, today it is referred to rhododendron Forrest with a bright reddish color and low bushes, valued by gardeners for luxury and density of inflorescences;
  • hybrids rhododendron rossinskogo.

The selection of a group by color

When choosing plants, first determine the base color, which will be the basis for the composition. Typical options for rhododendrons – white, yellow, purple, lilac, orange, pink, red. Next, the main color is "stretched", changing the shade two or three shades in every Bush. Select the, that will appeal to and accentuate the overall style of the site: cool or warm shades, pale or saturated, light or dark, two-color combination or color varieties.

Contrast settings

If it is assumed harmonious color scheme, then the rest of the parameters of plants should be contrasting. You can use the types and varieties of different heights, with zinnatulina or deciduous foliage, with different flowering periods, different shapes and types of inflorescences. To the classical cultures, you can add the original, for example, bell-shaped rhododendron Williams. Variegated varieties will support the main color scheme.

Blurry planting rhododendron in yellow and pink tones.

Blurry planting rhododendron in yellow and pink tones.

Options blurry groups of rhododendrons

Red glow

Shades of fire, wine, al, Bordeaux, bright, catchy, saturated look bold and unforgettable. You can create a group, stretching between colors from light to dark, as if mixing between the reflections of the setting sun.

Binding representative of such a landing – from the group Repens. Bush wraps lush hat deep red. Example varieties – dwarf Abendrot and Salahova dark color and shiny evergreen foliage.

Grade "Balalaika" – a favorite of collectors, motley red color, enlivened by the orange and pink flashes, due to this, the base al seems to be even more expressive. Of these shades is born patterned effect, really reminiscent of Russian ornaments. The plant blooms later, in June.

Rhododendron varieties "Balalaika".

Rhododendron varieties “Balalaika”.

Grade Fantastic from cusimanse hybrids, it's bright red flowers with white middle. Nice and cherry red hybrid "Hackens, Feuerstein" from the same series, growth is half a meter. "Silver lady" produces very large flowers with transitions scarlet white. The shrub blooms in late may, on the plant are no two identical flowers. In this group you can add a variety "Snezi". In the first years after planting it will need the shelter. The main pleasure from the contemplation of it all is that, when the flowers are in full bloom: scarlet base color gradually and unevenly fade to pink, and then in whitish.

Experienced growers strongly pay attention to the bright hybrid "Nova Samba", large-flowered varieties "Doloroso", "Nabucco", "Royal Commando", Royal "Kazimierz The Great", dark red, the fading purple. Original hybrid "Brokat" fuxiao pink, bright "Bouzouki", dark red "Erato", "Eva Liz Kohler", "Francesca", "Red Impulse".

Cold beauty

The nature of shrubs with purple and lilac color very different, discreet, calm palette looks fresh and noble.

Luxury purple color shows a compact variety "Moerheim" rhododendron dense. On a bright background there are pink stripes, Bush seems to be covered with flower carpet.

The pride varieties, derived on the basis of the rhododendron rossinskogo – a spectacular blue color. A variant of lilac – varieties "Asurface". Flowers on a low Bush gathered in the lush head, the plant looks festive and elegant.

Rhododendron "Peter Alan" – blue-purple, the base color of the flower emphasizes black-brown stain, located on the upper petal. Handsome is prone to burnout, but this shortcoming kompensiruet emerald green, beautiful stamens, long flowering. Similar colouring with a spot in the center in the variety "Rasputin".

Grade "Marcel Menard".

The Sort Of “Marcel Menard”.

Maroon colouring varieties "Azzuro" reminds of luxurious fabrics. The flower petals are wavy, dark purple, velvet. Next to them will look good in neon purple varieties with glaucous foliage, wide crown and crimped leaves.

Delicate pink

Hardly any other culture can compete with the wealth of rhododendrons in pink shades. There are plenty to choose: colorful and watercolor, saturated and pale coloring.

Grade "Furnivals Dauter".

Grade “Furnivals Dauter”.

Classic – hybrid grandiflora "Furnivals Dauter". The inflorescence of this giant look like a perfect sphere, bright center with eye-catching stamens enhances the beauty of pink-cool painting leaves.

Watercolor, lilac-pink color, romantic rhododendron "Praecox" able to take the place of one of the best plants for any garden. Loose crown does not exceed five feet. Early start of flowering, soft palette of colors able to compensate for any difficulties with farming.

Grade "Aprillo" Williams rhododendron blooms in early spring, flowers – pale pink-cream, with purple tint, they are very similar to fragile porcelain bells.

Long and abundant flowering guarantee "Pacmans Charmant" – pink and white variety, with the transition from white middle to bright pink ruffles on this one-on the edges.

For blurred groups of rhododendrons suitable varieties:

  • "Tuftec" cold, light pink;
  • "Constanta" – hot pink hybrid;
  • Diana salmon pink variety;
  • "Concerto" fuchsia;
  • "Germania" bright, high, three-meter beauty;
  • "Haaga" – hybrid of of saturated color;
  • "Helsinki Univesity" candy, pale pink cultivar;
  • "Krolowa Bona" with neon color;
  • "Jeevitham" – pink and white miracle of hybrid yakushimanum.

Sunny yellow

The main favorites of rhododendrons with yellow coloring – deciduous from the group Knape hill. The choice is great: fiery orange "Fireball" and "Gibraltar", delicate yellow-white "Persia", pale yellow "Golden Sunset", lemon "Anneke". Knape known for its clean, rich and warm orange colors, yellow and red.

Patterned large-grade "Brazil" bold in the close, but the more quiet tones of cream and yellow. A unique variety of "Flava" similar to precious jewelry, its buttery yellow, melon and apricot, tones replace color with pink hues in the stage of buds.

Grade "Gibraltar".

A Sort Of “Gibraltar”.

Canary "Count Lennart" seems to be catchy due to the dense arrangement of flowers and muted green. Begins flowering variety in early may, willing to put up with hot sun if constant watering.

Colour spectacle varieties "Aerolin" the transition from cherry to pale cream and gold. Foliage – evergreen, Bush height up to meters.

In the group "sun" of rhododendrons are also included:

  • "Chateu de Villandry" hybrid cream color;
  • "Flautando" peach rhododendron with orange patches;
  • "Percy Wiseman" – light yellow grade, changing raspberry buds in salmon tones, and then on the base color;
  • "Santa Nectarine" bright orange large-grade;
  • Rumba with the bright brick color;
  • "Mandarin Light" – large-orange variety;
  • "Klondike" Golden – orange large -, with watercolor tints;
  • "Golden Sunset" and "Golden Knight" – yellow bell-shaped varieties.

Great fit with any group of rhododendrons with unique stains and spots on leaves: serenaville "Goldflame" or "Blattgold", low, pink and white "Cinesphere".

Photo different types of rhododendrons for planting blurry

Video about the cultivation of rhododendrons

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