Lily and landscaping

Lilies in the garden.

Lilies in the garden.

Regal-the classic Lily of the unique and recognizable. Landscape composition, involving this beautiful flower, look elegant, Royal.

The vegetation period of a plant begins in the spring, the slender stems are themselves quite decorative, at the time of flowering, many varieties of lilies are spreading a subtle aroma. Perennial bulbous have the different coloration: pink, white, yellow, red, orange, there are many varieties postroennyh. If you use the plant correctly, in the garden or on the plot you can create very original mixborders, and ridges, spectacular flower gardens, which bloom from the early summer to the end of August.

Lily flowers, depending on the variety, have chalmovidnaya, pan, tubular, funnel-shaped or bell-shaped flowers. Plant height is up to two meters. Low-growing varieties, up to half a meter, can be planted as border, high good tapeworms. Lilies combine well with other annuals and perennials, well look detached islets.

Lilies in mixborders.

Lilies in mixborders.

Pink lilies form an interesting tandem with large-leaf plants. A good background for the colors yellow – Euonymus, rhododendrons, mahonia, barberry. Good lilies on a background of evergreen conifers: TUI, juniper, cypress. Flower harmonious in combination with delphiniums and peonies, ferns, the alyssum and astilbe. Tall lilies are a good idea for a background planting and decorating fence, they will outline the boundaries of the plot. Lily solitaires win, being placed on a hill in the middle of the lawn. Backdrop for plants can be deciduous trees, low-growing species will enhance the beauty of flower beds and paths, varieties it is better to pick up so, they bloomed all summer. Lilies are often placed in clumps, given their color and shade, compatibility with other plants in tone, the texture and shape of leaves.

Lilies on the borders and in perennial borders

Lily is tubular and its kind of "Garrity" are perfect for the formation of low curbs and planting along the paths. Inflorescence – pure white. For the same purpose a good Lily "Formossa", buds narrow, tubular, plant height – 60-90 cm. Undersized "Lily Thunberg", with a height of up to half a meter, effectively delineate paths and borders, it blooms in may and June, orange flowers speckled. "Drooping Lily" with pink-purple flowers is able to issue the Alpine slide and the lower tier of beds.

Varieties of lilies for single plantings

For single landings and small groups are best suited:

  • Lily "regale", purple with white;
  • Lily "Golden", color – white, speckled;
  • Lily "Candidum", white;
  • Lily "Chalmova", yellow, red or purple;
  • Lily "tiger", orange-red, with speckles.

All of these varieties bloom from June to July or August, plant height – up to 120-150 cm.

Lily "Regale".

Lily “Regale”.

Liliaceae flower beds

It is important, that landing looked harmoniously, fits in well with other plants. A variety of lilies, their height, the flowers, duration of flowering, the subtleties of care – all this must be considered when drawing up landscape compositions.

Lilies in groups

Very impressive multi-tiered flower garden, created from lilies of different varieties of this group or of different groups. Front while planted with "Asian" varieties or hybrids of early-flowering. Preferably, to the lower tier bloomed first, tall Oriental lilies or their hybrids form the second and third "floors". If lilies are planted in groups, then it is better to divide the stunted conifers, which will gradually grow and cover the soil.

Peonies and lilies

King of the garden peony blooms early enough, the lush foliage adds to the ornamental and serves as a good background for lilies and Phlox groundcover, which bloom even earlier, in may. Not the best combination – lilies and irises. The last leaves quickly dry up after flowering, they lose their smartness. Besides, at this time, plants do not need watering, and lilies it is still needed.

Peonies and lilies.

Peonies and lilies.

Lilies and roses

Those other plants are good in themselves, but on the bed they fit is not the best way. If the desire is there, you can put the Queen and the Queen together, but it is advisable to place high dark-colored lilies behind the bushes climbing roses with a light color. Look good these two plants with flowers one shade. To Lily not lost amid the rose Bush, they are planted in small groups of three to five plants.

Phlox and lilies

Sharp purple and blue paniculate Phlox together with Lilia will look too gaudy. But creeping varieties are delicate lilac or blue hue, which bloom in early spring, will look very harmonious, they form a kind of background for the Queen of the garden. Shiny leathery leaves of Phlox will create the curb in the foreground, and in the winter they will serve as a mulch layer.

Phlox and lilies.

Phlox and lilies.

Lilies and perennials

In the foreground of the Lily plantings gentle and romantic looks iberis. Bushes to 15 cm bloom snow-white buds, they will retain green foliage, which will perform in winter, as mulch for lilies. Another option: alyssum, green Mat of plants will gradually grow, close the soil.

Lily and iberis.

Lily and iberis.

Lily on the lawn

In gardens of large size lawns are typically combined with trees and ornamental shrubs, low-growing and medium-sized lilies are planted along the tracks and on the lawns. Varieties of lilies for planting are chosen so, so they stood out on the grass due to the bright color. It can be "Asian" hybrids of red or orange tones. The classic combination of white lilies on a background of evergreen conifers. For borders you can use low grade and evergreen juniper.

Flowerbed on the lawn.

Flowerbed on the lawn.

Species and varieties

Based on design ideas, you need to decide, what plants need to create compositions. The selection of the correct grade height, the colors, the size of the buds.

Asiatic hybrids

Bloom in June, well winter in the open ground, care undemanding. Height, on average, 80 – 100 cm, flower diameter up to 15 cm. The group is wide shades, the size of the buds.

  • White: "Costa", "Navonna", "Crossover", "Andarmy Dream".
  • Red: "Red Sensacin", "Black Jack", "Black Out", "The Cocktail Twins", "Hiawatha", Linda, "Oline", "Landini".
  • Pink: "Iowa Rose", "Get Out Of Nappa", "Lollipop", "Delilah", "Arosa Jewel", "Chianti".
  • Yellow: "Fata Morgana", "Top Line", "Black Spider", "Vento", "Get The Sun", "Grand CRU", "Golden Stone", "Graffiti".
  • Orange: "Corrida", "Aprikot Pixel", "Orange Art", "Loreta", "Orange Electric".
  • Purple: "Night Flyer", "Ay Popl", "Double Senses", "Purple Life", "Nettys Pride".
Lily "Navona".

Lily Navona”.

Dlinnozvennye hybrids

Winter hardiness is reduced, need shelter, buds small, delicate aroma. Culture for the advantage of the greenhouse.

  • Purple: "Devine", "Tsirano", "Miyabi".
  • Yellow: "Deliana".
  • White: "Prime Ice", "White Elegance", "Elegant Lady".

Hybrids of trumpet and Asiatic lilies

Stems strong, erect, beautiful foliage, the flowers are large, velvety, geared up. Grade cold-resistant, suitable for outdoor cultivation, disease resistant.

  • White: "Oakland", "Litvin", "Ice Crystal", Donatello, "Bright Diamond".
  • Pink: Nora, "Cavalese", "Arbatax", "Turandot", "Little Kiss", "Indian Summerset", "Rodeo", "Moselle".
  • Red: "Red Planets", "Fangio won", Tomar, "The constable", "Royal Grace".
  • Yellow: "Royal Fantasy", "Freya", "Prominent", "Yellow Cocotte".
  • Orange: "Fiamma", "Bestseller", Kentucky, "Eremo", "Supersymmetry Crossing", "Orange Cocotte".
  • Purple: "Cecil", "Noranda", "Samur", "Sabatini".
Lily "Red Planets".

Lily “Red Planet”.

Oriental hybrids

Beautiful and powerful herbs, high Bush, large, exotic flowers. Do not hibernate, better bulbs to dig and store in basement. Some of the most spectacular and popular cultivars among gardeners.

  • White: "Casablanca", "Innocent Lady", "Triumphant", Rialto, "Annika", "Muscadet", "Marco Polo", "Legend".
  • Red: "Tigerwoods", "Distant Drum", "Stargeyzer", Pico, "Sumatra".
  • Pink: "Belonika", "Isabella", "Josephine", "Bernini", "Bergamo", Acapulco.
  • Purple: "Entertainer", "Dizzy", "Starfighter".
  • Yellow: "Anais Anais", "Royal Fantasy", "Brendans", "Freya".
Lily "Casablanca".

Lily Casablanca.

Hybrids of Asiatic and Oriental lilies

The flowers are pointing up. Band new, varieties is not very much.

  • Pink-red: "Red Power", "Elegant Crown", "Cocopa", "Crown Fest".
  • Yellow: Kaveri, "Yellow Power", "Nanjing", "Sunny Crown".

Hybrids of Oriental and tubular varieties

The buds are huge, to 30 cm in diameter, fragrant, easy to care for, good winter.

  • White: "Jura", "Boogie Woogie", "Coconut", "Eastern Moon", "Ovation", "Mr. Banks".
  • Red: "Satisfaccin", "Musashi", "Sophie", "Ed HART".
  • Pink: "Myth", "Bowmore", "Gluwein", "Baywatch", "Donato", "Judy Fowlis".
  • Yellow: "Fifty Fifty", "Gold Class", "Katina", "Yellowin", Pontiac, "Lesotho", "Solange".
  • Orange: "Saltarello", "Orange Spice", "Morini".
  • Purple: "Miss Fairy", "Dalian", "Life Style", "Judith Saffigna".
Lily "Donato".

Lily “Donato”.

Hybrids are tubular and Orleans

The most resilient varieties, resistant to viral and fungal diseases, for the winter need shelter.

  • White: "Lady Alice", "Appeasing White", "Regale".
  • Pink: "Upfacing Pink".
  • Orange: "African Queen", "Upfacing Orange".
  • Yellow: "Golden Splendor", "Upfacing Yellow".
  • Purple: "Pink Perfection".

Martagon hybrids

Chalmovidnaya, medium-sized flowers, frost, durable, resistant to disease.

  • White: "Chameleon", "Martagon Album".
  • Red: "Claude, SRID".
  • Yellow: "Slate Morning".
  • Purple: "Maroon King", "Martagon Purple".
  • Pink: "Heidberg", "Russian Morning".

In the mid-latitudes offer gardeners to grow varieties of Lily "Crystal Stara", "Regale", "Narbonne", "Merastar", "Grand GRU". To enter in the design area bright touches, you can use rare varieties: "Black Beauty", "African Lady", "Gold Band", "Speciosum Album", "Virginelle", "Lankon", Lily drooping, Lily Henry, Lily of David, Lily leopard, dwarf, canadian.

New varieties and hybrids of lilies appear every year, they have gained a strong position in landscapes and gardens, decorating curtain, curbs, beds.

Photo of different varieties of lilies

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